• Cheat Codes

    Enter the following codes at the title screen:

    All CharactersHold R1 at the menu screen then press X, X, O, O, triangle, L1
    Full stat pointsHold L1 + R1 then press Triangle x2, right, tri x2, down, X x2, left, X x2, up
    Mallora BoardHold L1 and R1. Press X, X, Right, Circle, Circle, Down, Triangle, Triangle, Left, Square, Square, Up
    Play as DJHold L1 + R1 Then press x,x,right,x,x,down,x,x,left,x,x,up
    Sticky boardsHold L1 + R1 and press Square, Square, Right, Triangle, Triangle, Down, Circle, Circle, Left, X, X, Up
    Unlock everythingHold L1 + R1 then press X, triangle, right, circle, square, down, triangle, square, left, circle, X, up.
    Unlock Mix Master MikeHold L1 + R1, then press X X right X X down X X left X X up
    Unlocks all characters, outfits, boards, and levelsHold L1 + R1 and press X, Triangle, Right, Circle, Square, Down, Triangle, Square, Left, Circle, X, Up. Release L1 + R1


  • Unlock Rectorator

    Enter the following as your name in World Circuit mode, then choose any rider:


    Contributed By: Packing Heat.


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BrodiWin a gold medal in world circuit mode.
    JPWin three gold medals in world circuit mode.
    KaoriWin four gold medals in world circuit mode.
    LutherWin eight gold medals in world circuit mode.
    MarisolWin five gold medals in world circuit mode.
    MASTER OutfitTo unlock a character's MASTER outfit, get a MASTER ranking by obtaining medals in World Circuit mode. Then, on the outfit select screen, you will see a cool chrome outfit!
    Pipe DreamsGet a medal in every Showoff level.
    PsymonWin six gold medals in world circuit mode.
    SeeiahWin seven gold medals in world circuit mode.
    Uber BoardTo unlock a characters ''Uber Board'' complete all of their Trick Chapters and then complete the 6th Trick Chapter which is just the Uber Moves and the signature Uber Move then the Uber Board will appear at the end of the board selection.
    UntrackedGet a medal in every Race level.
    ZoeWin two gold medals in world circuit mode.

    Contributed By: AlphaX, Omnikuken, tiger8191, and nthng2say.


  • Easy Win in Tokyo Megaplex

    When you start a race in Tokyo Megaplex and you jump into the big air tube, press select right after your out of the top of the tube. If done properly you will respawn at the finish line and win the race in 20 - 40 secs

    Contributed By: Chrissy_2kd.

  • Fireworks

    In pipedream right at the end in the huge half pipe ramp there is a lot of glass windows on each side, smash into all of them on both sides for a firework display

    Contributed By: Underground_god.

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