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How do I find the(lindwyrm)?

I cant find the lindwyrm can some one help me?

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Saint_Coyote answered:

Yeah, the location stated in-game is incorrect. Zones within the Tchita Uplands can also be rainy, and the Wyrm will only spawn when it isn't raining (when you have overcast weather it randomly switches beween rainy and cloudy each time you move into another zone). Like the above poster stated, zone between Tchita and a different area to change the weather from sunny to overcast (again, it's random and it could take a while).
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SScloud99 answered:

It can be found in the Tchita Uplands - Garden of Life's Circle. Make sure the sky is cloudy. If it isn't just keep entering and leaving the Tchita Uplands from the Phon Coast till it is.
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mikocoon answered:

Tchita uplands at cloudy,he will appear at an area.
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