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What can you do with pebbles?

Sometimes when i kill a monster it drops a pebble which has little value.

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silverduchess answered:

Pebbles are NOT used in any recipe and sell for 2 gil each..

Actually it is 5 quality stone that creates the bazaar package Memories of Yore which contain 99 pebbles for 999 gil.

So whoever is marking correct answers as wrong, please check your facts.
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WebOfTwilight answered:

I think they are used in some recipes for items, weapons, etc. but that's about it. You can sell them if you want because you'll get a lot more. They're pretty common.
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silverduchess answered:

Pebbles are there to annoy you, they are NOT in any recipe. So just sell them for the 2 gil.
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Jon_To_The_C answered:

Pebbles have no use aside from the 2 gil that you can sell them for. No recipes use them.

They're basically the one downside to buying a monograph, as it makes all corresponding monsters drop them.
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kiabaman4258 answered:

Absolutely nuttin. natta. nin. niecht. zilch. zip. zero. none. sells for 2 gil
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