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"A good game. Sort of."

This is one of PS2's earlier games back in 2000, so it isn't as advanced as any of the other racing titles such as Need For Speed Underground, but it still provides a good gameplay for an average game.

Gameplay: 7/10
The object of the game is to be the first car to reach the finish line after a number of laps. Please try to understand that for any racing game. You get the occasional boost after each checkpoint, which can greatly accelerate your speed for a short time. If you manage to finish a lap fast enough, you get the Super Boost, which allows your car to blast off with flames firing out of your exhaust. It's one hell of a good time, and keeps your blood rushing to your hands as you get that awesome feeling. One of the games major downside, however, is that the loading time is WAY too long! That's just frustrating, especially when you keep losing on the same track over and over again. You eventually learn to deal with it.

As far as racing goes, you can crash on walls, crash other cars, or just crash because the race track is insanely hard. It's not very common on the easier tracks, but is a favorite on the harder tracks. Either way, it hurts, for that you can go from 1st place to 5th before your eyes project the image to your brain.

You can unlock additional cars, tracks, movies, cheats, and other stuff as you beat certain tracks and sub-games. CART Fury provides many features that can get you addicted, 'cause you just can't stop until you have everything. It's not a drug, but it sure feels like one.

Story: 1/10
What story? There is none! Mwahahahahahaha! Of course, you can consider the Season Mode as one, where you race all of the original tracks, and claim yourself as Season Champion (plus a special movie...yep). Other than that, there is no story.

Graphics: 5/10
It's pretty mediocre here. The graphics are OKAY. Not as sharp or good as the games of today. It's not completely horrible; you can still see the cars while racing, which I think is awesome.
It's hard to see where you're going sometimes. You might get mistaken to turn right when you're really supposed to turn left, and as a result, you take a lot of damage and/or crash. So that's a problem for most players.

The movies are no problem. They look so real. Come to think of it, the people look so lifelike! OMG!!!!! No wait, they're actual videos for you to watch after you unlock them. Enjoy.

Sound/Music: 4/10
The music is cool at first, but gets so repetitive and ANNOYING extremely fast. As for the sound, it makes a crashing noise when you blow up, a skidding sound when you skid, and ect. Pretty simple when it comes to sound. For the music, no good.

Replay Value: 8/10
As I said before, unlocking stuff and increasing your drivers rank is addicting. There are strange cars to get, new cheat codes (need them, for most people respectively), and new movies. There are challenges that are just plain frustrating (cheat codes anyone?).

Rent or Buy
If you're a big fan of Midway racing, then buy it. Other than that, just rent it and spend your big money on something else.

Overall: 6/10
It a fun and frustrating game. Not a very good combo, but it's still good. I guarantee you'll love it and hate it, but no matter what you'll still have a good time.

Reviewer's Score: 6/10 | Originally Posted: 03/28/04

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