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TYRANT WHAT Level should i be?

AND GIve me tips on how to beat him?

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tyrant at giruvegan the aevis Wat Level should i be

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he'"s A BosS

fedetorres provided additional details:

Vann=carbiner mail defender for the rest of the party members i have diamond sword carbinere mail and please tell me what level should i be!!!!!

p.s this game was realeased in 2006 and i was wonder ing am i the only one still playing this game

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akennedybsu answered:

I suggest being roughly LV 50... I'm usually as high as possible (LV 90-99) but that's not necessary. As far as weapons are concerned the way I do it is I stick Balthier to his guns, Fran to the bows, Penelo to the daggers, and Ashe; Vaan; and Basch to the swords/greatswords/Zodiac Spear. I suggest trying for the Fomalhaut for Balthier, the Perseus Bow for Fran, the Zwill Crossblade for Penelo, the Zodiac Spear for Basch, the Tournesol for Vaan, and the Save the Queen for Ashe. As for armor/helm whatever's available is just fine. As for beating Tyrant, just trade blows with him and keep a healing gambit set up to keep your party healthy, HP < 40% -- Curaja should work, and he should fall in time.
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silverduchess answered:

There are more than one enemies with the name tyrant! So please when asking your questions be specific.

Earth Tyrant:
L30; HP70982; Weak: Wind
Must complete the windvane quest.

Rare Trophy Terror Tyrant:
L51; HP126384; Weak: Wind
Randomly 40% replaces Wild Saurian in Broken Sands

Both are weak to wind, so either use wind based weapons or cast reflect on yourselfs and spam aero.
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Kitten3150 answered:

Make sure you have most of your augments too...they help A LOT, and not just with this fight, they help in every fight in the game
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silverduchess answered:

That Tyrant:
L43; HP: 180000; Weak: Ice
No Technicks

What are your weapons and armor?
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Kitten3150 answered:

About level 45-50 for that tyrant should be just fine. Again just get a lot of augments and it should be pretty easy. You're armor and weapons should be good, and no, i still play this game myself from time to time lol
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MexicanWalrus answered:

If you still want more info or want to know something else, you should look up an FAQ.

It should be in the Hints and Cheats section.

It'll go into detail on what you want to know.

If you press ctrl + F and put in what you're looking for you'll find it faster.

Hope this helps. :D
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Yuri_the_Great answered:

Equip your attacker with a Trident and pound the sucker with Blizzaga from your magic caster (equipped with Glacier Staff) and cast reflect on everyone. While the attacker is pounding away, your black mage is casting Blizzaga and doing plenty of damage. The third person should be a white mage or decoy to absorb hits.

Here is some math:

For me Blizzaga would do 9999 in a mage setup. So:

9999 x 3 (because of reflect) = 29997 PER CASTING

My attacker with the proper setup would do around 5000+ with the Trident equipped. (Or more with a stronger weapon or even the Zodiac Spear.

With this setup, you can defeat this boss in less than ten minutes.

Hope this helps. :)
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bucketbot360 answered:

as far as i know this Boss is not immune to sleep..

So all you really need to do is to equip nihopaloa . toss alarm clock on it to automatically put it to sleep

make sure not to attack u won't wake him up

then firaga him to death since magic won't wake sleeping enemies

then thats the fight for u:)
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bucketbot360 answered:

or Oh yeah his weakness is ice so don't firaga him but blizzara or blizzaga him to death hehe
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bucketbot360 answered:

oh ur talking about the giruvegan tyrant

Oh i think my characters are simply overpowering these enemy when I got to giruvegan so everything seems to be so easy

my characters are around lvl 55-65
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Crackentine answered:

In response to your final answer, I just got the game, and I do play. Any of the tyrants that are a boss....
Have you aquired the Windvane? if so, its the earth tyrant.
If its the Giruvegan tyrant, I suggest being level 35+. good training would be using the jelly auto-levelling method, and there is a guide for it. Get your characters up to id say 40, and the boss is a BREEZE!!
Use the best non-elemental weapons you possibly can, its EXTREMELY helpful on any boss, without using any FAQ's, message boards...etc...
And if possible, have a foe:character mp <30% gambit set up to use syphon with. And that + blizza(ra,ga) is absolutely devastating.
Hope i helped =D Pm me if any questions.
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mighty_mitch_ma answered:

Ha i was only lvl 39 and i beat him with barely touching my controller cause of my gambits the only thing i usually have to do is use vox on my person who does esuna and i only do like 1k damage each hit except with basch cause he has an axe
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mighty_mitch_ma answered:

and no many people still play this game but wont be for long cause of FFXIII that just came out
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xXMoogleBeamXx answered:

I sudgest, mid 30 or 41. with latest weapon and armor that can be fought from port of balfoheim. and also buffs such as bravery to ease the fight. i highly recommend nihophalao to afflict stat effect on him and there you go. you will surely win.
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Migetman911 answered:

I still play the game infact i am on this part at the moment haha i have been playing for 66 hours
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FF12MAX answered:

I recomend being in level 44 because the tyrant has a lot of hp.
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