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Seeqs and Bangaa...?

How does one distinguish between male and female Seeqs or Bangaa? Additionally, some Bangaa cover their eyes with a blindfold-like item. How are they able to see?

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Jon_To_The_C answered:

Only Seeq females have hair, and they have slightly different builds. For Bangaas, only they can tell which gender is which.

Bangaas also have very poor eyesight, and rely more on hearing and smell, so they sometimes just wear the blindfolds as a fashion statement. (Maybe that's how they tell females and males apart. They smell them! ...?)
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EGGMaster157 answered:

Seeqs have different hair for male and female (to tell the true, male seeqs doesn't have hair). But for Bangaas you have to see their name (when you talk to them). And the way that bangaas see is a real mistery ...
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WebOfTwilight answered:

I don't know the difference between the genders, but I read read somewhere that they wear the blindfolds because their eyesight is very poor. I guess they just have very good hearing. That doesn't explain why they never bump into anything, however. lol
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denzelbrown answered:

Lol sometimes you can tell by the things they say,like the seeq laying on the ground in the black flan mission it started to get weird when he kept calling you 'love' thats when i realized it was a chick ^_^
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luvin_life_1 answered:

No offence but i have played ffxii for 3 years now, and i don't think it really matters, the gender of a seeq or bangaa doesn't change the stroyline at all, but if you really want to know, see the other answers
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