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Oct. 11/2001
Version 1.1

       This document Copyright 2001 Dave Smith

Version 1.0: 

*First post

Version 1.2: 

*Changed the location of the "Crazy Vert to Vert Gap" in the Woodward 
level. (Thanks to all who pointed this out to me)
*Noticed that there are only 17 Gaps listed for the Devil's Canyon when 
there should be 18. (Thanx to TheAtarist11596 on GF for pointing this 
out) In the process of lookin for the missing gap. 

Alright everyone....this is it. A complete list of ALL the gaps in the 
game along with a brief explanation of how to receive them.
Hope everyone on enjoys the hard work that went into this 

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who contributed to this list (I just 
cut and pasted some, the rest I did myself)

*Over the titanic channel: right in front of you when you start out, 
transfer over the channel (where the halfpipe has a section cut out) 
and onto the other side of the channel on the pipe.
*Over the Roll-in: transfer on the pipe right over the rollin that you 
start out on.
*Cloud 9 Step Up: in Cloud 9 there is a set of two quarter pipes with a 
higher quarter pipe in between them. The higher quarter pipe has two 
rails going up it. The gap is to transfer from a lower quarter pipe, 
over the rail and onto the higher quarter
*Egypt Step-Up: if you go into the door closest to the starting point, 
right inside on the right is a quarter with a brown wall behind it, 
transfer from the bowl, to this quarter
*Across the Titanic Deck: right when you start out, go straight and get 
onto the deck of the halfpipe. From there jump across on the kicker 
over the channel and onto the downslope
*Dish Dogs Gap: Right when you start, go down the roll in and turn 
left. There are two kickers with a gap in the middle, jump it!
*Cabin to Cabin gap: Jump from roof to roof across two cabins (where 
the bunks are) 
*Another Cabin to Cabin: Jump from roof to roof across the next two 
*Crazy Vert to Vert Gap: From the last Cabin Gap, you should be around 
what looks to be two massive half-pipes back to back. One of which has 
a roll-in connected to it. Go up the nearby ramps to get to the roll-in 
entrance. Take the roll-in down and into the pipe. Continue up towards 
to opposite side of the halfpipe and when you get to the lip, jump out 
and over across the median in between the two pipes. Land in the 
opposite pipe to receive the Gap.  

*Roundhouse Drop: From the building with the picket fence on top to the 
open cargo train car
*Eastside/Westside trackpipe transfer: When you start, go under the 
clock and out to the halfpipe with the tracks running through the 
middle. Transfer over the Tracks on the bridges. (Note: two different 
gaps, make sure you do both)
*Yikes: Transfer from one of the verts on either boat to the downslope 
of the docks next to it. (So you'll be transferring out of the boat)
*Down To First Floor: when you start out, go up the stairs on either 
side of the clock, hit the halpipe and transfer downstairs (behind the 
*Up to Second Floor: Same thing as above, but go from the 1st floor to 
the 2nd
*Pretty Sneaky Sis Gap: B-Hop over the whole in the floor in the train 
station (note: you'll have to ride over it first for it to break)
*New York Style: Jump from the train station (where the windows are) 
into one of the awnings
*Awning to awning: jump from one awning to the other after the "new 
york style" 
*Shovel-Icious: Back at the Eastside/Westside gap, above the halpipe 
are two tractors on either side, transfer them! 
*Roof to Roof Goodness: back by the two boats, there are two brick 
buildings, jump from one to the other
*Over the Sea: back by the boats and in the corner are two quarters 
with a gap in the middle (water), transfer it!
*Bridge Crossover: Behind you when you start, under the bridges are 
some quarters, transfer them
*Warehouse Gap: Inside the warehouse to the left of where you start, 
transfer the quarter's
*Dirt Don't Hurt: When you start, go all the way right to the fence. 
Jump from one cargo train to the other (filled with dirt)
*Ahoy Matey: Jump from one boat to the other
*Stinky Sewer: Near the roof to roof goodness is a square hole with 
rails around it and a board set up on it. Jump the board across the 
*Platform to Platform: from where you start, go left and jump across 
the tracks
*3 Bench: grind 3 benches under awning right where you start out
*Over the Water: Down near the docks, jump the gaps (either one) in 
between the bridges. 
*Warehouse to repair station: From the top of the warehouse, break 
through the far set of glass and jump out to the repair station.
*Seasick Gap: On one of the ships, transfer over the little ramp 
leading up to the upper deck. Go from one quarter pipe to the other.
*Roof to Roof Goodness: Over where Luc-E is (Insane Challenge guy). Not 
the small building he's on, but the one across the tracks should have a 
small quarter pipe on the side. Take this quarter pipe up to the top of 
the building itself.
Head towards the other small building and jump from one of the railroad 
crossing structures to the other building.
*Stair-riffic: From the start, head down under the clock and stop when 
you get to the bottom of those stairs. Those stairs that you just went 
down (under the clock) are the ones you have to transfer over. On each 
side is a little lip.
Go from one to the other.

Swamps Trails:
*Pretty Much Free Gap: Go straight down in the beginning and jump the 
*Trailer Hitch-Outside the garage. Jump over the small barrels.
*Trailer Hitch2-Outside the garage. Jump over the three cars.
*Pascal's Junkyard Jump-Outside the garage. Jump over the one red car.
*Sandbar Deux-Use the small dirt jumper outside the garage and jump to 
the small island.
*Sandbar Un-From the small island jump back to the road.(Where the 
green truck drives.)
*Sandbar Trois-Use the bigger jumper outside the garage to jump to the 
small island.
*Smells Like Chicken-Go to where Joey Garcia is(Side of the Garage)and 
jump off the ramp to the other side.
*Tastes Like Chicken-Same thing as Smell Like chicken except on the 
other side.
*The Shallow End-Go to the end of the dirt course at the end of the 
garage and jump across the small canal.
*The Deep End-Same thing as The Shallow End except its at the beginning 
part of the dirt course.
*Foyle Gully-Same thing as the 2nd previous except in the middle of the 
dirt course.
*Eight Pack Hop: Go to the hills where you have to do the modified 
superman's. Jump over each jump and one of them should give it to you.
*Major Mojo Gap: From the start, turn right and follow down the fence 
across the jumps. After them, on the left, is a high dead end. Jump 
from that dead end across the water below it to the path on the other 
*Minor Mojo Gap: Same as above, but instead of going to the upper level 
of the dead end, there is a smaller level to the left of it. Jump from 
this across the water to the path on the other side.
*Cajun Chasm: From the start, turn right and follow down the fence 
across the jumps. Continue around the bend at the very end. You should 
come up to a bridge over water. On the left side there is a small lip. 
Jump from this lip, over the water, to the other side.
*Creole Chasm: Same as above, but on the other side of the bridge.
*Born Psycho Gap: On the upper level of the boathouse there is a small 
wooden ramp leading off the edge. (It may be concealed by a big box if 
you are playing for the first time, just run into the box to smash it) 
Get enough speed and jump from this wooden ramp, over the creek below, 
to the other side.

Commercial District:
*Got Skillz?: Jump the gap that is above the underground area. You only 
have to jump the corner.
*Over The awning abyss: Near the got skillz gap do gown the road away 
from the construction area and there should be a gap in-between the 
roads. Jump it.
*Bonti's Leap of Faith: In the construction area at the far end on the 
top floor there is a piece of wood pointing toward the skatepark type 
thing. Just jump over the fence with barbed wire on the top.
*U R So Rad!: This is the insane challenge at the city. In the 
skatepark jump from one 1/4pipe to the other. These 1/4 pipes are on 
the opposite side as the caged in walkway.
*Over the Caged Walkway: Jump from one quarter pipe over the caged 
walkway to the other quarter pipe.
*Over the Pedestrian Walkway: Go onto the pedestrian walkway and head 
down the stairs, after the first set hold X, then go down the second 
set and launch off the 1/4 pipe and land on the one on the other side.
*Replicants drop(thanks to replicant for this one): From the beginning 
head towards the construction area and on the right there is a 
staircase next to a building. Go up it and you should be near the 
awnings. Turn around and grind the rail on the right then transfer to 
the rail going down the stairs.
*Lets go bowl: From the start, face a little to the left and ride down 
to the street. Turn right when you hit the street and continue down 
until you're on a bridge. After the bridge, on the left, is a space in 
the railing. Squeeze through and you should be heading towards the pool 
area with four staircases around it. Transfer over a set of stairs.
*Underground Gap: Go down to the underground skatepark type are and you 
should see a 1/4pipe on either side of an entrance. Transfer from one 
to the other.
*Bike Shop Roof: Near the caged walkway and the insane challenge, is a 
small building in the corner, this is the Bike Shop. On either side is 
a quarter pipe. Take either quarter pipe up and onto the roof. (There 
should be the Insane Challenge guy there)
*Lunchtime Gap: From where you start you should see some picnic tables. 
Grind one picnic table to the other.
*Phat with a P-H: From the start, turn left and head down to the 
street. Cross the street and head towards the construction area. Smash 
through the broken fences and turn around. Now you should see a small 
quarter pipe next to some other cement structures (I think one of them 
is a cylinder shape) Take this quarter pipe up and onto the stairs 
behind it.
*Construction Cojones: Take the route listed above to the part where 
you smash the fence. After smashing, head a little to the right and you 
should see a wooden board. Take this board up to a plank lined by other 
pieces of wood. After the wood you should come to a larger metal like 
piece. Stop here, turn around and head up the set of stairs. At the 
top, stop, and turn around again. You should see another
piece of wooden board sticking out over the edge. Get some speed and 
jump from this board over to the bridge.(Pedestrian walkway I think) 
*Cash Money Wire Transfer: From the start, face a little to the left 
and ride down to the street. Turn right when you hit the street and 
continue down until you're on a bridge. After the bridge, on the left, 
is a space in the railing. Squeeze through and you should be heading 
towards the pool area with four staircases around it. Now turn around 
and head back towards where you came from. 
You should see a little quarter pipe with a yellow stripe across the 
top. Transfer from that to the right and you should see a set of 
telephone wires. Grind those wires from the quarter pipe.
*Perfectionist Dream: Go to the area where you smashed the glass 
awnings for one of the challenges. There are 4 quarter pipes, two 
directly underneath each set of awnings, and two almost back to back in 
the middle. You want the ones on the outside. Get enough speed and 
transfer over the stairs beside the quarter pipe. NOT the ones behind 
it that lead down to the underground area. 
You should see a set of stairs with two rails going down them, those 
are the ones you want to transfer over.
*Construction Hopping-in the construction area (near construction 
cajones) transfer from one of the metal ramps to the other

Galloon WaterPark:
*Typhoon Transfer: From the slide you start on, go down one side and 
jump up and over the middle section to the other part of the slide.
*Typhoon Wading Pool: From the start, go straight down and when you 
reach the pool at the bottom, transfer up and over to the left. Over 
the section dividing the two pools into the other pool.
*Super Mad Clown Gap: From the start, jump over to the other side of 
the Typhoon slide and go down to the bottom. At the end, turn a little 
to the left and take one of the pools edges quaterpipes up and over the 
walkway. (There should be a bridge to your left and a kiosk to your 
right) And land in the opposite pool.
*Corn Dogs Are Good Gap: Take the same route as above but when you get 
to the bottom, take a sharper left, almost 90 degrees. Take a quarter 
pipe up and over into the small rectangular shape pool.
*No Life Guard On Duty: From the start, turn around and head into the 
tunnel with the two railings on each side. Continue down and when you 
see the sign, take a left down towards the small castles. Instead of 
going in them, take a quick right and head towards the area with the 
bunch of bowls. Transfer from one bowl to the other.
*Kiddie Kastle Koolness: Take the same route as above but go inside the 
castle. Transfer over the entrance or exit of this small castle.
*Kiddie Kastle Bridge: Same as above, but go through the first castle 
and head out across the bridge towards the other castle. Stop on the 
bridge or around it and jump down into the halfpipe below. Take either 
side of the pipe and jump up and over either bridge.
*Gran's Gap: Over near the vine like bridges, jump from one grassy area 
to another.
*That Monkey Gap: From the start, turn around and head to the right and 
down that weird hill with the small little lips connected together. At 
the bottom head straight and you should see on both sides some quarter 
pipes with gaps in between them. On one side you get this gap....going 
along the other side you get...(see below)
*Going to Pay Gap: This is the one you get for going along the other 
*Down the Spillway: Take the same route as above, past the quarter 
pipes towards the fountain with the beachball in it. Stop and turn 
around after the quarter pipes and you should see a little ramp leading 
up into a little area with wooden floors. Continue along until you see 
the start of the waterslide. Go all the way down until you reach the 
bottom and then jump from the slide to the rectangular pool below it.
*Sticky Sweet Gap: Take the same route as above to the same waterslide. 
Go down the waterslide and jump up and over the grass that separates 
the slide.
*Sweeter than Sugar: Yet again, take the same route as before. But this 
time continue towards the fountain with the beach ball in it and enter 
the tunnel leading into the farthest waterslide (It's the big yellow 
one). At the start is two entrances. If you take the left one, as soon 
as you're outside, head up and to the left over the gap and onto the 
other section of the slide. And vise versa.

Highway 47:
*Dumpster Diving: After opening up the doors to the dumpsters, jump 
from one dumpster to the other.
*Hwy 47 Lane Change: Anywhere along the highway that you start near, go 
left or right and jump from one highway to the other.
*Huge Canal Off Ramp Gap: (I'm sure you do this for one of the 
challenges) Near one of the on ramps near the skate park is a little 
piece of wooden board. Jump from this over the highway into the 
*Up and Over the Offramp: Down near the skatepark is the sewer system. 
Get enough speed and transfer up and over the highway above the sewer 
down to the other side.
*Spillways Gap: Same place as above, but instead jump over one of the 
small entrances to the skate park.
*Shea Style: Same place as above, but directly across the other side is 
a quarter pipe. Take this up and onto the road above.
*Serious Mad Skillz I-Beam Gap: From the start, head down the right 
highway. Keep going until you see the last on ramp to your right. Stop 
and turn to face this ramp. You should see a huge gap in between two 
un-finished bridges. Line yourself up and jump from the middle I-Beam 
to the middle I-Beam on the other side.
*Skatepark Road Transfer: In the skatepark, towards the back is a small 
quarter pipe with a road up and directly behind it. Go from the quarter 
pipe to the road above it.

Desert Canyon:
*Hang right or else: From start go left. Stay on inside of trail. Go 
over the bridge of dirt and jump up over rock formation across from 
that. (It has a different colored top).
*You have no chance to survive: Go right at start. Stay on center of 
path. Transfer across to the different colored rock formation. (Not the 
formations on the left as you go along the path).
*Make Your Time!: Take the same route above towards the different 
coloured rock formations. Before you land the gap listen above, (No 
Chance) land in a manual and jump off the other side, over a small 
island to the other one further away.
*Satan's burp: Where the closest boulder was, jump across.
*Diablo's dare: Keep going and transfer across from there.
*It ain't trippin: Go right from start. At a distance you'll see a rock 
formation that looks like an anvil. Transfer across.
*Lover's leap: Keep going and jump across to rock wall. (Remember where 
this is)
*Weeeee!: From where you land at Lover's Leap, follow that path towards 
the cliff. Jump big out to trail below. There are three trails there, 
and it works with all of them. Make sure to jump at the very end. 
*Acrophobia Gorge The Wrong Way: At start go right and follow bottom 
path on right. Transfer across the big gap at the end. 
*Acrophobia Gorge: Turn around and transfer the other way.
*Acrophobia shortcut: Turn around again, and this time when you 
transfer across veer left and transfer onto the floor below over the 
*Mine Shaft Squeeze: From the start, head off the edge straight ahead 
and you'll bail (of course, quicker way). Now head towards the mine car 
rails. At one entrance you can jump between (Not above them, through 
them) the supports above the tracks to the other side.
*Anvil Island Northside: From the start, turn right and stay on the 
left path. It will go up and over a path and then will be ended with 
some rock structure going across the other path. When you get here take 
a left onto the other larger path. When you see the first set of huge 
rocks to get to the other side of the level, stop, get enough speed and 
jump to the middle island.
*Anvil Island Southside: From above, continue on and jump over the gap 
to the other side.
*Through the Jaws: From start, turn right and stay on the center path. 
You'll dip down and come back up and ride across some little bumps. 
After that, you'll go under what looks like a skinny rock bridge going 
across the path. Jump to the right over the other path. Continue down 
this path, past the flat grey rocks and the few tree trunks on the 
ground. Shortly after you should see an opening to your left. This 
leads down towards the large
dino head. Continue down and jump up and through the jaws of the dino.
*Vertigo Gap: Take the same route as "Anvil Island North/Southside" and 
you should see one of the challenge guys around. You should also be 
around two trees on an angle resting up against a higher ledge. Go past 
the guy and continue along the path. At the very end, jump over the gap 
to the island.
*Don't Look Down: From above, continue on and jump over the gap to the 
other side.

Airport Garage:
*Low Flying Aircraft: When you start off go to the left and transfer 
from one 1/4pipe to the next
*Da Plane! Gap: Same as lowflying aircraft but on the other side of the 
middle 1/4 pipe.
*Long Term Parking Box: As you start out go to the opposite end of the 
top floor and transfer over the box in between two 1/4 pipes.
*Baggage Gap: Where there are three trucks with ramps on them transfer 
from the first to the second one.
*Excess Baggage Gap: Transfer from 2nd to third truck
*Oversize Baggage Gap: Transfer from third truck to the big van
*Baggage Balcony Gap: When starting out go down one floor and across 
the baggage claim walkway then bust through the glass and go over the 
jump that is directed toward the hangar
*Justins Mega Plunge: From beginning turn left and transfer from the 
1/4 pipe that goes all the way across the top floor in to the spiral 
walkway and there is a bowl at the bottom you need to jump into.
*Smashbox Gap: When transferring on the trucks go down to the end of 
that alley and you should see a wall of boxes. If you break through 
then the end is a gap.
*Arch Support: When you start off go down one floor and stop near the 
jump to the left of the baggage claim walkway. (The jump that's facing 
out). Then face in and you should see a support beam leading down to 
the first floor. Just jump onto it.
*Mee Knob Gap: From the start, head a little to the left and jump off 
the bridge to the lower level of the parking garage. (Basically, face 
the challenge guy on the upper level and jump towards him.)

(Note: If any of these descriptions or gaps are incorrect or are just 
to difficult to understand, let me know so I can try to clear it up for 


Copyright 2001