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Grand Theft Auto III: K-JAH Script and FAQ
Version 1.0 (October, 2006)


-The Script
--"Dance of the Vampires" [DOTV]
--"Your Teeth In My Neck" [YTIMN]
--"The Corpse Rises" [TCR]
--"The Mummy's Shroud" [TMS]
--"Plague of Zombies" [POZ]
-About K-JAH in Liberty City in 2001
-About Scientist and the album "Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of
-About Me

Introduction (or, K-JAH!? Why!??!)

Have you ever attempted to look up the lyrics of ANY K-JAH song? They're not 
out there...anywhere >_<. Many reggae songs in videogame-dom elude us, Make-a-
Jam from Dance Dance Revolution is likely the most notorious example. I am a 
huge fan of soundtracks, and I like nothing better than to sing along with the 
tunes in a really good game like the Grand Theft Auto series. It always seems 
like my very favourite songs are the ones that nobody is ever going to attempt 
to transcribe. Presumably, one reason that reggae songs never get transcribed 
on the internet is because of a fear of getting it horribly wrong and offending 
legions of people. It is with this in mind that I offer the first ever K-JAH 
script and lyrics. Before I attempt putting down the entire script and 
information on K-JAH West in San Andreas, I thought it might be wise to test 
out my FAQ writing abilities on something a little smaller.

A disclaimer: I am Canadian born of Native descent, and I do not presume to 
know anything whatsoever about Jamaican slang or culture. I have researched it 
somewhat to verify the usage of words like 'riddim' and 'bwoy' to the best of 
my ability, but I'm probably still bound to get some things wrong. Also, I'm a 
little hard of hearing, so if you have any knowledge that would help improve 
this FAQ, or a future FAQ on the other K-JAH stations, let me know. 

I used tinyted's Vice City Radio kit on GTA III (it works for a wide variety of 
video games, including Amplitude and many others) to transfer the soundtrack to 
my computer for the purposes of transcription and for my listening pleasure. 
(thank you very much, sir ^_^) I used Audacity to split the radio stations into 
tracks and change them into mp3 format. You can too at 
http://www.tinyted.net/eddie/decode.html . I am also indebted to Splintax for 
his Music Hacking Guide listed under "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" (Thank you 
very much for all your information ^_^)

The Script

I have transcribed these lyrics to the best of my hearing ability in karaoke 
format; i.e. anything vocalized will be represented phonetically, regardless of 
whether it appears in the official lyrics of the song. I have yet to get my 
hands on an actual copy of SRTWOTECOV, and no lyrics are present on the 
internet whatsoever (Believe me, I've LOOKED >_<). Therefore, any corrections 
necessary are respectfully solicited and gratefully appreciated. Times are 
listed where needed to indicate extended instrumentals in between. 

HW: Horace Walsh, the DJ of K-JAH Liberty City
"..." represents an echo effect, rather than a fade-out. 
(?) represents a guess on my part of the word immediately preceding. So if I 
get it horribly wrong, let me know (and please don't get too bent out of shape, 
I'm not trying to be offensive --_--;;).

--This is where the kjah.vb audio file on your copy of GTA:III begins, so it 
makes a natural starting point. --

HW: Laughing Vampires Dance! Feel the voodoo curse.

"Dance of the Vampires" starts [DOTV]
HW: Liberty City, arise! You're listening to Horace 'the Pacifist' Walsh, on K-

You are a no good
You are a no goo-oo-ood cat(?)
For the things that you do in front of me

HW: Let's have that one again, 'cuz I liked it so much the first time. I just 
want more. REWIND!

-- Horace rewinds the tape, and starts the song over again --

You are a no good
You are a no goo-oo-ood cat(?)
For the things that you do in front of me

(1:37) HW: Knowledge is king. Knowledge is king. Knowledge is king, mon. So we 
love the scientists here on K-JAH!

(2:48) HW: Take it away and bring it back again, Mr. Scientist. Yeah. C'mon. 
Here we go now!

(3:13) HW: Put away the weapons and turn up the bass. It's time to relax on K-

SFX: 103!

-- "Dance of the Vampires" ends --

HW: K-JAH rhythm-earth-air-iron music. Music for the Mummy masses. 

"Your Teeth In My Neck" begins [YTIMN]
HW: All-day, all-night, Liberty City's only twenty-four hour dub music radio. 
Bringing peace to the conflict.

OHH-OHH-ohh-ohh yeah...
Oh-OHH-oh yeah..

HW: This is K-JAH, and I'm Horace Walsh. The only pacifist in town.

Some will take money
And make big enemy-ee-ee
While iman take love and make good friends...

Some are speaking foggy(?)
The other are thinking rotten(?)
But iman is here to teach you what's right from wrong.
Say no now...

HW: Ease off the pressure, slow down your wheels, and stay off the SPANK, my 

(2:00) HW: You want fight? Go buy yourself a gun. You want knowledge, get 
yourself a scientist. Enjoy, my brethren.

Lord, oh yeah...

(2:34) HW: Come check me in a rub-a-dub style. You know, me have no love for 
Donald Love, mon.

Some are speaking foggy(?)
The other are thinking rotten(?)
But iman is here to teach you what's right from wrong.

Listen me carefully.
Let's live in love and unity(?)
For anything you do, just see 'we'
I want that family...


For I and I wanted you be free.
Lets live in love and one harmony-ee.
Say go now...

(4:30) HW: Horace Walsh say 'Simmer down the violence!' Too much blood in the 
city streets.

-- "Your Teeth In My Neck" ends --

HW: And too many babies are crying in Liberty City.

"The Corpse Rises" begins [TCR]
HW: Feel the riddim, all around. We're here at K-JAH in studio two. Because, 
y'know. One love plus one love make TWO! So this is, studio two. With double 
the love.

LYRICS: Let your tempest get too hot (??? unintelligible to me...perhaps 
someone could help me out with this?)

(0:44) HW: Iman say 'There's too much SPANK business go on.'

(2:07) HW: Iman say 'There's too much SPANK business go on.' (yes, he says it 
twice in a row!)

-- (3:12) "The Corpse Rises" ends abruptly --

HW: Anyway, enough of that stuff. Let's have a little more dub. Now, what you 
say? Is you sayin' 'Please Horace, more dub? Please?' No fighting between man 
and man. Let your love grow strong.

"The Mummy's Shroud" begins [TMS]

HW: K-JAH! Up all night long. I am the Pacifier, and this is from Greensleeves.


HW: Welcome back to JAH, K-JAH. Time for some music now! (^_^ :you can almost 
hear the Japanese emoticon in his voice.)

(1:33) HW: Let no man trouble me with business, if business is Yardie business.

(2:07) LYRICS: Some Kali fire hose.(?!?!?! Completely unintelligible to 
me...any help would be appreciated)

(4:03) LYRICS: (doo-doo) The difference between I and you...

HW: soon coming, we'll be rocking steady on the beat of the morning. Stay with 
us now and let your light shine out. This is the Peacemaker, Horace Walsh, 
giving you the best of the best. Only on K-JAH.

-- "The Corpse Rises" ends --

"Plague Of Zombies" begins [POZ]

And the good lord said
Love thy brother then thyself and
Everything will be made possible unto you
He can surely turn the ti-i-i-ides
He can push the tempest by...

(0:45) HW: (whispers) Oh, you're scarin' me now Mr. Scientist. I'm all quiet, 
like a scared DJ man.

(1:15) HW: K-JAH riddim section with Horace. Peace and pleasure, my people. 
Nothing else. Put away the guns now, bwoys!

(1:49) LYRICS:

And all he asked 
Of man and men and man and men
Is that we give each other love...

HW: You see, whether you're Diablo, or whether you're a hood, don't come with 
no bad vibration, it'll do you no good. YEA!

-- "Plague of Zombies" ends, station loops back to beginning --

About K-JAH Liberty City in 2001

Once DJ'd by Natalee Walsh Davis in 1998, her cousin Horace Walsh finally 
manages to steal her job by 2001. Presumably he still smokes weed. K-JAH is 
still independently owned, but may now be an underground station, owing to the 
fact that it no longer plays any advertising. Horace may be DJ-ing on a 
voluntary basis. Production values have gone way down, and unfortunately, it 
appears that our beloved K-JAH may be destined to fade away in the future. The 
station is exactly 20 years old ("Passing the bong to the left since 1981" -
GTA:LCS), founded in the exact same year Scientist recorded SRTWOTECOV, and 
remains the favourite station of Yardies in Liberty City. The theme of 
scientists throughout is interesting in that there may be a connection to the 
scientist faction in GTA2.  

Horace 'the Pacifist' Walsh is voiced by Herman Stephens, also known as 'Self.' 
He is currently a musician and resides in London, UK. 

About Scientist and "Scientist Rids the World Of The Evil Curse Of Vampires"

Scientist is Hopeton Browne, a prot‚g‚ of the renowned King Tubby, and is 
placed firmly in the Dub category of Reggae sub-genres. A very prolific sound-
mixer, he has over 40 albums to his credit, and was most popular in the early 
80's. He filed a lawsuit against Greensleeves Records in response to tracks 
from SRTWOTECOV being included on the Grand Theft Auto III soundtrack, citing 
copyright infringement. He subsequently lost, the US court stating that being 
the mixing engineer did not give him any sort of copyright over the songs or 
the recordings. It is unsure whether the suit was launched over disapproval of 
the songs appearing in GTA, or if it was a simple issue of money.

King Tubby should sound familiar, he was the man behind the track "King Tubby 
Meets the Rockers Uptown" included in the San Andreas version of K-JAH.

The Album itself was a 1981 British release on Vinyl from Greensleeves Records, 
Catalogue # GREL 25. It is currently available on Compact Disc. Credits are as 

Produced, arranged, and composed by the late Henry 'Junjo' Lawes.
Bass --------------Errol 'Flabba' Holt 
Drums -------------Carlton 'Santa' Davis, 'Style' Scott 
Guitar [Lead] -----Andy Bassford, Bo-Pee Bowen 
Guitar [Rhythm] ---Bingy Bunny, Sowell 
Horns ------------'Deadly' Headley Bennett, Dean Frazer, Nambo Robinson 
Keyboards ---------Ansel Collins, Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright 
Percussion --------Skully, Sky Juice, Sticky.  

Featuring the Roots Radics Band (above). 

Rhythm tracks laid at Channel One by Roots Radics Band
Mixed at King Tubby's by Scientist at midnight on Friday the 13th. June 1981

About Me (If you care)

contact: sirmadness@yahoo.com for corrections or comments

My name is Isaac, and I currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I've 
been a fan of videogames since before I could read, when my dad had to hold me 
up to the machine to play. K-JAH is my absolute favourite station in the Grand 
Theft Auto Universe, though I'm also partial to Flash(back) and K-Rose (I did 
say Alberta, remember ^_^) I am a firm believer in the idea that Grand Theft 
Auto neither encourages nor condones violent behaviour, and in fact may even be 
preventative of violent behaviour in the right circumstances. I'm currently a 
student, working on my Bachelors degree in Japanese Language and Literature, 
and I hope to be a voice actor in a videogame someday. I do have a slight 
hearing loss from my mother's extremely loud playing of Heavy Metal when I was 
young, so if I have made a big mistake in transcription, that's probably the 
reason. This is my first FAQ, and I hope it was informative, despite its short 


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