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How do I get past the foundry level?

How do you grind the molten bucket, in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3?

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most_games_r_ok answered:

Fill up your special bar and then go wait near the guy operating the bucket while holding down the X button. When the bucket begins to pour jump on the small ramp in front of the molten bucket (use a boneless if you need more air) and press Triangle to grind. Appart from that just practice as it may take a while before you get the timing right to jump while its still pouring.
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raceprokid answered:

First, wait by the operating room. Then, when the bucket pours, ride over there, and as the bucket pours, you will notice one bar on each side of the bucket. Jump onto one of the bars and grind. Then the bucket will malfunction and fall into the molten lava.
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