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Nightmare death move?

One time on the arcade version, I fought Inferno as Nightmare. I had 1 health left, aka no health bar but still alive. Inferno still had full health (I do not stink, I just set the difficulty to max because I was confident.) I tried random spam and Nightmare said

jinkevin provided additional details:

"Souls, give me strength!", his sword glowed white, and Inferno was paralyzed. After it happened 3 times, Inferno charged me. Nightmare repeated his routine, but this time, he used his "Be Gone" move, lifted him off the ground with his sword, all with no health loss by Inferno, and used his lance charge. Instead of pushing him away like he usually does, he stabbed Inferno, killing him instantly! How do you do that and can you do it on PS2?


pshycochild answered:

i have it for ps2 and something similar happened to me. I was nightmare and i was fighting Berserker and i tried random spam (i was losing bad) and nightmare used his attack where he jumps really high up and slashes them with his sword when he lands, but instead he stabbed berserker and killed him when berserker had about 94% health
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