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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can i find Vorpal Bunny?

Where is that thing?

Accepted Answer

From: AZorro007 2 years ago

Vorpal Bunny is a Rank 3 Mark pursued in response to the posted request of Bill Number 13.

Vorpal Bunny is found in the Gilmore Jungle, The Rustling Chapel area.

To begin, enter the area and proceed to clear out most of the enemies you find (NOT ALL!). When you are satisified with the enemy reduction (Vorpal Bunny is going to "run" so by eliminating enemies you won't have to deal with them while chasing The Bunny), move about to carefully cover all parts of the square-shaped features in the area and Vorpal Bunny will jump out at you in one of the areas as you do this.

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Vorpal Bunny usually first pops up around the big square in Golmore Jungle's Rustling Chapel.

Berserk can stop the bunny from dashing about, BTW. And you don't want to *entirely* clear the area because dark skeletons will then spawn in droves.

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