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Where can I find durandal?

Yea i was wondering where you can get the durandal other than from the bazaar if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

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D_Spear answered:

This is what it says in the Ultimate Equipment FAQ:

License Points: 80
Attack Power: 99
Evade: +5
Sword (1H)
Combo Rate: 5%
Cost: 21,600 (Well-Forged Blade)
Available: 1
Earliest Access: After the events at Giruvegan

The Durandal is the strongest one-handed sword in the game. Obviously the
nicest thing about one handed swords is the combination of their power, and
when coupled with a shield, high evasion stats. Please keep in mind that later
in the game when you are fighting the strongest mobs, these enemies usually
ignore the evade stat.

Bazaar: Lifewick x3, Emperor Scale x2, Leshach Halcyon x1

Loot Locations:

Warmage's Monograph (20,000)

Necrofiend (Pharos Subterra B1,B2,B3), (Henne Mines/
Special Charter Shaft) (Pharos-2nd Ascent/Station Of
Ascension) (Pharos-3rd Ascent/Spire Ravel-First Flight):
An 18% monograph drop, as well as a rare
steal (3/6%). I would suggest just defeating them for
the higher percentage, as they can be quite a challenge
to steal from, especially since they come in groups.

Evil Spirit (Great Crystal): Found in 8 different locations
throughout the Great Crystal. A 5% chance to replace
any Forbidden enemy in the area. A guaranteed steal
from this rare game enemy.

Emperor Scale:
Dragoon's Monograph (22,000)

Archaeoaevis (Zertinan Caverns/Balamka Fault): This
enemy only appears in the southern portion of Balamka
Fault. It has a 14% monograph drop, as well as a 5% poach
rate. This is the earliest point you can acquire an Emperor
Scale. Available after the events at Tomb Of Raithwall.

Elder Wyrm (Golmore Jungle/Dell Of The Dreamer): A
one-time 3/6% steal chance from this boss. Available after
the events at Henne Mines.

Deathgaze (Leisure Craft Flight): A 3/6% steal rate from this
Rank VII Elite mark. Available after the events at

Leshach Halcyon:

Leshach Entite (Paramina Rift/Head Of The Silverflow,
Icebound Flow): There must be blizzard conditions
for this entite to appear. Once found, equip Thief's cuffs and
proceed to steal from the entite. A 3/6% chance to steal, and
a 3% drop. If you do not steal the Halcyon from the entite,
then zone away one screen and come back. It will return to
neutral status, and you can then attempt to steal the
Halcyon again. Available after the events at Henne Mines.
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Saint_Coyote answered:

You can *only* obtain it from the bazaar, and you can only make one.
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