Question from lookingforcheat

Asked: 5 years ago

What does canopic jar do?

I just want to know because it is pretty expensive so I hope it's really useful.

Accepted Answer

From: Ravenlast 5 years ago

It's make the enemies drop arcana that sell for 10gil, but it's very useful that high arcana (can only get by selling 10 arcana, 1 feystone, and 1 soul of thamasa) is used for making the second best weapon in the game (the sunflower-tounesal, attack = 140),,, And if you buy it, you will get new sky pirates den character ( mimic)...

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Submitted Answers


Purchasing the Canopic Jar allows regular enemies to drop Arcana and Rare enemies to drop High Arcana.

It also gives you the Mimic character in the Sky Pilots Den.

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