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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get past Gil Snapper?

Please advise how to find Gil Snapper

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From: _Lagoona_ 5 years ago

.As you've already cut down the trees and know where the hidden area is, all you have to do is enter it when there's a rainstorm (heavy rain and lightning). Enter the area, get rid of the enemies there, then zone back and forth in and out of the area until you get lucky with the weather. As mentioned above, Bansat will inform you when Gil Snapper's there (but only the first time).

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Mark : Gil Snapper
Have found hidden area cut down trees and it is raining
Where is the Gil Snapper?

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The Gil Snapper will only appear in that area during heavy rains (look for lightning flashes). Bansat will be there to assist you when Gil Snapper appears.

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Keep zoning from Giza South Bank and Tracks of the Beast until you get heavy rain. Two good signs are mentioned before. One, look out for lightning flashes and two, Bansat will appear.

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Try to reach stilshrine of Miriam storyline first. I'll be easier to find it.

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