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How to beat the final Boss?

I Can't beat the final boss. I'm in level 86. Please help me!!

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What is the Gambit???

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How to get Gil to buy buble

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xxxsephyxxx answered:

its actually quite simple.
you only need to be on level 65 min

all you need is good magc and high strength
he comes in three forms and each form gets harder.
before you enter the battle make sure your people have thhings like shell protect and bubble.
bubble will really help for this battle.
For the first two forms, just figght him like any other boss, for the second time make sure everyone has health above 2200. When he puts his shield up, quickly go to the gambits and put in the strongest magic you got. I recommend anything higher then level 4 blck magic.
slowly he will die.
and thats it.
Magic is primarily your best bet to beat him in any form.
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Shadow3176 answered:

ok well I beat him on lv 79 ok I had the bubble belt vaan his weapon the golden axe at the little village in Dalamsca easternsand Basch the Ragnorak and bathier the Ultima blade ok I kept using curaja when they get a little low at the end he can't get hurt by anything just wait out then when it says you can hit him again go all out
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pawnochio answered:

Ok, before you go to the boss you should go and buy all the spells from Balfonheim and look for the Rverse spell set your gambits to use reverse on self now put off all your healing spells so everytime he takes off health he is now healing you

There is a secret shop at the Necroid of Nabidus from when you enter from the deadlands search every room and you will find it
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Darkfoe101 answered:

The boss is realy easy i beat him at lvl 54 53 and 53 and i never died and i used bach ashe and balthier and my others i gave up on and there like lvl 20
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dragonrev answered:

It's not really that difficult. First, do your best to keep all your characters alive. Second, wail on him in any way you can. Third, don't worry if he suddenly become immune to all of your attacks, both physical and magic. Those things only last two minutes. After that, he's free game again. Even at high levels, he can flail your characters alive with his attacks, so levels are not a major concern. As far as gambits are concerned, make sure to have HP/MP restoration and revival methods in there at the highest priorities. Beyond that, you're set.
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broken_angel_13 answered:

My gambits usually just revolve around healing and charge at 10% mp. My people were vaan with a masmune or a strong katana, Basch with the zodiac spear or a good sword or spear, and ashe with the ultima blade. my first time i was at maybe level 50 something and i took him down with little effort, course i did have bubble belts and maximillion and magepower shishaks, and i had a constant cast of bravery all hast all and protect all
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broken_angel_13 answered:

Also, bubble isnt too expensive, just go to a good leveled place like tchita uplands and get alot of loot, or go fishin and sell your fish to the lady, common fish is 10 each, delicious fish is 100 each and succulents is 1000 each
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MexicanWalrus answered:

If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

Hope this helps. :D
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Taufiq_starchip answered:

Well,its actually pretty easy,especially compared to other side-bosses such as zodiark,yiazmat,and even some high-level marks.But if u think u're still having difficulties in facing the final boss,then i suggest u to:1.Get the zodiac spear,if possible.2.Buy all magicks available.3.Do all marks hunt to level up some more.I guess after u have finished beating yiazmat,the final boss should be piece of cake!Well,good luck!
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Shadow_Aura_64 answered:

When he becomes immune to magick, hit him with regular attacks. When he becomes immune to everything, just go defensive. Heal and cast positive status effects on your party until his shields wear down, then hit him with an all-out offensive barrage.

If you're having trouble beating him on Level 86, you should probably consider taking up a different game.
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uhhhhhhhhhhhh19 answered:

To defeat him you must deplete all his hp. Hope this helps.
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Littleroot56 answered:

I am actually level 65 and i manage to beat the undying.
All you need is to complete the spells and a good equipment.
At the first the undying is vulnerable to all of your attacks so feel free to attack him but watch out, he casts piercing spells in this phase so it is necessary to cast shellga on your party.
When the undying is about to cast a magick barrier you will notice that he has a buff in him so use Dispelga.
At the time when he is about to cast an offensive barrier you will notice a buff again so cast Dispelga.
When the time comes and he is about to cast the barrier which you can't hurt him again cast Dispelga on this time you can feel free to heal everyone or cast buffs on your party. After the he uses Giga Flare, you will see him blinking red. This time you must act fast because when you see him blinking blue he is about to cast Renew so before this will happen cast a Silencega.
After a few hits, CONGRATULATIONS you just finished final fantasy XII
Hope I Helped.
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gameLord898 answered:

Well i beat him at lvl 55 i had everyone equiped with golden axes aeigis shields and bubble belts i also casted shellga and hastega whenever they wore off other then that i just used magic and attacks normally and when he casted his paling i just healed
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Alhexx answered:

He's Easy Peasy Cheddar Cheesy
One Phrase: BUFFS are your friend.
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megasponge999 answered:

I beat him when I was a 72. I used the loadout: deathbringer, ageis sheild, dueling mask, maxamillion, and bubble belt. My friend basch had: golden axe, demon sheild, magepower sheshask, maxamillion, and bubble belt. Fran had a ragnorok, magepower, maxamillion, and bubble belt. I used all that plus insane amount of luck to beat him on first try. So I'd say go with this and make sure you've got the following: scorge, sythe, shock, and renew. You'll thank me for those. P.S. you get bubble belt in muthru bazzar. I forget where you get spell.
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kingNaveed answered:

I crushed him easily at level 49,50.
All you need to do is have a tank with decoy and bubble belt.
And have your healer faithed and cast protectga and shellga.
Curaja after acension and teraflare.
Make sure everyones bubbled because teraflare might kill them.
But at you level you could survive.
Equipment wise I had the best stuff from balfonhiem
None of this shishank and maxmillion stuff.
No need.
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chocobow12 answered:

I beat him at a level 70 come on you need good Equipment and high Strength but he gets Harder the more you level up but keep on Trying hope this helps!
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