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What is the reward if you colect all the trophies?

I was just wondering what's the reward If you collect all the rare game trophies. Is there a special item that those guys in Archadia give you?

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But is there something special if you collect them all?

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silverduchess answered:

Once you collect all 30(Not including Shelled) Trophies, you can give/sell them to the 3 Bangaas in Phon Coast. Depending on who you sell them to (Atok, Blok, Stok) and how many to each of them, will determine what the outfitter has for sale.

And to correct the above post it is for every 5 trophies collected, you receive 2-3 zodiac gems from the Archades Hunt gentleman(don't remember his name) in Highgarden Terrace.
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silverduchess answered:

If you speak to the Hunt guy in Archades/Garden Terrace, he will reward you with a zodiac gem for every trophy you collect.
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