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What is monograph?

I found one in bazaar.I forgot what's the item name. But I obtain The Sage's Monograph. 25000 gil. Is it worth it?

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silverduchess answered:

Monograph's are key items that improve the loot drop on a group of selected enemies, and the rest drop pebbles.

But the improved loot is worth it if you are going for the better weapons, armor etc.

There are 7 monographs in all, and each one is for specific enemy group.

Hunter's - Complete Thexter Hunt and speak to Gatsly in Muthru Bazaar, 18000, Beasts & Avions
Warmages - Read notice board 20 times, 20000, Amorph's & Undead
Dragoon's - Read notice board 40 times, 22000, Dragons & Plants
Knight's - Speak 30 times in any Weapon Shop, 19000, Giants & Insects
Mage's - Speak 25 times in any Magick Shop, 21000, Fiends
Scholars - Speak 25 times in any Armor Shop, 22000, Constructs
Sage's - Speak 100 times in any shop, 25000, Elementals
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kgym12345 answered:

Monographs are key items that affect the drops for monsters all over, but only different Monographs affect each type of monster like for example, the sage's monograph will affect the loot drop by elementals and makes them drop superior loot.
It is worth to spend the gil on the monographs when you're ready to get the loots for the powerful weapons like Tournesol and such...
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