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========================Final Fantasy XII Technicks Guide======================
                                 Version 2.00
               By:Kami_Kaze_Hi (Allen Burden)
                          Copyright 2011 Allen Burden

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  3.Contact Info.........................#003

  4.Guide History........................#004

  5.Technick Shops.......................#005


      First Aid........................<FRA>
      Sight Unseeing...................<SUE>
      Gil Toss.........................<GIL>
      1000 Needles.....................<NEL>
      Shades of Black..................<SHB>



1.Intro                                                                   #001

I decided to write this up for the lack of information on the Technicks both
in game and out. That is to say there is the lack of information on how a
Technick works, not just on what it does. That would be like teaching a person
what car does and then giving them one to drive without teaching them how to
drive it. And any of you wanting to try the above, please stay off the road and
out of a car for that matter.((you may end up hitting me)) In this case how a
Technick works and what it can do apply also. If you understand how it works
then you will know when it can be used to it fullest or when it works against
you. Technicks are great skill in this game and more often or not they do not
get the credit they deserve. So here we are, a guide just for the Technicks
for Final Fantasy XII.

If you see (()) with words with no capitalzatons or any other spelling rules,
those are personal thoughts. You can ignore them as they hold value for this
guide.((i hope you don't it lets me complian about things when i was writting
up all of this this))

So you know, this is my first guide under my own name. I have helped others
draft out there own, but letting them do there own work, over the years. I
also worked as a tester for a certain company. So I know how to play video
games I just do not know how to preach about them. But then here we are with
this guide, so go easy as I'm new to this. Anyway Enjoy :)


2.Copyright                                                               #002

Because I have to bore you with it....

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. This guide is indented for GameFAQs and may not be placed on any
site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Because I hate seeing it happen to a friend....

Really people, if it's so hard to ask someone to copy and post there work on
another site, or you can't stand the word no, then try being a real thief.
Stealing someone else FAQ, walkthrough, guide or whatever is stupid, stupid and
wrong. Not only are you taking there work, but also time out of there life they
gave up to write it out. And unlike money time can not be replaced.


3.Contact Info                                                            #003

You may contact me at my e-mail if you have questions about this guide. If
you see anything wrong or feel that I left out any thing important you may
contact me. Please leave a detailed description on what it is and I will work
quick to correct the mistake. If I feel you are spamming me or do not give
enough of a description in your message I will simply delete it and be done
with it.

Send your e-mail to

4.Guide History                                                           #004

2011- Version 2.0 Completed


5.Technick Shops                                                          #005

This is nothing more than a quick list of where each Technick is sold
in the shops that can be found in cities, towns and the few merchants that
can be found in dungeons or safe areas. For the sake avoiding any kind of
spoilers for new players I left out when the Technicks will be available during
the course of the game.

The Technick shop can be located on your map, it is the shop icon that
looks like a tan colored scroll tied up with green piece of string. And of
course the shop has large sign of the same icon near or next to it's door.
And some merchants will sell Technicks along with other things and in the
buy menu the Technicks can be found in the section with the icon tab of an
unrolled scroll and the color the tab is different form the others as it the
only one in grey. That, and the tab is last on the buy menu.


Location key:   R=Rabanastre/ N=Nalbina Fortress/ B=Bhujerba/ A=Archades
                J=Jahara/ BP=Blafonheim Port

Name                    Shop locations                              Price




First Aid..................R,N......................................700

Telekinesis................Necrols of Nabudis.......................7,100



Sight Unseeing.............R,N,J....................................6,500





Gil Toss...................R,N,J....................................2,000

1000 Needles...............Mosphoran Highwaste......................7,000



Shades of Black............A........................................5,000









6.Technicks                                                               #006

This guide went through a lot of changes form start to finish. I started it out
easy, then longer, then too complex. After re-reading, I scraped the original
and started anew.((that is why i named this guide Version 2.00)) I tried my
best to make this guide as simple as possible in the layout.

*1000 Needles*
(1).How it works
(4).Extra if needed

If the Technick is short and easy to understand, I made it short. And the more
complex ones, like Soul Eater, Gil Toss, ect., can have several parts
each being a time or place to use the Technick. Or another part being what
weapons that can fully utilize the Technick. Each Technick has four or
five parts. And they are:

(1)'How it works'- it works

(2)'Pros'- the good points of the Technick or the best time to use them

(3)'Cons'- the low points of the Technick usually things to counter balance
the good things. This can range from simple bad luck or watching the
Technick back fire KO'ing the caster and leaving the rest of your party
to the mercy of the foe/s.

(4)'Extra'- not really important but some neat things to know. Not all
Technicks have this.((though i hope to have some more in future versions))

(5)'Defenses'- the defense a target can have to reduce damage or to
make itself Immune to the attack or effect.

On the 'Defenses' you should know that other than Shades of Black that all
Technicks are Physical in nature and not Magickal. So Physical Paling will
stop them from working. Also, with the exception of Shades of Black, all
Technicks have the Piercing ability, or to say, they will ignore the Buffs
Protect, Shell, and Reflect, as well as the Defense and Magickal Defense
Stats. Nice!

For the Technicks Horology, Traveler, and Numerology I will refer to them as
a math Technick, as they each have a Counter that builds up to increase there
damage output. And the Counter is different for each Technick as well as the
factors that apply to the Counter in determining the HP damage to the
target/s. In other words math... thus math Technicks.((i will say this now, i
hate writting out math. it brings back the dull memories of long school
hours with my face in a book. and these technicks were not happy time for me
when i had to break them down to figure them out only to write up the counter
lists for this guide. and do not worry about more complaints with these
technicks...there will be more i assure you)) :3

As you read through the Technicks section you will see various list/charts that
explains certain Technicks. Above each list or chart is a +KEY{}+ that is there
to help you understand in reading them.

There are also [NOTE:]s scattered around, theses tell you important things I
felt you should know so do not ignore them or you may find yourself confused
about things later.

Technicks are an awesome addition to this game, not all of them are good.
So read on and understand there nature a little better and get more "bang
for your buck", or in this case more "gore for your Gil". :p


*Steal*                                                                   <STL>

(1)How it works- A classic Final Fantasy skill that lets you pilfer item/s,
Loot, or Gil from a single target. Having the Thief's Cuffs enable you to steal
the harder to get items needed for the rare weapons, armor, ect., found only
in the Bazaar shops.

(2)Pros- As stated you steal things from single foe. Mostly you get Loot to
sell for Gil and building up the list for the Bazaar items. Steal along with
the Poach Technick and Battle Chaining is a must for getting the really hard
Bazaar items like the Scorpion Tail. Again the Thief's Cuffs are needed to
steal the rare items and sometimes you can steal more than one item!

(3)Cons- You can only steal once so trying again would be waste. Also foes
like Rare game and Elite Marks need several attempts to be successfully stolen
from, more that 15 times. These are usually difficult foes and to quickly get
the item at least two in your party need to continuously use the Steal command
while the third member should focus on healing as likely you will be taking
damage. But almost always the item is worth the trouble, usually being a
powerful weapon.

(4)Defense- Physical Paling [NOTE: Can't take anything while the target has
this up, just focus on casting Buffs/Debuffs or healing until then.]


*Libra*                                                                   <LIB>

(1)How it works- This is also another past FF skill mostly called Scan in the
previous games. Libra tells you the information of the targeted enemy.
Current HP, LVL, and any Elemental weakness if they have any. The Buff/Debuffs
and Flying icon will show up in the Target Info window even without Libra.
And just as important the Libra Buff has the ability to reveal traps, the
red glowing err.. spikes on the ground, that can be found 'here and there'
in the game.

(2)Pros- Maybe seeing the HP and LVL are not really needed as you got the
life bar next to the foe. But knowing an enemies Elemental weakness is a must
if you want to inflict big damage with Elemental weapons and Magicks. And to
see the traps laying around the ground is a good way to avoid taking damage.
Knowing where they are you can safely walk around them. Use Float or equip
Steel Poleyns when your not able to get around them.

(3)Cons- Not much to say on this. The casting time is short and the effect
last quite a bit. Setting up a single persons Gambit to [Self:Libra] would
be best at all times. The Bangle accessory has a constant Libra effect but a
Gambit set up is better as that frees up your accessory slot for something

(4)Defenses- Bosses and Espers are Immune to Libra, as well as some Elite
Marks. That's what the long red health bar is for.


*Poach*                                                                   <POC>

(1)How it works- This Technick turns an HP Critical foe into a single piece of
Loot. Some Loot can only be received by Poaching and this can only be done
when the enemy is HP Critical. That is when the current HP is 10% or below
it's max value. You can see this when the target, even you, is flashing red.

(2)Pros- This is the sister Technick of Steal when hunting down Loot needed
to sell for unlocking Bazaar items. And if not for the Bazaar items you can
sell Poached Loot to get Gil for buying things or for using in the Gil Toss

(3)Cons- Just as some Loot can only be stolen some can only be Poached.
Finding out which enemy has what and then running around finding them can be
time consuming and a pain. This only gets worse when later you find out that
one piece of Loot can be Poached from 'this' foe in the Giza Plains can also
be dropped by 'that' one in the Estersands. This can be upsetting and all that
running around will likely have you wanting to throw your controller,
shutting off the game((and forgetting to save like I have done)), or worse. To
top it off the target has to be in HP Critical state.

That means you have to weapon swap to lower the power of your attacks so you
don't kill the target or shut off Gambits so that the computer controlled
party members do not attack it also killing it. To compensate for this a
little try using the Sight Unseeing Technick, that can speed the up hunting.
Knowing also what foe has which Loot helps, and for that you may want to look
into another source of information.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling/Bosses, Espers, Marks/Elite, certain game and
Rare game are immune to Poach. Also monsters like Mirian Guardians and Facers
along with Elementals and a few Undead are also immune. Humanoid targets like
Arcadian Soldiers and such are also Immune.


*First Aid*                                                               <FRA>

(1)How it works- This heals an HP Critical target, ally only, based on there
Max HP. The amount healed is about 1-10% of the targets Max HP.

(2)Pros- This Technick heals anyone without using any items or MP. And at a
mere 700 Gil it's very cost effective. And regardless of your LVL the % of the
healing strength will be the same.

(3)Cons- However it's cheap coast gives it limited use, in my opinion
I see this as one the least useful Technicks in the game. First Aid only
works on HP Critical status only. And the amount of healing it does is like
roughly around 1-10% of Max HP. Meaning it could take one to four castings to
get out HP Critical. Later in the game when the foes are strong enough to KO
any of your party members with a few hits First Aid just can not compete with
it as healing spells and Potions would be able to. This limits First Aid to
after battles when your low on items and MP.

(4)Defenses- None [NOTE: Shell, Faith, Reflect and the Magick Stat do not
increase or decrease the strength of First Aid.]


*Telekinesis*                                                             <TEK>

(1)How it works- Telekinesis gives short range weapons long range attacks.
Meaning a sword or spear that could not normally hit a Flying target can
damage it.

(2)Pros- See above.

(3)Cons- A seriously defective Technick that I just can't see that much use
for. First of all you don't get this skill until late in the game. By then
you should have some strong long range weapons and Magicks to deal with
Flying enemies. The second problem it has slow attack speed. Third, the
damage output is nearly half of the weapon's normal damage, and the range is
kind of like an axe/hammer, though not as bad in the weaker hits. All of this
really brings Telekinesis down further than then what it should be.

I'm not saying it's useless, as a strong melee weapon could still do good
damage, but a bow or other long range weapons would be more ideal. Lastly the
Buff Bravery, and Faith for Katanas, do not increase the attack power of
Telekinesis, another defect. [NOTE: Using Telekinesis with long range weapons
will always result in missing the target, Flying or crawling.]

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling


*Numerology*                                                              <NMO>

(1)How it works- One of the three math Technicks.((i call them, and the second
of the three that made my head spin trying to put it down on paper before
typing it up)) How it works is based on a Counter of how many times you use it,
thus why it is called Numerology. The damage is factored by the success of
keeping the Counter going, or in other words hitting at least one foe per
cast. So, as long as you can hit one or more targets with each casting the
Counter keeps going up and so does the damage.

The damage is based on the Counter, listed below, and with each successful cast
the damage is doubled form the last casting. Meaning that if you if cast it for
first time and the Technick hits the HP damage is one. When you cast it again
and it hits the target the damage is two and the third cast will be four and so
on until you made 17 consecutive hits. If at any time you miss the target/s the
Counter will revert back to one and so will the damage. Also if the target is
Immune to the attack it is considered a miss.

Another thing to know about the damage is that foes that are within range of
the the Technick will take HP damage that is double from the first hit, or the
foe that was targeted by this Technick. This is referred to as 'secondary' HP
damage or as others like to call it 'splash' damage.

  KEY {Hit Counter=HP damage-----'secondary' HP damage}


















(2)Pros- This is a simple Technick to use as the Hit Counter is shared among
all party members and they can all cast at the same time to rack up the hits
faster. And as you can see from the list above the 17th Hit is by far one of
highest single strike attacks in the game. This can be used for a single
target but it is best used for groups as the 'secondary' damage it does to
other targets is great for mass killings. When other foes are hit after
the main target is hit, or not, the damage they take is twice the amount of
the first target! Meaning if the target was hit with a Hit Counter of 7
it takes 64 HP damage and all other foes in range will take 128 HP damage.
If your very lucky and hit the target with a Hit Counter of 17 taking 65,536
HP damage, the 'secondary' damage will be a genocidal number of 131,072 HP

(3)Cons- The high numbers make this Technick seem too good to be true and
your right to think that. As stated if you miss once, as to say missed all of
the  monsters, then the Counter will revert back to one and then you'll have
to climb the ladder once more. And the thing is the higher you go the greater
chance you have to miss. It seems to work by a percentage for a group of hits
and through trial and error this is what I found, shown in this list.

KEY {Hits with Numerology/ chance of missing in %}






As you can see after five Hits with Numerology you have about a 60% chance to
miss the 6th hit and restart the counter to one. As stated in the Pros
section this is a good group attack Technick and in truth that was likely how
it was meant to be. If you attack three slimes, for example, with Numerology
so long one of the three get hit the Counter will still climb even if the
other two miss. But as the Counter goes up so does the chances to miss and
you will need more foes to target to increase the chance that at least one
will get hit with the next attack. When you reach up to the 11th hit and higher
you would need around five or more targets. For sixteen and seventeen you
would have to have eight or more targets. To further hamper this powerful
skill the 'secondary' damage is less accurate than the first hit, around a
quarter less accurate.

Put it all that together and it's apparent Numerology is a group oriented
attack. If you want to hit the big numbers this Technick out right demands it
to be a group attack. There is quite a few spots in the game that have the
number of foes you can group together to increase your chances but luck
still plays major factor in the out come of this skill. One other thing
you should know is the Hit Counter will not go up for every hit during
Numerology, only the use of the Technick itself. So no matter how many hits
you make with each cast if you want to raise the Hit Counter by two, you
have to use Numerology twice. And of course trying to get the 130,000 damage
count will take a great deal of time, it's about a 3 percent chance that you
get that high, even with around seven or more foes in range. And truthfully
the time it takes and the effort are not really worth it but it's up to you
to go for it or not.((good luck if you go for it))

(4)Extra- It's a sweet deal that you can keep the Hit Counter going through
saving and loading. If you reach a desired number hits you can save the game
and retain the count when you load it up again. If you do this you can 'store'
a 16th Hit Count and save the 17th hit for a tough Boss battle or Elite Mark.
Please remember that even if you save up to the 16th Hit Count that you have
about a five percent chance to hit the target. And if you do not want to waste
it that means a lot of loading and reloading the game. Still it's up to you.

(5)Defenses- Physical Paling/Luck deals mostly with the accuracy, a lot of the
Undead are immune to Numerology as well a high LVL monsters, as the ones in
the Deadlands.


*Souleater*                                                               <SOE>

(1)How it works1- Ahh, my favorite Technick next too Gil Toss, Sight Unseeing
and Numerology. This Technick is an easy to understand but difficult
also, as it seems to have random attack damage. And so to explain this I will
have to make this section different from the rest. First off how it works is
simple Souleater drains your HP, 1/5 of the Max value, and makes your attack
50% stronger while making it a Dark Element attack as well. This Technick is
governed, mostly, by the type of weapon you use. All the boost does is add the
attack power of the weapon with the caster's base Strength and makes it 1.5
times stronger. Armor and Accessories that raises the Strength Stat also make
this Technick stronger. However all other factors are left out and I will
say more about that in the second part of "How it works" section for this


Bows- These weapons really bring out the Technick as you can fire 'power'
shots from afar and not worry about being  attacked by foes. The bows do best
damage with Souleater out of all the long range weapons.

Crossbows/Guns/Hand Bombs- These are sub par at best as they do not give out
a whole of damage like bows. Guns are the best of the group, while crossbows
and hand bombs do the least.

Axes/Hammers- These do really well with Souleater. The Technick brings out the
high power of these weapons by erasing there large damage range. Say, for
example, my LVL 50 Basch equipped with a Golden Axe can do 12-9,119 worth of HP
damage. As you can see that's a large range for damage. But if he was to use
Souleater the damage and range would be that of 6,200-7,000. Need I say more?

Spears/2H Swords- They do the best damage with Souleater.

Swords/Daggers- They don't quite have the punch, but they do well with it.
They are more for dealing damage from combos than single strikes.

Staves/Rods- They just do not have the attack power to do enough damage to
compensate for the HP drain. If anything that person should be healing HP,
not giving it up.

Poles/Katanas/Ninja swords- These deal damage purely on comboing and using
Souleater would defeat that. All Ninja Swords are Dark Element so they get
the short end here, followed by Katanas. Poles get the most out of it
but the boost from Souleater is not the whole 50% boost more like half that.

Measures/Maces- Measures are worse than Staves and Rods, but better than
bare hands. Maces are on par with Swords an Daggers but bit a better.

Bare hands- Hahaha not worth your time as I will explain below.

(3)How it works2- Okay now the tricky and unfair things. This Technick is
'Stand alone', or that is the boost is by itself. Focus, Adrenaline, Bravery,
Spellbreaker, Serenity, Faith, Magick Gloves, Blazer Gloves, Steel and Leather
Gorgets do not increase the damage of Souleater. The boost of the Technick
negates all of the above during the attack of Souleater and that's it. Thus
why it is 'stand alone'. With this you can see why Souleater may appear to
have a random attack damage when in fact all it does is overrides and cancels
all other boost and buffs during it's attack. Here's an easy example..

  KEY {Type of attack(Buff/Support)=HP damage range}

    Normal Physical= 3,500-5,500

    Souleater= 5,200-6,000

    Normal Physical(with Bravery and Adrenaline)= 6,300-7,500

    Souleater(with Bravery and Adrenaline)= 5,000-5,900

[NOTE: The damage shown above was done by sword, not a 2-handed, and the
range is not the precise numbers, as I have rounded them to the nearest

Understanding this you can tell what cause the random factor. As such
attacking under the Adrenaline status will cause more damage than a normal
attack or Souleater. Another thing to know is over using this skill WILL BE
FATAL! Since it takes 1/5 of your HP, at full health you can use it five or six
times before you get KO'd. So be careful when using this a lot, even so during
Boss battles as your Healer will end up working overtime on Souleater junkies.
This leaves Souleater best used three times after fully healed. Using the
Regan Buff also helps.

The damage range of Souleater is rather small compared to normal attacks.
Usually the range is about 700 from the weakest hit to the highest. Physical
attacks from weapons the range is higher around a thousand or more for most
weapon types. Except with axes/hammers and hand bombs that have the huge
damage range that can stretch over several thousand points.

Since this is Dark Elemental be sure not to use this on foes who are immune to
Dark or worse absorb it, you can heal a lot of HP to the foe without knowing it
until it's too late. Another important thing to know is Souleater does not
combo nor does it inflict Critical Hits. Weapons that combo a lot will be
hampered using this skill and high powered weapons will not inflict bigger
damage with Critical Hits.

Lastly any Elements, Buffs or Debuffs that come with a weapon will again be
ignored during Souleater, which can be a good thing. As for the subject of
bare handed fighting, since you have no weapons the game only factors your
characters base Strength despite your equipment. Even at LVL 99 using
Souleater on weak foes will do little damage as the Brawler License and Amber
Armlet will not augment the Technick. In this case a normal punch or kick will
do far more damage.

(4)Extra- Backing up the Dark Element part, if you use Achilles and strike the
foes Dark Element boon, there strength will become a heavy weakness! They will
no longer be able to absorb the Element and it will also become a weakness that
can make Souleater do tremendous damage. This can do more Dark Elemental damage
that the Dark Magick spells. But this comes at the cost of HP instead of MP,
and so long as the target is not Immune to Achilles.

(4)Defense- Physical Paling/ Immunities to the Dark Element
[NOTE: Souleater cuts past Protect, Shell and Reflect]


*Sight Unseeing*                                                          <SUE>

(1)How it works- Another favorite of mine, this Technick can be one of your
most powerful if you apply it correctly. When your character has been
inflicted with the Debuff Blind the Technick becomes active. It allows you to
attack with great accuracy when normal attacks will miss, but the big prize of
this is the  fact that Sight Unseeing will always put your target HP
Critical state. Even the toughest of foes with high defense are nothing when
Sight Unseeing flashes there full HP bar down to nothing with a single strike.
Such power!

(1)Pros- This is great for groups or soloing. In groups you can set up a long
range attacker with the Gambit [Foe:Any/HighestHP_SightUnseeing] then
have melee party members sweep up with normal attacks. You can use the tactic
above with the Poach Technick if your melee fighters have a Gambit with
[Foe:HPCritical_Poach] you can clean house fast without the grueling effort
off trying to whittle the foe's HP by weapon swapping so much. For soloing
I find this really helpful because even tough monsters are easy to bring down
if you follow up the Technick with Gil Toss, 1000 Needles, Shades of Black or
Magick spells to get over the low accuracy of physical attacks from Blind.

(3)Cons- The most obvious draw back of this Technick is the fact that it will
'almost' kill but never KO's the target. For Instant Death attacks Bonecrusher
or the Death spell would be more ideal. And another draw back of this skill
is that like Death and Bonecrusher if the foe is Immune to Instant Death then
Sight Unseeing will have no effect. And if the foe/s are too strong you will
be in tight spot if you do not have an another form attack, that or not
fleeing. Last running around with the Blind status can be annoying and if you
do not shut off your healers Gambit or change it. They will heal the status
every chance they get and then you have to recast the Blind spell on your
character every time.

(4)Extra- Ha-ha just kidding about the "never KO's" part. At times it can KO
a target. I would say it's chances are one in twenty.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling/Immune to Instant Death attacks


*Charm*                                                                   <CHM>

(1)How it works- Poor man's version of the Arcane spell Confuse. You cast
Charm on a single target without consuming any MP. That's it. It likely got
it's name from the fact the Magick Confuse only cost a pitiful seven MP and
Charm is free.((how charming))

(2)Pros- Well, it's free. And unlike it's Magick counterpart Charm can be
treated as physical attack and has a better chance to hit a target than
Confuse. It can be best use when fighting group of foes, three or more, and
all you need to do is Charm one foe and you will have a temporary ally.

(3)Cons- Even though Charm has better accuracy than Confuse, the spell seems
to last a little longer. Note however, that confused foes will attack random
targets, other than you, even themselves. If they get hit with a physical
hit, that will snap them out of it and return to attacking you. Also monsters
being attacked by others with the Confuse Debuff have a habit of targeting
them and again a physical hit will remove the Debuff. At the least you should
cast Charm or Confuse on one foe in a group as more would be a waste of time.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling/Immune to the Confuse Debuff.


*Achilles*                                                                <ACH>

(1)How it works- This Technick adds one more Elemental weakness to a single
foe. If the target was only weak to the Wind Element and when you use
Achilles it will have a second weakness, being Fire, Water, Earth, ect. at

(2)Pros- This skill can give the weakness of a desired Element to bring out
the full power of a weapon or ammo, like Ninja Swords and Mud shot, and
Magick users can really do damage with spells. You can use this repeatedly
and give one monster all Elemental weaknesses. Last, as long the target is
not Immune to the Technick any Element they can absorb can be disabled and
turns into a weakness, if Achilles hit that Element, and puts it on the Info

(3)Cons- This skill has low accuracy, even if the caster's LVL is higher than
the target. You have to cast Stop, Immobilize, Disable, or Sleep on the target
to successful hit them with Achilles when you want to put more than one
weakness on them. Espers, Elementals, and a lot of Undead are just flat out
Immune to Achilles, but some bosses and a few Elite Marks are not. So if you
can strike one of them with Achilles then keep going until you get the Element
of your desire. Just make sure you don't take a beating for it.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling/Immune to Achilles


*Charge*                                                                  <CRG>

(1)How it works- This a good Technick without a doubt. Using this skill
a character can recover 10% of there Max MP. But if you fail, or 'miss', all
the current MP you have will be reduced to zero.

(2)Pros- This can save you a lot of Ethers, Hi-Ethers, and even Elixirs
during the course of the game. Setting a character with a Gambit like
[Self:MP<30%_Charge] then they will have a good supply of MP in and out
of battle as long they don't use high MP costing spells. If they do, then
using the Ethers you have been saving up can keep them going.

(3)Cons- As I said if you fail to recover any MP with Charge then all your
current MP will reduce to zero. And like Numerology, in a way, the higher
your MP the higher your chances are of missing. Here is a list to see..

 KEY {% of current MP= chance of missing}

   0=will always work










   100%=will always fail

With this you can get about an average of three to four castings of Charge
without failing. Three would be good during battle and more when not engaged
in fighting. At zero MP will you always get the first casting of Charge. But
if you have full MP you will lose it all when you cast Charge, so be careful.

(4)Defenses- None


*Infuse*                                                                  <INF>

(1)How it works- An odd Technick, to me, Infuse consumes the caster of all
there MP(a) and changes the target's current HP(c) to ten(b) times the amount
of the MP lost by the caster. Here's an example..

Ashe casted Infuse on Basch and lost all 100 MP(a). Basch's current HP, no
matter if he has 1 or 9,999 HP, is then turned to 1,000 HP(c).


Ashe casted Infuse on Basch and lost all 539 MP(a). Basch's current HP is then
changed to 5,390 HP(c).

The formula is MPx10=HP, or (a)x(b)=(c)

So if the caster's MP is changed to tens the amount, and the target's current
HP is below that amount they get healed. Like wise if the target's HP is
higher they take damage. [NOTE: The Technick deals directly with HP bar so the
usual numerical values that show when receiving damage, red numbers, and green
for healing, will not appear.]

(2)Pros- If used correctly this can be a better Technick then First Aid.
Melee fighters can use Infuse better as they do not use MP as much as your
spell slingers, which is good since it sucks up all the caster's MP.
And the more MP you have the more HP Infuse makes. Even more if the character
has two or all three Mist Charges.

(3)Cons- There is one point of interest you should be aware of with this
Technick. Infuse can KO anyone if the caster has zero MP when they use
this Technick, so be very careful!!

Really the Pros and Cons for this are different form person to person.
You just have to try this one and see if it's to your liking or not.

(4)Defenses- None


*Gil Toss*                                                                <GIL>

(1a)How it works- Now this is power! Gil Toss can be broken down into two
parts single target or 'Sniper', and multi/group or 'Shotgun'. Before that I
need to say how this works. Using Gil Toss you actually throw your Gil at the
foe to do damage. And the damage done is based on the party's current HP pool,
or to say the combined value of all the active member's current HP not there
Max value. For example..

         KEY {Character=Current HP (xx is empty party slot)}

   Ashe=1,256       |           Vaan=2,500         |        Ashe=5,700
   Basch=980        |    or     Ashe=3,330         |  or    Ultima=9,999
   Fran=1,334       |           Balthier=1,500     |            xx
      xx            |           Reddas=1,000       |            xx
                    |                              |
 HP pool is 3,570   |          HP pool is 8,330    |    HP pool is 15,699
G.Toss damage=3,570 |      G.Toss damage=8,330     |     G.Toss damage=9,999

So as the math tells the more HP you can pool the more damage Gil Toss can do
But there is the Max 9,999 damage limit, and no matter how high the HP pool
goes you can not exceed the limit. Of course that can be good as you lose the
amount used and I explain that below in the Cons.

(1b)'Sniper'- Or single target attack with Gil Toss. To hit a single target
with this Technick is assuring they take the full damage. To explain this
I'll use 5,000 as a base damage. When the HP pool reaches 5,000 you can
use Gil Toss to inflict exactly that much. But doing so takes that much
Gil out of your pocket. So if three party members used G.Toss on target that
poor fool will take three separate hits equaling 15,000 points of damage. But
in turn you lose 15,000 Gil.

(1C)'Shotgun'- Or group attack. Again I will use 5,000 as base damage to
explain, and also refer this as the initial/first hit. When you have more
than one target to hit the initial damage is split by how many foes there are.
From 5,000, two targets get 2,500 HP damage each, three get 1,666 HP damage
each, four get 1,250 HP damage as five get 1,000, and so on. So the more
targets the less power Gil Toss does, unlike Traveler and Horology were as
there damage is the same for all foes. You still lose the 5,000 Gil despite
the damage spilt and having more than one person using this can compensate
for lower damage by giving out more hits, if you have the Gil to flaunt

(2)Pros- This attack is really powerful against a single or multiple
monsters, but a single foe is where it shines the best. Gil Toss has the
Piercing effect meaning that everything but Physical Paling will be ignored
when this Technick hits. There is going to be skill that a lot of bosses,
Marks/Elite, Espers, and Rare game have that when there HP gets lower there
defense gets higher. So high in fact that even your strongest weapons will not
be doing as much damage as it did at the start of the battle. Gil Toss can fix
that easily by being a way to finish off the target quickly instead of chipping
away there HP. If you are still chipping away even with G.Toss try casting
Bubble on your team as it counts for the HP pool.[NOTE: Even with Bubble and
a party of four that has a HP pool over 35,000 HP the Max damage for Gil Toss
is still 9,999.]

(3)Cons- "Look there's a foe, throw some Gil at it. There's another, lets
throw some more Gil. Big Boss fight? Lets throw even more Gil! Now to buy the
Cat-ear Hood. What? I don't have the Gil for it!? When did that happen?" This
is a major problem for this skill as if you do not pace yourself with this
Technick your going to be Gilless more times that you care for. Solo
players may not have so much of problem as they need only to buy things
for one character. But those who like a full party will likely never have
enough to buy all of the strongest gear at once as the game advances.

Using Gil Toss regularly is very expensive meaning your going to be Poaching,
Stealing, and Battle Chaining every thing that can fly, move, or crawl in the
dirt, and then selling everything just to fund this Technick. Lastly when
damage is spilt evenly among foes, the numbers will always round down when
giving an even count. That means you will lose some Gil that was never used
in the attack, though it's too small to be a real bother.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling [NOTE: Should you use it on a foe with this
defense the attack will just bounce off. Thankfully you will not lose any Gil.]


*1,000 Needles*                                                           <NEL>

(1)How it works- This skill always does 1,000 points of damage, no more or
less. It's that simple.

(2)Pros- What it may lack in power it more than makes up in reliability. This
Technick has the Piercing ability that can bypass all defenses but Physical
Paling. So a tough boss with high defense can feel the hurt when you
strongest weapon is not doing to well. And since this is long range
1,000 Needles is a great for Flying foes, even better that Telekinesis with
it's slow attack speed and damage penalty. Also it's great to use as a
finisher when using Sight Unseeing as you main attack. 1,000 Needles is not
affected by the Blind status that accompanies the other Technick.

(3)Cons- Not much to say except that late in the game foes will simply have
too much HP that 1,000 Needles may not be able to compete with it and could
just fall out of favor compared to the other Technicks and Magicks.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling


*Revive*                                                                  <REV>

(1)How it works- This Technick gives up the casters life to fully heal a KO'd
target, ally only. A life for a life.

(2)Pros- Even if the caster has one HP and the KO'd target has 7,000 Revive
heals it all for a mere one HP. Then the fully healed character can then use
a Phoenix Down or Raise Magick on the party member that gave up there life for

(3)Cons- In my honest opinion this the is worst Technick out of all of them.
Using one of your character to revive another defeats the purposes of
trying rebuild your party. And for soloing, the 10,000 Gil, making it
the most expensive Technick, is a complete waste.

(4)Extra- Well despite my above co.."achoo" this does not mean you can't have
fun with this Technick...hehe

Circle Of Death- For all you sadistic players out there who love to bash your
own characters this one is for you. Simply shut off all your Gambits but one.
This one Gambit, for each character, should be [Ally:Any_Revive]. Find a quite
place where no monsters will bother you then KO one of your party members.
Form there the Gambits take over and as one person is KO'd another will use
Revive to bring the fallen ally back only to fall themselves making the third
member do the same. This cycle goes on and on until you stop it yourself. You
can do this for two members but you have to choose a new leader every time a
character is KO'd.

(4)Defenses- None


*Stamp*                                                                   <STP>

(1)How it works- Now here is a really neat Technick. This skill copies any
status that the caster has and duplicates it on the target. So if you
character has Blind, Poison, and Silence they can use Stamp to give another
target the same Debuffs. Of course this works for Buffs as well and that alone
makes this a really good Technick. [NOTE: I'll will split this section into
two, Debuffs and Buffs that will cover the Pros And Cons of each.]

Debuffs- ((as this was likely how the developers intended for this Technick to
work)) You can Stamp a foe with all of the Debuffs you suffer from. Using the
Nihopalaoa accessory with Remedies would be a better way to inflict Debuffs
in one shot, but Stamp is just as good so long as the target is not Immune
to the Debuffs. You can not use Stamp for Stop, Sleep, Stone, Confuse, Berserk,
Lure, Invisible, or KO, for most of those you would not be able to do much

Buffs- The other side of the coin for Stamp as you would use Debuffs for the
enemy you can use Buffs on your allies. A good tactic for this is right before
a big fight with Bosses, Espers, ect., is to have all members of your team
cast all the Buffs you want onto one person then quickly have them Stamp it
on to the second person following the third. Doing so will allow you to start
the battle out strong and you can just dive right in without having to cast
all the Buffs during battle. You can do this for Guest party members and the
NPCs that join during Hunts. This tactic also works great for Summons as

Just have the Summoner all 'Buffed' up and as soon as they call the
Esper they can Stamp the critter and both will be ready to rumble. This
helps as both character and the Esper can spend most of the time actually
dealing damage rather than just the Esper fighting and it's Summoner
playing mostly support. That should compensate some for the Esper's rather
short time on the battle field.

Using this tactic during battle my not be so wise as you have to stop everyone
to cast Buffs and while that was going on the enemy will be pounding on your
team. By the time Buffs from the Stamp wear off you should stick to normal
tactics of letting support character/s cast the Buffs while melee fighter/s
just fight on. Finally Stamp ignores the Reflect Buff so you do not have to put
on an Opal Ring accessory to Pierce it.

Also casting Stamp on a character that already has a Buff will not renew the
effect like you can with Debuffs. So if the caster has Haste and cast Stamp
on a ally that already has it, the Haste effect time the target has will not
start over or be prolonged.

As for Armor, Weapons, and Accessories that have Buff effect that go with them,
Stamp can transfer the effect as well from the caster to the target. This works
the same as if the Buff had come from a Magick, but so long as the caster has
the item on when they cast Stamp. Doing this you can save some MP at the cost
of equipment swapping.

(2)Defenses- none

*Shades of Black*                                                         <SHB>

(1)How it works- This Technick works a little different form the rest. As all
the other Technicks are physical attacks, Shades of Black is tied in with all
the Black Magick Spells. Using this Technick will randomly cast any of the
attack spells form that category at the target, or targets if the spell is a
group attack spell. As Charm is to Confuse, so is Shades of Black to Black
Magick as it dose not cost any MP to use.

(2)Pros- As stated the Technick does not cost any MP. Where you may use
Charge to deal with actually casting the spells, Shades of Black can be used
to save MP for healing or support spells. Another good thing about this skill
is that you need not to own the spell or the corresponding License to cast any
of the Black Magicks for Shades of Black. Meaning the minute you buy this
skill you have the power of all the Black Magicks long before you ever buy
the spell or have the License Panel unlocked, such as Scathe!

(3)Cons- The random spell casting is the only real problem with this Technick.
And even that, the 'randomness', is not really all that random. There seems to
a chance that spells within a group have a higher chance of being cast than
another group of spells. To help give you a better understanding here is
a small chart.

 KEY {Group(#)=chance of casting in %}
     {  name of Spells in the group  }

  Group(1)=50% chance
  Group(2)=40% chance
  Group(3)=35% chance
  Group(4)=10% chance

As shown above casting the higher powered spells of group(4) is less likely
than the spells from groups(1&2). The random part really applies to which
spell of the group gets cast. But even if it's not as random as I explained
Shades of Black is still risky because of the risk of hitting the target/s
with a spell that will heal if it is an Element they can absorb. And also
since the groups(1&2) are cast more often the stronger foes, later in the
game, will likely shrug off group(1) with there higher Magickal Defenses, and
may feel a sting from group(2) if your caster's Magickal power is high
enough. If the foe is immune to more than one Element, then at this point it
would be best to switch to the actual spells, as they can be chosen manually
and that's far better than the random whim of Shades of Black.

(4)Extra- Even though the random factor can put off some people from using
this Technick it's much like an axe, after awhile the damage it does pans out.
If you use Shades of Black long enough you will see that it does far more
damage than it does healing an enemy, unless you got unlucky. Really, you can
set single Gambit with Shades of Black for attack Magick and do some serious
damage, even late in the game. You can always have back up Gambits with
non-Element spells to help carry the Technicks flaw, that or manually choose
the spell in battle. So if you like axes then you may like this Technick, if
not I still recommend it just for the fun of it.

Heck I wish Square had put other Technicks in this game like Glints of White or
Shards of Time, even something like Screams of Arcane. Technicks like those
would really make this game interesting. HA-HA maybe even one called Fools of

(5)Defenses- Magickal Paling/Shell/Reflect/The targets Magickal Defense


*Traveler*                                                                <TRV>

(1)How it works- Second of the three math Technicks.((and the one that did the
least damage to my mind while trying to put it down on paper)) Travelers damage
is based on how many steps you make within a certain amount of steps. That
'certain' amount is 1,000 steps and within that thousand is a multiplier
that has four levels of strength, each stronger than the last. And you move up
each level by the amount of steps you make in the one thousand steps. "What is
he saying?" This is likely what some of you are asking so to help you out here
is a list, yet again.

  KEY {Steps X (Damage Multiplier)= HP damage}

   0-99 X (1)= 0-99 HP damage

   100-499 X (2)= 200-998 HP damage

   500-989 X (3)= 1,500-2,967 HP damage

   990-999 X (10)= 9900-9990 HP damage

[NOTE:The the number of steps is multiplied by the Step Counter Multiplier
to determine HP damage]

Once the steps reach one thousand the counter will go back to zero. So if you
want to the most damage you have to walk 999 steps then cast, with the
character you control it and then use Traveler on the target/s and you will
do 9,990 of damage! Know that the steps of computer controlled allies do not
count in building up the Step Counter only the party leader you move yourself
do the steps taken add to the Counter.

(2)Pros- Like Horology, Numerology and Gil Toss this is good for a single or
group of targets. And like the math Technick Horology the damage is the same
for both single and groups. And Traveler like the other three has the
Piercing ability so it will cut past all defenses but Physical Paling.
And compared to Numerology this Technick is far more reliable as you
have more control over it. This is due to fact that you can see the number
of steps you have take from the the Pedometer, in the party Menu screen.
Though it may lack the high damage of Numerology you won't have luck
dictating the outcome of Traveler.

(3)Cons- There is a few things that cling to this Technick that bog it down.
First is trying to keep track of the number of steps you take. Yes, you do
have the Pedometer in the Menu to help but you will likely be equipment
swapping a lot as well and during a long fight and you'll be running in
and out the Menu for swapping or checking the Pedometer. And after awhile you
may forget why you opened the Menu and accidently missed your chance to cause
the damage you wanted with Traveler because you over stepped the limit.

This brings up the second problem as if you want to always do the most
amount of damage with this skill it requires precise timing. And when your
in battle that can be tough as Gambits that attack the foes with step-in
movements that count towards the Step Counter it can throw off your timing if
you do not anticipate it. Especially for the ten step range for the x10
multiplier. It's not as bad as it sounds so long as you are vigilant to how
the Gambits move your character. And reaching up to 999 steps can be time
consuming and madding if you over stepped the 999 by one freakin step.

Last thing you should know is that every time you use Traveler the Step
Counter return to zero. Meaning if you make five hundred steps, use Traveler,
you do 1,500 HP damage and then you have to make another five hundred steps
again to do the same amount of damage. This skill is single shot only, even
against a single or group of foes you get one shot then you have to start over.
Also if the character you are controlling is KO'd anytime while you are
building the Step Counter it resets back to zero.((bummer)) In that case just
switch to an ally before the killing blow if you wish to preserve the Counter.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling


*Horology*                                                                <HRO>

(1)How it works- YES! The third and final math Technick.((and the one that
made me cry trying to put on paper)) Horology is just like Traveler in terms of
attacking both single and group of targets for the same amount of damage. And
also it has the Piercing ability that cut pass all defenses but Physical
Paling. The in-game description of the Technick said damage is based on the
amount of time you have played. That is correct to a point but they left out a
major detail to were the info should simply be wrong.

Damage is not based on how long you have played, but on the character's
LVL and the minutes of the Game clock in the Menu. The LVL(a) is the base
damage and the minutes(b) are the Multiplier, growing stronger with each
passing minute, that deals the damage to the enemy. Or (a)x(b)=HP damage.
To help you understand this, and as reward for reading this far into the guide,
here is another list.

[NOTE: I'll use 20 as the character's LVL for this list. Also Minutes ONLY
represent the Multiplier, they are NOT part of the math.]

  KEY {(Character's LVL) x (Minutes/Multiplier) = HP damage}

    (20) x (0/0) >>>>>>>>>> = 0 HP damage

    (20) x (1/0.5) >>>>>>>> = 10 HP damage

    (20) x (2/2) >>>>>>>>>> = 40 HP damage

    (20) x (3/4.5) >>>>>>>> = 90 HP damage

    (20) x (4/8) >>>>>>>>>> = 160 HP damage

    (20) x (5/12.5) >>>>>>> = 250 HP damage

    (20) x (6/18) >>>>>>>>> = 360 HP damage

    (20) x (7/24.5) >>>>>>> = 490 HP damage

    (20) x (8/32) >>>>>>>>> = 640 HP damage

    (20) x (9/40.5) >>>>>>> = 810 HP damage

So if my LVL 24 Ashe cast Horology at 31:14:32 the damage to the foe/s would
be 192 HP. If she is at LVL 67 and the Game clock is 71:55:07 then the
damage is 837, actually the damage is 837.5 but the game does not round it up.
And last if Ashe is at LVL 99 and the game time is 213:19:00 using Horology
will do 4,009 HP damage.

The hours and seconds do not apply to damage in any way so they can be
ignored. Only the minutes count and those are 01 ,02 to 09. The ten minutes
of an hour do count but the damage will always be zero, they are 00, 10, 20,
30, 40 and 50.

(2)Pros- Despite the fact the highest damage you can do is 4,009 Horology is
the most easy to use of the three math Technicks, once you know the math.
And the fact that Numerology can be hard to control and Traveler is single
shot, Horology can be used over and over without back firing on you in
some way. This a great Technick for long fights can take more than 20 minutes
as the damage will always stay the same despite the number of casting for the
entire minute of the Multiplier. And as each minute passes the damage gets
higher until the the clock reaches the ten minute mark.

(3)Cons- Of course Horology gives up power for control, but the only real
handicap about this is that the power can only get stronger as your
character's LVL gets higher. And it won't be really late in the game when you
can fully draw out Horology's power. But if you think about as you LVL up and
become stronger so does Horology and it's damage is good enough for the enemies
you face along your trek.

(4)Extra- This is more of a recommendation than anything, but I put this
Technick in a far higher rank than Traveler and Numerology. And even Gil Toss
when the Minute Counter reaches the 8th and 9th minute.((yes i said it, me of
all ppl. and a math technick at that! my world was long since over after i
came to terms with this fact))

(5)Defense- Physical Paling


*Bonecrusher*                                                             <BNC>

(1)How it works- This is a 'hit or miss' Technick that is very much like the
Roulette Enemy Skill in Final Fantasy VI and VII. Bonecrusher has the chance
instantly KO a target with a single hit at the expense of your HP. It sounds
like an upgraded version of Souleater but it's not. You attack with a physical
hit and have a chance to inflict Instant Death, but if the attack misses then
you are the one that gets KO'd! If you manage to land the hit with Bonecrusher
then the foe is KO'd and you take HP damage that is random from 1-99% of your
current HP. The chance to 'hit or miss' is fifty/fifty.

(2)Pros- If you have trouble getting the Death spell to hit a target then
Bonecrusher has a better chance to  hit as it is not Magickal base. Last
unlike Souleater you can abuse this as much as you want, as long as you
don't miss. Even if you have 1 HP you can keep on using this Technick and not
take any damage. Souleater will just finish you off if you try to over use it.

(3)Cons- It's a gamble, that's about all I can say. You kill the target and
take a random amount of damage or it back fires and you get whacked instead.
This Technick should be for those who like to gamble or are just feeling
lucky. Maybe people who like axes/hammers may enjoy this skill. And finally if
the target is Immune to Death then they will also be Immune to Bonecrusher.
At the very least you should be grateful the enemy does not laugh at you for
failing to use Bonecrusher.((sound familiar?))

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling/Immune to Instant Death attacks [NOTE: If the
target is Immune to Death and you use Bonecrusher you do not take damage or
be KO'd.]


*Wither*Addle*Expose*Shear*                                               <LAZ>

(1)How it works- Since these four are all alike in there nature I decided to
lump them all in one section.((i'm just lazy that way)) Each of theses Technicks
work on lowering the target's Strength, Defense, Magick, and Magick Defense.
And each Technick focuses a single Stat<Status>.

Wither- This Technick lowers the target's Strength Stat. This will cause it's
physical attacks to cause less damage to your party members.

Addle- This Technick lowers the target's Magick Stat. This will make there
attack spells do less damage to your party members, and more likely to
miss them as well.

Expose- This Technick lowers the target's Defense Stat. This will make your
physical attacks do more damage to the foe.

Shear- This Technick lowers the target's Magick Defense. This will make your
attack spells do more damage to the target, and more likely they will strike
the target as well.

   "We fly all around Spira and find weak monsters for you to kick around."

(2)Pros- Sorry, I couldn't help but put the above quote in. But that's what
these Technicks are all about, making the foes weaker. And for those
monsters with high Defense your going to be glad for the Expose Technick.
These skills are best used for really tough monsters or long battles that
just seem to drag on for too long.

(3)Cons- There is, however, a limit to how far these can be used on a single
target. For Wither and Addle you can hit the target about five times before
you simply start missing with continuous use the Technicks, and at this point
it best to stop if all you do is miss over and over. Expose and Shear on the
other hand do not seem to have a limit. They can hit a target with more than
fifteen hits of either. It may be possible to lower a target's Magickal and
Physical Defense down to zero, but about ten hits worth is enough and you can
spend the rest of the time trying to kill the enemy.

(4)Defenses- Physical Paling/ Most of foes are Immune to one or two of the
Technicks. And in a few cases to all of them.


Well that brings an end to this guide I hope you found it helpful in
understanding your Technicks more. And...that's it.

So Happy gaming!


7.Credits                                                                 #007

i will thank..

Lynn_ my sister for generously allowing me to use her laptop during most of the
time i was writing this up, ever since my computer had a 'heart attack'

Joey_ for first proof reading and his constant flaming me when couldn't find
much to flame about in this guide but mostly typos

Scabs_ yes that is his personal nick name, for helping me out to making some
of the various list, that litter this guide, as accurate as possible. and for
pointing out my flaw with a chart for the traveler technick and sketching out
a new one for this version of the guide

GameFAQs_ for posting this guide, and the other guides that helped me out
over the years

Square-Enix_ for creating the Final Fantasy games

Rachel_ for telling me to get a hobby other than video games....if only
she knew what this guide was about

Final Fantasy XII Technicks Guide     Copyright 2011     by:Allen Burden