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Asked: 6 years ago

Should i sell all the loot?

Are there more things like teleportaion stoned that I need to keep for myself?

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From: bover_87 6 years ago

There are some types of loot you shouldn't sell--most notable is the Serpantskin you get from doing one of the hunts, you'll get a far better reward if you just keep it and use it in one of the sidequests.

Most other loot should be sold. Not only does it make you money, it also opens bazaar goods. For more info on that, look at this guide:

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Another pretty useful tip is to keep items up to a stack of 10 initially.

Sell off anything over 10 items. This way you'll never accidentally lose track of your rarer bazaar loot items by selling them accidentally.

The only major exception is probably the Snake Skins. You need 12 of them altogether for arguably the best bazaar weapon.

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The only problem with selling some of it right away is that you dont know what items you have sold already. so if you need to sell 3x of something, you dont know if you have already sold 3 of them already.. if it is a rare item then you might want to keep it to know how many you have, then when you have enough for an item in the bazar, you can just sell them all then. this would save alot of time i guess, though i never did it.

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There are some loots are useful in some sidequest. Go to see the faq for more information.

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The only loot item you dont really need to sell is the Great serpent skin which is used in the side quest that unlocks the path to zalera. if you sell that then you cant get him. all other loot can be sold. even things like the lu-shangs badge, the omega badge, and the godslayers badge, which you can only get once. all other loot items you can get from multiple monsters. while some can only be poached or stolen from rare game or specific monsters. the 3 badges are sold and the wyrmhero blade becomes available in the bazaar. but so far i have only come across one loot that has been used in a side quest that i havnt been able to get again. most side quest items go under key items.

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And yes keep teleport stones those are extrememly useful for quick travel. orange save crystals use teleport stones to take you to another orange save crystal. ghysal greens are used for letting wayward chocobos let you ride them. so if you prefer fighting sell those. a bazaar item is available from selling 33 gysal greens so go for selling them

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