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Bomb Da Base: Act II?

how do i get passed Bomb Da Base: Act II?

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KeyBlade999 answered:

You could activate the Weapon Cheat. When you go to use the rifle, use the Rocket Launcher instead. Shoot the cars and along the length of the bridge.

You could alternately just take an Uzi, have full health and armor, and shoot the guys as you go, but be careful.
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MunKy321 answered:


That's how. Keep trying to snipe them as fast as you can and aim for their heads.

Really, this takes nothing but skill. Perhaps a little bit of luck as well, but that's not what you should be hoping for. If you want to live up to that skill, you've got to keep trying.
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Nukey_Shay answered:

This is actually one of the easier missions. When you go into the shipyard and drop off 8-ball, the mission is "on hold" until you fire a shot (or get too close to the ship). So just head back the way you came to the entrance of the shipyard. Off to the side, there are a number of crew trailers. In the center of them, you can grab a pill to slow time. Pick it up and sprint along the side of the big blue warehouse (don't worry, the guards can't see you from that distance). At the opposite corner of the warehouse, there is a staircase you can climb up and around to the roof. Sprint up to the top, ready a sniper rifle, and take out the dozen guards from left to right to give 8-ball a clear path. He is unarmed, so you need to eliminate them in that order. You should have enough "bullet time" to easily take out all of the guards even if a few shots miss. If 8-ball has enough distance yet, you can even fire a few rockets if you want.
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nutsabotgames answered:

You don't have to use the rifle for this mission, use the uzi instead.First off make sure you have plenty of ammo and that your health and armor are at their maximum.Kill the two guards at the ramp first,then kill the remaining guards from left to right.
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yusei190 answered:

I used the weapon cheat got the rocket launcher and shot the bridge where the 2 guys are standing and they died then I shot up on the boat where I saw shadows moving then I got the uzi and followed 8ball on the boat and shot everyone tryin to protect him and he went into a hole placed the bomb and the ship blew up
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