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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you get scorpion tail?

I was trying to get scorpio gems but, I just can't chain certain monters that have the loot to make scorpion tail.
Please help!

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From: frozen_josh 5 years ago

Okay, Scorpion Tail requires you to sell:
Charged Gizzard x3, Wyrm Bone x3, Scorpio Gem x4.

Best way of getting each:

Charged Gizzard:
- 15% (Knights) monograph drop from Thunderbugs in Henne Mines.
- There are two of these (disguised as chests) in the zone [Crossover B]. Save at the nearby crystal, kill them, and reset if you don't get one. Repeat as required.

Wyrm Bone:
- 10% (Warmage) monograph drop & steal from Skulwyrms.
- From your other topic I see you don't want to head into the Great Crystal. Good news - you don't have to! There are also Skulwyrms in the Zertinan Caverns in the zone [Drybeam Cavern].
- Its a rare steal from the Zert. Caverns Skulwyrms (3% chance, 6% with Thief's Cuffs), as opposed to uncommon steal for the ones in the GC, so be patient with it. Might as well steal from / kill Bogeys while you're doing this btw. Remember monograph drops are not affected by chain level.

Scorpio Gem:
- best way to get these IMO is to steal from Buers (and Grenades) in the Zertinan Caverns (especially given you'll already be there for the Wyrm Bones). Its an uncommon steal for both, so 30% chance if you use Thief's Cuffs.
- Buers can be found in most areas around the caverns, and Grenades in the zone [Sandfalls] (in the 'secret' part).

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