Question from Shadowseer00

Asked: 6 years ago

Is Wyrmhero blade worth it?

Is it really worth it? cuz i fought hell wyrm and that was long.. not too hard.. but long. and yiazmat has tons more HP and i also would have to beat Omega MK XIII too. so any imput?

Accepted Answer

From: cloude_strife1 6 years ago

The wyrmhero blade is mainly a trophy item. While it does have an insane combo rate, 50 Evasion, Auto Bravery and Faith, there is very little use. Not to also mention it is the slowest weapon in the game.

Only good use for it is fighting Zodiark if you haven't defeated him yet, since he isn't required for getting the Wyrmhero Blade.

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Worth using? Not really. By the time you get it, it doesn't really have much purpose, and it is the slowest weapon in the game. I had fun acquiring it and everything, but I never put it to use.

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It's worth it from a completionist's standpoint, because having it is basically the mark of completing nearly everything in the game.

It's also a "decent" weapon if you give the user some Herme's Sandals or something to speed op the attack rate.

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It is a great weapon...but by the time you get it there is nothing difficult left to kill.

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By the time the person with it gets to attack, all the enemies will have been killed by the rest of your party already. It's extremely slow. You might as well get it, though, if you're going for 100% completion.

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Like what Cloude's answer was correct about that it is a trophy for the game.If you want,you can not fight Zodiark and i think Ultima. Let face it,this eapon is very slow anyway...good combo's though. As for the question,yes cause its so awesome once it goes.

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