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SPY HUNTER WALKTHROUGH||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
by Caleb Stoffel\jak_and_daxter2222@hotmail.com
Last Updated: October 21th, 2003
This FAQ was Born: October 2nd, 2003
This is the Final Version of my FAQ: no more updated will be done
Best Used With: A PS2 copy of SpyHunter and a Memory Card with at least 38
kilobytes of free space.
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|*           *     *  *  *    *  *  *   *  * *  *    *    *      *   * |
|*********   *******   **     ****  *   *  *  * *    *    *****  ***** |
|        *   *          *     *  *  *   *  *   **    *    *      *     |
|*********   *          *     *  *  *****  *    *    *    *****  * *   |
|----------------------------------------------------------------*  *--|
1- INTRO finished
3- MISSIONS finished
   A: Mission 1: Training Mission 1: Test Track License FINISHED
   B: Mission 2: Dragon Strike FINISHED
   C: Mission 3: Route Canal FINISHED
   D: Mission 4: Swamp Venom FINISHED
   E: Mission 5: Double Vision FINISHED
   F: Mission 6: Columbian Extract FINISHED
   G: Mission 7: Training Mission 2: IES Testing Facility FINISHED
   H: Mission 8: Escort Service FINISHED
   I: Mission 9: German Blitz FINISHED
   J: Mission 10: Terrorist Lock Down FINISHED
   K: Mission 11: French Kiss FINISHED
   L: Mission 12: Locked Keys FINISHED
   M: Mission 13: Venetian Blind FINISHED
   N: Mission 14: Final Mission : Eye of the Storm FINISHED
4- THANKS finished
Ok. This fact was started because when I first visited the PS2 SpyHunter Page
at GameFAQs.com, there was only one FAQ! I thought the page could use some
spicing up. Plus, the oppurtunity to become famous and start writing FAQs
sounded cool. Thus, this walkthrough was born. It contains no cheats, no
weapon stats, vehicle stats or enemies stats. Just a very straight forward and
to-the-point walkthrough. In some cases, the walkthrough will be expansive and
in other cases it will be short. In both cases, you will get the information
needed to beat the game. In most cases, you probably won't need a walkthrough
to begin with. This is fairly easy game, that is really straightforward with
limited puzzles. But I will help you with information, tips, tricks and cool
things to do when you DO reach the hard spots. This is my first walkthrough or
FAQ, so bear with me on the grammar or ASCII art if it is bad! If you have
any questions or comments, email me at jak_and_daxter2222@hotmail.com. I am
planning more walkthroughs and in depth FAQs for more PS2 games. If it's Xbox
or Gamecube, forget it! I might do some PC FAQs. Another small note about the
walkthrough: I will mention the names of enemy vehicles, maneuvers or weapons
in the walkthrough without explaining what they are or do in some cases. The
SpyHunter Game Manual does a much better job of this, so I don't have to
explain it to you. Whether you're the worst gamer ever, or the best, there's
something that will help everyone. Please take some time to study maneuvers,
enemies and weapons. Plus, use any techniques that I don't mention in the
levels. Experiment a little bit. This will ensure a guaranteed good gaming
experience and a make it a little less painful.

2- SPYHUNTER'S HISTORY AND FUTURE EVENTS||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Based on mega arcade hit in 1983, SpyHunter is a car combat game of sorts, in
which you, a nameless pilot of the G-6155 Interceptor, work for a spy company
called IES. IES and their agents are trying to stop an evil company named
NOSTRA, from taking over the world. They have convinced powerful organizations
and world leaders that they will restore peace to our world. But they are
deceived. NOSTRA's first operation will be to unleash the Four Horsemen, four
satellites that will drain the world of all power. In this 2001 game,
published by Midway Games and developed by Paradigm Entertainment, your single
objective is to put a stop to these "Four Horsemen." Well, actually that
happens at the very end of the game. Precedingly, you will destroy power
communications, bases, agents, and other menacing forces of evil that are a
part of NOSTRA. It suffers from a few control problems and repetive level
designs in my opinion, but otherwise is a solid car combat game. This November
SpyHunter will be returning to consoles everywhere in two different forms.
First, in early November, Midway Games will release its old school collection
of games, named Midway Arcade Treasures. MAT will feature the 1983 version of
SpyHunter plus other hits such as DEFENDER, DEFENDER II, GAUNTLET, JOUST,
RAMPART KLAX, SPLAT!, 720 plus 14 more. It also has an MSRP of $19.95, so it's
a safe bet. For those of you who want a better sequel to SpyHunter of 2001,
you're covered. Later in November, SpyHunter 2 hits shelves. This sequel has
a cool, sleeker car. Plus, you have someone else working alongside you in your
missions. More vehicle modes(can you say snowmobile?) more weapons, longer
missions, more missions, the old maps, plus new maps and end-of-the-level
bosses are enough reasons to make you excited. Believe me, it'll be $49.99 but
every penny will be worth it. I also have an "insider" in Midway, who says
there will be a SpyHunter 3, to coincide with the SpyHunter movie starring
(guess who?) The Rock. Also in SpyHunter 3, you will have the ability to
exit your car at anytime and jack other cars. We'll see about that.

3- MISSIONS|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
NOTE: You are about to embark on the first half of Spy-Hunter. In these next 7
levels, you'll learn the ways the the Type I G-6155 Interceptor, destroy a
very dangerous enemy helicopter, destroy communications, destroy a clone of
your own Interceptor and have a great time doing it! These levels are pretty
easy, so don't worry too much about the difficulty. Have a good time!

3A: Mission 1: Training Mission 1: Test Track License|||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 7
Time To Complete: 8:00 MIN
Level Summary: Complete one lap around the Test Track at the IES Training
Facilty to earn Spyhunter status and begin official field work.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, remember to start a new game. Then go to Operations to begin the
adventure. Select Test Track License. The main objective here is to learn the
controls and handlings of the G-6155 Interceptor. You will go through several
areas including slalom course through barrels, slalom course through gates, a
shooting range, and others. As my duty as your humble walkthrough writer, I
shall guide you through that process step by step. You start out outside your
garage with a long stretch in front of you. Since this is your first and
easiest mission, there's not much you gotta worry about. Just stay
concentrated and travel the level with ease. Go forward. Drive around the
barrels, and be careful not to hit them, for they are a part of the mission
objective. After the turn, there is a long road in front of you. There are
several barrel lines covering the road. Take your time and travel at a
leisurely speed. After that, turn left and go around the barrels. Go up the
road leading to the opening doors. You are now in the Slalom Gate Course. Go
through the first gate. Go up the hill and through the second gate. Right in
front of you is the third gate. Enter it. To the side is the fifth gate, and
after that on the left is sixth gate. Go again on the right to the seventh
gate. Ignore the explosions, they're only meant to make your experience
tension-filled. Go ahead to the gate on the left (#8) and then the one on the
right (#9). Now here's where things get a bit tricky. There is now a line of
barrels in front of you. You want to go all the way to the left where there is
a slight incline that you can drive over. Thus you don't hit the barrels and
don't lose your mission. Go through the next two (#10 and #11)and proceed to
the opening doors. This is the beginning of the shooting range. You want to be
careful not to hit any cardboard civilian vehicles, as it is one of your
objectives not to harm the innocent. Continue down the road, destroying only
those that have a red bullseye on them. There are only three. Your fire button
is R1. Continue to the opening doors. Now we have the second part of the
shooting range. If you sped up back there, slow down now! Make the turn
shooting the fourth target (assuming you destroyed the cardboard cars). Now
shoot the fifth that should be right in front of you. Make a right, and go on
the sidewalk to destroy the sixth target, making sure not to gain any civilian
casualties. In the more dangerous levels, you can afford to gain a few
civilian casualties. But here, you'll lose after the second or third one. Now
destroy the seventh target by the left. Go down the road shooting the target
on the left and then on the right. You should now have the Target objective
complete. It is your Primary objective. Go through the opening doors. The
camera now circles around your vehicle in slow motion, showing you how it
transforms into a boat when you enter water. This area is the rest of Slalom
Gates. Continue to go through the gates as before. You'll notice that you're
going a little bit faster than usual, which is exactly why you should tap the
brakes. When you get the message that says 4 Gates Left, turn to far right and
go through that gate. Now slow down, because there's a gate right before the
waterfall. Enter it and go through the next two. You should now have completed
all Slalom Gates. Go through the opening doors. Now this is the Satcom Area.
It's very simple really. Just go up the ramps, and angle your car up the ramp
to get the satcom. There is four satcoms. You should now get a message saying
Satcom Objective Complete. Go through those opening doors again. You are now
in the Tracking Area. This is important! Do not, I repeat, do not smash these
boats or fire lethal weapons on them. Only fire your tracker, by pressing
Circle. And be as fast as possible! They won't be around forever! Also make
sure not to place trackers on civilian boats, or crash into them. After this,
you should get a message reading Tracking Objective Complete. Go through the
opening doors. Alright, this is one of your final objectives. Drive past the
corner, being careful not to hit any cones or barrels. The best way to clear
these jumps, is to get as close to the ramp as possible, and then double tap
the gas to use turbo. If you hit 50M or above, you passed. If you hit 1-49 M,
you lose. Good Luck! Go through the opening doors. Your vehicle is now going
to go into motorcycle mode. You'll have to navigate yourself through more
barrels again. Be careful! Watch how fast your little speed demon goes, or
you'll crash into the barrels. Enter the weapons van. After you are out of the
weapons van, you'll have to go through the final stage of the level. Follow
the turn and go through the green lights at the end of the lane. Whew! You
just mastered all the fine traits of the G-6155 Interceptor and are now
hitched in for the ride! Hit X to continue and save your game.

3B: Mission 2: Dragon Strike||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 7:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Nosta is testing a new helicopter code-named "Dragonfly."
Destroy it and rendezvous with IES van in Frankfurt.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
This mission's pretty easy. You only have 4 objectives to complete, whereas
the previous mission had 7 objectives. The main objective is to destroy the
helicopter called "Dragonfly." Lets get started. You'll start in a car garage.
Don't shoot any cars, and make your way to the exit (it's right in front of
you). Make sure you shoot the metal garage door and you don't just smash into
it. You will not go through if you do so. Go forward and powerslide your
vehicle through the right turn. Repeat again in the next area. Make a very
sharp right through the glass and once through turn left. The right way is
blocked by semi trailers. This area has busily moving semis. Watch your
turning. Get through the semis and take a right. You should see the Dragonfly
waiting for you on a high platform. Press L1 to switch to missiles. Then press
R1 to fire upon him. After destroying him, head for the exit. If you want to,
take out your machine guns and destroy the gate. It's not really necessary.
The "Destroy Dragonfly Helicopter" objective is now complete. As soon as you
hit the road, you'll see the first of five transport trucks. Destroy it. The
quickest and most effective way is to fire two missiles upon the vehicle.
After that, continue on down the road, until you get to a T. Take a left, as
the right is blocked by two Bullseye's and a moving semi. Continue until you
get to a small blockade with men on foot firing on you. The damage potential
here is very minimal. Just charge through the wooden blockade, running the
guards over if necessary. You are now on a country highway, and will soon meet
a Switch Blade. It's a sleek mafia type vehicle with a metal blade on the
side. It will get right on your side and start grinding away, which can prove
to be damaging to your health. There are several ways to get rid of these
pests. Either destroy them from a distance before they have the chance to hurt
you, or when they get on your side, hit the brakes and fire upon them, or
finally turbo boost ahead of them and give them a taste of oil slick (press
L2). Two missiles will do the job, if you fire upon them. Also be careful of
the pedestrian traffic. It's one of your objectives NOT to hurt them and could
be possibly the easiest, if you do not infere with them at all. On the road
ahead is the second transport truck. These guys are easy. Just destroy it the
way you did the last one. Enter the small town, and don't worry about the left
road. It's just another road, but with more enemies. Destroy any Switch Blades
that get in your way. There may be a couple Bullseye's also. Destroy them too.
They're not hard. As soon as you exit the small town, take a left onto the
dirt road. Smash through the harmless wooden gates. Keep going until you get
to a barn. Smash through the entrance. Angle your vehicle so that you get the
satcom suspended in mid-air. This is the first of four satcoms. Continue down
the country highway. There's another Switch Blade coming up. If you're out of
missiles (most likely) just use your machine gun. It works just as well. Go up
the ramp and into the Weapons Van. When you exit the WV, continue down the
road until you get to a impassable block. Take a right. You are now on the
main highway. There will be two or three NIA's(Non-Indentified Agents) in
front of you. Dispatch them. The following information is critical! Stay the
very right of the road. You'll need to in order to get the second satcom. Use
turbo to fly over the ramp and obtain the satcom. You may notice the third
transport truck. It's being guarded by a Road Lord. Missiles will dispatch
this guy easily. Continue down the road after destroying the transport truck.
Take a right. You will soon encounter the fourth transport truck. Destroy it.
Then take a right down the dirt road. Here's a quick note on civilians: Right
now, you can destroy a few of them. That doesn't mean you go a carnage
wreaking rampage. It means if you accidentally destroy a innocent car while
trying to destroy an enemy or obtain an objective, its OK. Just try to be more
careful. Later in the game, it will only take one or two civilians killed to
lose that objective. So don't get used to it. Anyways, back to the
walkthrough. Go down the dirt path and over the yellow pond. Don't miss the
upcoming ramp. It's small and blends in with the environment. Turbo Boost up
the ramp and get the third satcom. Continue down the road. Destroy the fifth
and final transport truck. That objective should be done now. OK, listen up!
This is the final point of the level, so pay attention. Keep going down the
road, until you see a subway on the right. Right in front of the entrance is
the final satcom. No ramping or turbo boosts required. Go down the subway, and
out of it onto the main road. The satcom objective is now complete. And so is
everything else. Just make it to the extraction point in one piece. Just go
down the road and eliminate any enemies you see. There should just be one
Switch Blade. Go through the green lights and finish your mission. Hit X and
save your game to continue your career as a Spy Hunter!

3C: Mission 3: Route Canal||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time To Complete: 6:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Satellite images show heavy Nostra activity in Venice. Comb the
canal, disrupt communications and track all cargo ships.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
Mainly, in this level, you will learn how to track targets in action. Plus you
will remain learning the skills of past levels. And it's in the canals of
Venice, which has always proved to be a cool location for action sequences, at
the cinema and also in the arcades. You start inside a shed, in amphibious
mode, with nowhere to go but forward. You can destroy the shed doors either by
driving through them or by gunning them down, either way works just fine. Go
down the canal, shooting any men on boats as you meet them. Soon, there will
be a guy driving a boat. He's very non-lethal, and a few machine gun bullets
will take him down. After him there is a Barrel Dumper. Either use machine
guns or missiles to dispatch him. Just beware of the barrels! After that be
sure to take a sharp right up the concrete dock to dispatch the first of five
satellite trucks. If you can, take out some of the Mortar Things (?) on the
dock. They will follow you into the water, so watch out! As soon as you go off
the dock, place a tracker on the first of three cargo ships. Be careful not to
destroy him. Up ahead is a blockade filled with wrecked ships and gas barrels.
They forgot one section. The concrete dock. Drive up onto it, and destroy the
next transport truck. Be careful not to go off the dock just yet. There is a
satcom up ahead. Destroy the Mortar Thing quickly before he does any damage to
you. Not critical, but definitely smart. Almost as soon as you destroy him (if
not before) hit the turbo. You will sail up the small hill and get the satcom.
Go through the riverside cafe and onto the water. Go back up onto the docks
ahead and shoot anyone that gets in your way. Take a right through the tables
and up the hill. Destroy the third satellite truck. Go off the dock and into
the water. Keep traveling down the canal destroying any enemies that try and
stop you. Now there is the second cargo ship. Be careful as there is a Barrel
Dumper guarding it. Track it and then continue. Turbo boost up the big ramp to
get the second satcom. Continue down the canal until reaching the weapons
boat. Go in. Continue down the canal until you reach the men on boats.
Dispatch them and continue up the surface of the small town. There is a satcom
here but you don't really need to use turbo. I never had to. After obtaining
it, take care of all the NIA's surrounding you. The road will collapse up here
and using turbo won't help you. In fact you are supposed to fall. You are now
in a dark underground area. Drive through the doors, using your machine guns
before hitting the doors. In the next part are the two remaining satellite
trucks. Dispatch them. Exit the underground area. You will now be back in the
town. Dispatch the NIAs. Ok, this took awhile for me to catch, so listen up!
There is a set of stairs leading up to small porch. Use the stairs as a ramp
to get the final satcom. Turbo is not needed. It will just make you go higher
and miss the satcom. When you land in the water, fire a tracker at the final
cargo boat and head for the rendezvous point. Press X to save your game.

3D: Mission 4: Swamp Venom||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 7:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Nostra is using the swamps as a toxic dump. Shut down all
operations and track all Nostra transport trucks.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, you ready for this? Cool. You now have lock-on missiles. Press L3 to lock
on to targets and R1 to fire. Go through the non-hazardous barrels. Watch out
for the other red gas barrels. Be sure to lock on and destroy that tower with
your lock-on missiles. Shoot the gate down with your machine guns and destroy
any of the white trucks in your way. Destroy the other tower before he shoots
missiles. Take a left into the river ahead. Shoot or dodge the red gas barrels
in the water. If you hit them, they will get rid of your health rapidly. Go up
the dirt lane and get the first satcom of four(no turbo required). Destroy any
enemies that are in your way. Shoot down the tower. Shoot down any Bulleye's
in your way and go into the riverbank on the right. Dodge the barrels as
before and go up the dirt lane and get the second satcom(again turbo is not
required). Watch out for the Mortar Thing and white trucks. Enter the Weapon's
Van. After exiting it, go into the water. The Combine Control Towers are here.
Just lock-on and destroy all seven of them, while eliminating any enemies on
the way. Those includes boats, towers and Mad Bombers. After you get all of
them, go through the red laser grid(no, you can't avoid it). Avoid the mine,
and go up the ramp and onto the ship(no turbo required). Get the satcom,
without using turbo. Go straight up the next ramp, except this time, use turbo
to get the final satcom. You should sail right over the ship, get the satcom
and land safely in the water. Destroy any boats in your way, and go through
the next laser grid, destroying any mines in your way. You can't avoid this.
Go up the road on the left, and place a tracker on the first truck. Be careful
not to destroy it. Go into the middle river, and onto the left road and track
the second truck. Be careful of the Mortar Thing guarding it. Get the road on
the left again and place a tracker on the final truck. Go on the highway and
through the rendezvous point. Press X to save your game.

3E: Mission 5: Double Vision||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 7:00 Minutes
Level Summary: The Weapon Van was disabled and an interceptor was stolen. Hunt
down and destroy interceptor at all costs.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, this level is really fun. This one and the last one are most fun levels in
Spy Hunter(in my opinion). Among getting the satcoms and destroying the comm
towers you have to destroy a clone of your own vehicle. Yep the exact same
thing. Everything you learned before and performed in your G-6155, he will do
better. So watch out. Use my expertise and helpful advice to get you through
this somewhat challenging level. Oh and another thing. Remember before, when
you would get about halfway through a level and you could enter a weapon's
boat/van? Since the Weapons Van was hijacked, there will not be one duing the
level. So watch your ammo meter, Rambo! Anyways, let's get started. Take a
left past the fountain. Smash through the metal gate(no health downgrade
involved). Ok, as soon as you smash through the gate, you will see the
interceptor as a target. He has the same health as you and the same weapons as
you. There is also a meter that tracks how far away from you he is. If he is
in front of you a ways, it will read for example 75 RANGE. If YOU are ahead of
him, it will read for example -75 RANGE. Try NOT to get ahead of him. It's a
lot more dangerous than when you're behind him. Don't shoot any missiles at
him. It may not make much sense now, but later you and him will be in an open
stretch of water, so missile shooting will be a lot easier. Now, he could
swerve and the missile could hit a building or landscape object. Even a
civilian. So, stick to the machine guns for now. I'll let you know when a good
time is to start shooting the missiles. Don't worry; this guy's goin' down!
Keep firing machine guns at him when there aren't any civilians in the way and
watch out for smoke and oil slick. Keep an eye out up ahead for a comm tower
up in the mountains. Lock-on and shoot it, with your missiles(providing that
there is no civilians in the way). Go through the stone tunnel. Up ahead,
there is some missile-shooting towers, watch out for them. If you're speedy
enough, you shouldn't have to worry about shooting them. Just before you go in
the lighted tunnel, look above in the mountains for the second comm tower.
Destroy it, and continue through the tunnel. As soon as exit, take a left
through the shrub. Keep going down the dirt path, until you see the third comm
tower. Lock-on and shoot it. You don't have to go flying across to that other
section. It's still pretty cool though. Keep going down the concrete road
until you see another concealed dirt road on the left. Go down it. Lock-on and
shoot the comm tower and keep going down the road until you get the first
satcom. Go down the concrete road. Go through the small town and lock-on and
shoot the comm-tower. NO MORE COMM TOWERS!!! See those fake white doors on
your right? They're not fake. Smash through them and get the second satcom,
while flying through the air into the water. Sizzling action doesn't get any
better than this. Aside from getting the next two satcoms, the rest of level
is just a one-on-one battle against your boss-like enemy. This is when you can
use your missiles. Use them fast and use them good. Keep going until you see a
red laser grid. Take the right path in the mountain. Go off the dirt ramp and
get the third satcom. If you have defeated the interceptor now, good for you!
If not, just keep lobbing missiles at him when you get a chance. Keep to the
left side of the stream. Go up the ramp on the far left and get the last
satcom. By now, you probably completed every objective. So just enjoy the ride
and make it to rendezvous point in one piece. There will be a few aerial
enemies trying to stop you; if you have missiles, shoot em' down, if not, just
ignore them and keep moving. Get to the rendezvous point and press X to save
your game.

3F: Mission 6: Columbian Extract||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 7:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Nostra is transporting prototype "anti-interceptors". Locate
and destroy all prototypes then rendezvous in the jungle.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
This level is pretty fun also. You'll start out in a farm. You have to
destroy a different type of interceptor, as the summary says. It's a
prototype. I call it the car in "Back to the Future". Anyhow, ya gotta destroy
it. The first two just sit there, so it just takes a few bullets or two
missiles to destroy them. Another thing is you have to escort an IES cargo
truck to safety. You start the level guarding. Any enemy you encounter until
you meet a freindly helicopter, destroy. And don't land any stray bullets on
the truck either. Plus, you've gotta get those four satcoms again. Let's
start! Go forward and around the truck, being careful not to hurt it. Destroy
the tower and white truck in front of you. There will be another white truck
up ahead, so be ready. Destroy it and the next white truck also. Up ahead
there's another tower. Destroy it, too, along with next FOUR white trucks. Now
the truck will be safely transported. See that ramp up ahead? Turbo boost over
it and onto the ship. Take out the swirling Mad Bomber, you'll be glad you did
these guys are like bees. So annoying! You'll notice a new target is the hull
of that ship. Lock on and shoot it. Enter the ship and lock onto the first
prototype. Destroy it also. Go off the ship and head for that dock. Get the
second satcom(no turbo required). Lock onto and shoot the hull of the second
ship and destroy the second prototype as you did before. Go off the ship, into
the water and into the weapon's boat. Once out, go up onto the concrete dock.
Shoot any enemies in your way. Go up onto the ship via the small ramp. Go off
the ship and onto the road. Destroy the Mortar Things. Go into the water
stream in the middle of the road and shoot the silver door on the boat labeled
NOSTRA. Go up the ramp and get the third satcom. Head off the end of the ship
and onto the small dock. Now go back in the water. Destroy any enemies. Shoot
the hull of the third ship and enter. This time things are slightly different.
The prototype is now going to fight back. It'll only take about three or four
missiles though to bring him down. After doing so, take care of any enemies
and continue down the river. Go up onto the road on the left. Destroy the
Mortar Thing. You should be out of missiles unless you have a GameShark. If
you do have Shark, I don't know why you are reading this. Anyways, take a
right off into the deep chasm. Keep going down this wide alley until you see
an opening on the right. Go through it. Keep in the middle. You should soar
out and get the last satcom. All right. Just get to rendezvous point. Alive.
Keep heading down this long stretch until it ends. Then take a right onto the
smooth road with metal gates on the sides. Just keep going on to the end and
you'll win. Press X to continue and save your game.

NOTE: Ok, here's were things get harder. First off, there is no more satcoms.
YES!!!! But, you'll be driving in more sleeker intercepter, the Type II and
along with that have more stuff that'll learn in the next level. Along with
stopping the Four Horsemen, you'll also infiltrate a lot of Nostra's bases.
It will much harder to complete objectives so watch out. Good luck!

3G: Mission 7: Training Mission 1: IES Testing Facility|||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 7
Time to Complete: 7:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Familiarize yourself with the new Type II Interceptor. Complete
Training at Test Track to earn advanced certification.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
As I said before, this level is the beginning of the hard stuff. You will have
to combine all of your skills and some new ones to defeat it. The course is
basically the same as Level 1, except with new objectives, more objects and
altered objects. Let us begin! Go down the road, and dodge the barrels. You'll
notice you have a faster interceptor now. Watch your speed! Navigate through
the barrel zone and go up the ramp into the Slalom Gate course. Go through as
before and on the first ramp, DO NOT USE TURBO. When you reach the second gate
use a little turbo, and save at least 75% for the last ramp. Go to the far
right of the barrel line as before, and use all the turbo in your meter to go
up the ramp. Go through the opening doors. Take out your scanner by pressing
circle. It replaces your trackers. Shoot down the cardboard cars that have a
yellow dot on them. Be very careful about the civilians! One death, and its
over! When you're done here, go through the opening doors. After you lock-on
and shoot the first target, stop. That's right, stop! First lock-on and shoot
the target to the right, assuming that there's no civilian's in target range.
Stay to the right and accelerate slowly forward. When you're in range and
there's no civilians, shoot the target in front of you. Now weave through
the cars and drive onto the unoccupied road. Shoot the targets and go into
the last Slalom Course. Lock on and shoot the final target, while weaving
through the gates. Be careful, it slowly is going down to where you cannot
shoot it. Swift but sudden lethal accuracy is what we're going for here
people! Keep weaving through the gates until it says at the bottom of the
screen "4 GATES LEFT." Then go to the very left part of the river and go
through the hidden gate. Get through the final three, and that objective will
be completed. Go through the opening doors. Immediately, press L1 until your
EMP is out. It's a small turret on the right side of your vehicle. Shoot it at
the large screen labeled EMP. Go down the waterfall. Go up the ramp and shoot
the second EMP target with(what else) EMP. Do the same with the final target.
You have shift your car a little bit, but otherwise it's pretty easy. Go
through the opening doors. Press circle to activate your scanner. Take the
left path past the first laser grid. Now take the right path past the second
laser grid. Go up the ramp and over the final laser grid(no turbo required).
That objective should now be complete. Go through the opening doors. You are
now out of boat mode. Turbo boost up the ramp as before, keeping in mind that
the distance is longer(75 meters instead of 50 meters). Go through the barrels
and through the rendezvous point. Congratulations! That is a very tough
mission! Press X to save your game and continue.

3H: Mission 8: Escort Service|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 7:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Escort IES agents and their cargo to the Extraction Helicopter.
Investigate bomb threats in chunnel.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
This mission isn't too hard if you listen to my careful advice. You have to
protect a small boat with IES agents and disable several bombs in the train
tunnel. All in all, this is a pretty easy mission. You start in a water tunnel
in boat form. Dodge these mines either by slalom or by shooting your machine
guns at them. It's easier to use your machine guns, because some will fall.
Continue down the tunnel past the men in orange suits. When you get to a
waterfall, shift your vehicle to the far left and through the wooden gate.
There is no mines in this area. Continue until you get to the large lake.
Directly in front of you should be the boat. Do not shoot it. Instead destroy
any enemies you see on the way to the extraction helicopter. Not all of them,
but just as many as you can. Go into the weapons boat. You can take the left
or the right path, it doesn't matter. The right is better. Take out any barrel
dumpers or mad bombers on the way. There is an upcoming building you need to
infiltrate that is guarded by hidden lasers. You'll need to turbo boost over a
sunken boat in order to reach it undetected. Take a right into the small river
and turbo boost over the boat and into the hidden base. Shoot the lock outside
the gate. Now crash in, lock on and shoot the target. Exit the base, and go
back on the main path. Go onto the small highway. Destroy the slick and the
helicopter. Continue down the highway and take a sharp left. Shoot EMP at the
first bomb. Go down towards the tunnels. Shoot EMP at the second bomb. Go in
the left tunnel. Head onto the small walk on the left. Shoot EMP at the third
bomb. Go into the right tunnel. Go up the middle walk and shoot EMP at the
fourth bomb. Since it's your only option, go into the left tunnel, head up the
walk on the left and shoot the final bomb. As small as this walkthrough is,
the level doesn't really deserve much length. I hope it helps. Press X to save
your game and continue.

3I: Mission 9: German Blitz|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 5
Time to Complete: 7:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: We are unable to get an Interceptor into the defense plant. Use
any available vehicle to get to weapon's van, then carry out objectives.
When I first played Spy Hunter, this mission was the hardest. Even harder than
the last in my opinion. In this mission you will disable three more bombs with
EMP, destroy three more comm towers with missiles, a new method; scan and
destroy three cargo trucks all while keeping the civilian casualties very low.
To scan and destroy, press circle to bring up the scanner. Beware, some trucks
are civilians, and if you destroy any one of them it's game over. But the
one's with a yellow smudge on them are the enemy. Destroy them. Oh yes, the
hard part! You DO NOT begin in your prized Interceptor. Oh no. You begin in
a small, slow foreign vehicle that looks horrible. It's very hard for two
reasons. 1: you have to use it for sharp turns and some jumps to navigate the
plant. 2: you only have 50 seconds in which to do so. Then your remaining 6
minutes will count down, after you have exited the plant. Ready? Here goes.
You begin in the warehouse parking lot. Burn some rubber. Head left into the
plant. Dodge the crates as carefully as possible and smash through the boxes
in the middle. This next jump, you need to angle your vehicle so you go to the
far left and are lined up to go through the small opening in the crates. After
doing so, go around the crates, smash through the boxes and go into the next
section. Go through the small opening formed by crates, and as soon as you do
so, take a sharp left. Go forward, winding past the crates. You don't have to
pull of anything fancy on the next jump, just try to aim your vehicle a little
more to the right. Go through the boxes on the far left. Repeat on the next
line. But on the third line, go right and out of the warehouse. If you follow
these instructions very carefully, you should wind up out the warehouse with
a good time. Once out, head into the weapons van and continue your objectives.
Go down the country road, annihilating any enemies in your way. Just before
you reach the town, take a right. Swerve pass the gas barrels and up the ramp
shooting the comm tower in the process. Keep going into the town, until you
reach the subway. Go down it. Just before it ends, shoot the wall on the
right. It should collapse. Crash through the gate and barriers, and shoot the
first bomb with EMP. Go up the docks and back onto the main road. Shoot the
comm tower on the left and continue down the highway. Watch out for the tanks.
Scan the truck up ahead. As you can see, it's got a yellow smudge in the
middle. Destroy him!!! After doing so, continue onto the highway. Destroy any
enemies in your way. The next truck is a fake, but the following one isn't.
Destroy him. Go into the weapon's van. The next truck is another fake. Ignore
him and continue down the highway. Take a right up to the gas station. Take
out your EMP, and shoot the bomb. Exit the gas station and go back on the main
highway. When I played it, there were three trucks. Every player's experience
is different, so don't take my word for it! Check every truck and destroy the
one with the yellow smudge that objective is now complete. Continue down the
highway. Take a right onto the small road, destroying the final comm tower in
the process. Take a left onto the dirt path. Destroy any enemies in your path.
Smash through the guarded door and take a left up to the roof and shoot the
final bomb with EMP. Go through the rendezvous point. Press X to continue and
save your game.

3J: Mission 10: Terrorist Lock Down|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 6:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Terrorist Support Groups have been mobilized so NOSTRA
consolidation is suspected. Neutralize all enemy activity in Panama.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
Besides destroying the usual comm towers and keeping the civilian casualties
minimized, you will have to shoot and destroy hidden missiles on missile
launchers. Plus you will have to destroy several stolen attack jets. There are
all in one place. It won't be hard to take them out. The missiles, on the
other hand, are a little bit harder. Each one of the three has been very care-
fully hidden, so be sure and use my expert advice to infiltrate the hidden
locations. You will start on a giant lake. Go forward, past the ship on your
left. Shoot the water enemies in front of you. Lock on and shoot the first of
six comm towers. It's on the left on a small mountain. Go up the ramp on the
left and in the process shoot the second comm tower that is to your right. Go
into the tunnel. DO NOT go of the ledge on your right. Soon, you should see a
message at the bottom of the screen that says "TIMER ACTIVATED:MISSILE LAUNCH
IN 9." It counts down to zero. If you do not destroy that missile within 9
seconds, it's game over. DO NOT shoot it with EMP. The best way is with
lock-on missiles. Shoot it, then exit the tunnel. There should be a good
number of helicopter's and jet's swarming around you. While keeping an eye on
the road, annihilate them with your missile inventory. Take a right at the
blockade of crates. Go onto the small road and crash through the gate. Go into
the weapon's van. Continue down the dirt path, once out. Take a left into the
hidden path. Destroy any enemies in your path. Lock-on and shoot the second
missile. Go onto the breaking bridge. Just before you crash into the wooden
gate, lock-on and shoot the third comm tower. Go down the dirt path,
destroying any enemies in your way. Lock-on and destroy the fourth comm tower
on your right. Smash through the wooden gates. Destroy the Bullseye's in front
of you. Smash through the gates until you reach the short tunnel. Go through
it and back into the lake. Go down the lake, destroying any enemies in your
path. Once you get to the harbor, look for a comm tower on the left. Shoot it.
Lock-on and shoot the crane that is holding the crate. This will allow the
crate to fall and make a sufficient ramp. Turbo boost up it, lock on and shoot
the final missile. Head out of this area and onto the ship below. Shoot the
stolen jets and head off. If you don't complete the objective where you have
to destroy the jets, then you missed one. They're all here, just make sure you
get all of them. Go off the ship and into the water. Head on the small ramp
and onto the road on the left. Lock-on and shoot the final comm tower. You
should have all objectives completed. Just keep following this road to your
rendezvous point. Once there, press X to continue and save your game.

3K: Mission 11: French Kiss|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 6
Time to Complete: 6:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: French Security reports a major command center exists near La
Palud. Use stealth to penetrate base then disrupt supply lines.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
In this level, you've got six objectives. SIX! Well, no matter, with my help
it will feel like one objective. You've gotta avoid lasers in a river, so that
you can penetrate a hidden base, you've also gotta destroy the supplies in
that base, destroy three more comm towers, five more transport trucks, disable
a bomb while racing 40 racecars all while keeping minimum civilian casualties.
Let's begin. You begin inside a small garage with a wooden door. Shoot it down
with machine guns. Take out your swarming missiles(sweet!) and shoot down the
comm tower ahead. As you make this next turn, notice the door on the building
in front of you. It's destructible. Shoot it down and the one after it, and
fly off the roof into the lake. Take out your missiles and shoot down the
second comm tower. After this is done, shoot down the helicopter and the final
comm tower. That objective is now complete. Go over the waterfall. OK, this is
probably the most trickiest section in the level. There are hidden lasers
everywhere and you must avoid them at all costs. Press circle to equip your
laser detector and avoid the yellow lines. Take a right past the laser grid
and go up the dirt ramp(no turbo required). Go through the middle, where there
is no lasers. Now take a left, avoiding the ramp on the right which is blocked
by lasers. Turbo boost up the next ramp avoiding the long laser grid. Go up
the ramp on the right, and enter the base. As soon as you go in, shoot the
green container on the right. Now slalom through the course, and exit the
base. Lock-on and shoot the boat carrying green containers. As well as hordes
of enemies, there are two more boats carrying green containers left. Destroy
them and anyone else that gets in your way. After this is done, go up onto the
highway. You will have to destroy some transport trucks while on this civilian
filled highway, so avoid using the swarming missiles. Use your machine guns
and point them at the truck ONLY. But before you do any of this, go into the
weapons van to refill health and ammo. Then go into the small tunnel. Be sure
to equip your machine guns BEFORE entering the tunnel. The first truck is
heading towards you, so be ready. Destroy it and the next two on the highway.
The helicopters block off the highway, so take the right exit onto the
racetrack. DO NOT DESTROY ANY OF THE RACECARS! They are civilians! Avoid
damage with them and find a way out of the racetrack. Then equip EMP and shoot
it at the bomb. You may now destroy the opposing helicopters. Go into the
small canal and once out, shoot the fourth transport truck. All that's left
is destroying the final truck and getting to rendezvous point. The best way
I've discovered to destroy him is to get right on the edge of the pier not
into the rendezvous point, and shoot him from there. Press X to continue and
save your game.

3L: Mission 12: Locked Keys|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 6:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: NOSTRA is transporting GPS codes to its facility in the Keys.
Infiltrate secret base, and disable all power sources.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
We're back to 4 objectives again, but don't get used to it. These are the
final three missions, and they're harder than completing 100% of THPS4 in 20
minutes! Well, maybe not that hard! Anyhow, there is a few things I need to
say before we begin. Before, you may have ignored enemies. If you do so in
this level and the next two, you will be neutralized faster than you can
think. Whenever possible, annihilate as many enemies as possible. Plus, you
may have not noticed the MSN time ticker in the top right hand corner of the
screen. Notice it! These missions will require you to race the clock,
especially in the final mission, Eye of the Storm. Well enough of that, here's
what you're doing. Firstly, you have use a stealth powerup(a hidden helicopter
with a ring you go through) to infiltrate a hidden base and disable the
generators within with EMP. Secondly, you have to scan and destroy four loaded
trucks, destroy six transmitters and no civilian casualties. I hope you have
good insurance. Let's begin. You begin in a swamp river. Go down the river,
dodging the gas barrels. Lock on and shoot the first transmitter with swarming
missiles. Shoot down any enemies in the way while dodging more gas barrels. Go
up the road on the left. Drive up the ramp and over the river onto the right
dirt road. Shoot the second transmitter. Go back into the river and shoot the
third transmitter. Go onto the main road. The truck up ahead is not loaded, so
ignore it. Go right onto the green grass. Go down the destroyed road dodging
the mines. Head off the road and into the water. Lock-on and destroy the
fourth transmitter. Go back onto the main road. Head to the grass on the right
again and go onto the small road. Keep dodging the mines, and lock-onto the
fifth transmitter. Go off of here back onto the main road. Head into the small
road on the left and destroy the final transmitter. Go back onto the main
road. Go onto the right river and dodge the mines. At the end of the river, go
into the weapons van. Go onto the small half-destroyed road on the right. Stay
on this road and do not go into the river. And the end of the road, go through
the stealth ring. This is required to enter the secret base. You have a small
amount of time, so use your turbo and avoid hitting civilians and get to the
base. You will encounter the first two trucks on the way. Scan them first, to
make sure they're not civilians, then shoot them. Go into the secret base. You
don't need to be in stealth mode the whole time you are in the base, but it is
wise to because of the many enemy forces inside. Shoot all the generators with
EMP and exit the base. Scan and shoot the two remaining trucks and go through
the rendezvous point. Press X to continue and save your game.

3M: Mission 13: Venetian Blind||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 5:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: In a desperate move, NOSTRA has positioned an ICBM somewhere in
Venice. Destroy missile and find hidden submarine base.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
Ok, this one is hard as is the next one. The final two. These levels will ask
of you every thing you've learned so far. A cool part about this level is you
get a new weapon. Not just a new weapon. The most powerful weapon the G-6155
Interceptor has to offer. It is called the rail gun. When deployed it shoots
powerful rays that obliterate anything and everything in its path. Use it
sparingly. After you beat this mission, you will upgrade to a lock-on rail gun
which is very, very useful. Anyways, in this mission you have to locate and
disable a hidden rocket with EMP. You also have to destroy 7 scout subs which
isn't easy, and disable a nuclear sub. Let's get started. Go down the town
road and shoot the enemies on foot in your way. Go up the stairs to your left
and, using it as a ramp, go through the blue ring. This enable a nine-second
stealth mode, needed to destroy the first scout sub. After you destroy it, go
up the lane on the left and get some more stealth. You need to stay on this
road to get another sub scout, so be careful. Destroy the second scout sub in
the water to your right. Continue down the road, and get some more stealth. Go
over the small step of stairs and in the process, lock on and shoot the third
scout sub. Keep going down the road, until you get to an open area. See that
really, really high skyscraper? That's the rocket you have to disable. Get out
your EMP, and disable it. There should be quite a large number of enemies
around you and all of them can be taken care with one tap of a button. So get
out the weapons you deem necessary for this ugly task and take care of
business. On your right, there is a cathedral with steel doors. Fortunately,
they're destructible. Go through and up the steep steps of stairs. Go out the
painted glass window and get some more stealth. Destroy the sub scout. Head
into the canal. Go into the weapon's boat. After you're out, on your left, go
through the blue ring and get more stealth. Lock-on and shoot the next sub
scout. After that there will be another blue ring. Go into it again. Take a
sharp right and go up the small road with enough speed to soar into the air
lock-on and destroy the scout sub. Go up the first ramp without turbo, land on
the second and use turbo the crash through the doors into the area with the
nuclear sub. Use EMP to degenerate it. Get out of that area, and onto the
road. Shoot down any enemies in your path. Go up the ramp and get some stealth
(for the last time!). Lock-on and destroy the last sub scout. Continue down
the canal and into the rendezvous point. Press X to continue to the final
mission, thus saving your game!

3N: Mission 14: Final Mission: Eye of the Storm|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Number of Objectives: 4
Time to Complete: 9:00 MINUTES
Level Summary: Worldwide conflicts are stabilized. The last NOSTRA stronghold
has been located in the Mideast. Infiltrate base and terminate operations.
LEVEL WALKTHROUGH:------------------------------------------------------------
This is it! The final mission. You've been playing through 13 missions over
rough and treacherous terrain just to get here. In this level you minimize the
electronic operations in an outpost with your trusty EMP, you will stop four
SCUD missiles from launching at freindly countries and you will FINALLY
disable the Four Horseman, NOSTRA's most devious plan yet. All while
minimizing civilian casualties of course. They are giving you NINE MINUTES! to
complete this task, but it is not a long time. In fact, it is just the needed
time to complete the mission, if not dangerously close. Just remember one
thing: This is the beginning of the end. It has just begun. Instead of the
usual boring monotonous SpyHunter theme song, you get the instrumental version
of Saliva's "Spyhunter Theme", a much more entertaining song if you're into
rock and/or heavy metal. You will start in a desert canyon. Go forward and let
the mayhem begin. Keep going until you see a tower on the left. At that moment
immediately turn right and smash through the wall to get some MORE stealth.
Fly off the small gap, going through the blue ring and landing on the other
side of the road. Go into the secret base and disable electronics with your
EMP. Now just continue down the desert canyon, shooting down any enemies. Soon
the floor will collapse and you will fall down into a river. There will be
more enemies, so just keep firing. At the end of the long river, go up the
sand bank and into the weapon's van. This is where civilians come in so watch
out. You're probably thinking "This isn't hard!" Trust me. It will get hard.
Go into the small town. On the right is a smashable wall, hidden by plants.
Smash through it and get some more stealth. Fly off the small road, and into
the small hut. There's nothing in here, it's just a small change from the
road, so just exit and smash through the huge steel door. Navigate your way
through the towers that incapacitate your weapons. The first SCUD missile will
be on your left and the second one on your upcoming right. Destroy both of
them with either missiles or the railgun, not the EMP. IMPORTANT!!! This next
part is crucial to getting all of the SCUD missiles. You need to turbo boost
over the small hill and onto the high building in order to destroy the third
SCUD missile. Afterwards, use the remaining turbo to fly out of the high
building and shooting the final SCUD missile in the process. All we gotta do
now is disable the Four Horsemen with EMP and get outta there! Shoot the laser
generators on the left or right to disable the lasers. Go around the large
arena destroying the small posts. This will disable several lasers that will
really damage your health if you go through them. After you've disabled the
lasers and gone through the tunnel that they are in, continue down the desert
path. Make a path through the tank blockade by destroying the middle one.
After this is done, take a sharp right. This will avoid a collapsing pit full
of health-diminishing lasers. Shoot the posts allowing entry through the
doors. Afterwards, you will encounter lasers. Slalom through them. When you
get to a water area with huge gears, just slalom through the huge gears and
shoot down the posts to get to the next area. Dodge through the lasers in the
next area and go through the doors. OK, this area is with the Four Horsemen.
It's probably the most difficult section of the game. There is posts all
around that you have to shoot. This will open bars of shielding energy.
Shooting down all the bars of energy will release the shield surrounding the
Four Horsemen. Once the shield is down(trust me, it'll take awhile), lock on
and disable the Four Horsemen with EMP. Then go through the rendezvous point.
You did it. You finally completed the game. You disabled the Four Horsemen.
Congratulations! You can add another game to list of games you have beaten in
your gaming history(if you have such a list). Press X to save your game. I
hope you have enjoyed this experience playing SpyHunter while reading this
walkthrough. I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for reading this.

4: THANKS|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
First off, I want to thanks GameFAQs.com for creating an awesome site and
allowing this FAQ to be a part of it. I want to thank you the reader for
taking the time to read it, thank you Midway Games and Paradigm Entertainment
for SpyHunter, one awesome car combat/driver/racer/action game. Also thanks to
all my freinds and family for all their support and reading the FAQ. Last but
not least, Jesus Christ!!! Thank you everyone for making my very first FAQ, a
memorable one!

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