Tricking FAQ by Hound8

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2)
Tricking FAQ (created November 16)
By Hound8

Table of Contents

1.	Introduction
2.	Pro Skater's Specials
2b. Secret Skater's specials
3.	The Regular Tricks Guide
4.	Linking tricks (revert, manuals, hidden combos)
5.	Doing Specials Properly
6.	Adding New Tricks and Stats
7.	Getting the SICK Score (scoring lines)
8.	Credits

1: Introduction

  This is my first-ever FAQ, so please excuse any mishaps 
or errors. The Tony Hawk series is, to me, the best 
skateboarding series in the world. Tony Hawk 1 was pretty 
good, but with no way to truly link tricks. THPS2 
introduced the manual, a way of linking tricks along the 
ground, as well as tons of new grabs, flips, lips, Specials 
and grinds, but with no way to link vert tricks.
                     THPS3 now gives even more grabs, 
flips, lip tricks, grinds and Specials, and also, the 
fundamental move, the revert. It now allows you to link 
vert tricks for amazingly long combos.
                    I'm great at the whole Tony Hawk 
series, and am now here to show you how to play just as 
well as me. Hope this FAQ helps any trick problems you'll 
ever have!

2: The Pro Skater's Specials (Moves with an "*" indicate 
that it can be held longer for more points.)

Tony Hawk (vert)
The 900 (air)- 6500 pts.
Double Kickflip to Indy (air)- 2000 
1-2-3-4 (air)- 2500 
5-0 Overturn (grind)- varies

Steve Caballero (street) 
Kickflip Superman* (air)- 1500+ 
FS 540 (air)- 4500
Hang Ten Nosegrind (grind)- varies
Handstand 360 Handflip (flatland)- varies

Kareem Campbell (street)

Ghetto Bird (air)- 3500
Kickflip Backflip (air)- 4500
Reemo Slide (flatland)- varies
Nosegrind to Pivot (grind)- varies

Rune Gilfberg (vert)

Double Kickflip Madonna* (air)- 1400+
Christ Air* (air, obvious)- 1000+
Crail Slide (grind)- varies
One Foot Blunt (lip)- varies

Eric Koston (street)

Fandangle (grind)- varies
Slamma Jamma (air)- 1750
Stalefish Backflip (air)- 4500
Pizza Guy* (air)- 1500+

Bucky Lasek (vert)

Big Hitter II (grind)- varies
Fingerflip Airwalk (air)- 1500
Misty Flip (air)- 5000
FS 540 Heelflip (air)- 4500

Bam Margera (street)

540 Tailwhip (air)- 2000
The Jackass (air)- 1500
Human Dart (grind)- varies
Russian Boneless* (lip)- varies

Rodney Mullen (manual master) (street)

Gazelle Underflip (air)- 3500
Truckstand (flatland)- varies
Anti Casper (flatland)- varies
Handstand Double Flip (flatland, too)- varies

Chad Muska (street)

Handstand 50-50 (grind)- varies
BS Nose Comply*(lip)- varies
Tailblock Slide (grind)- varies
Ghetto Blastin (grind)- varies

Andrew Reynolds (street)

Dark Disaster*(lip)- varies
Hardflip Lateflip (air)- 1500
Noseslide Lipslide (grind)- varies
Quad Heelflip (air)- 1350

Geoff Rowley (street) 

Rowley Darkslide (grind)- varies
Casper Flip 360 Flip (air)- 1500
The H Teeth Sweeper*(lip)- varies
Sproing (flatland)- varies

Elissa Steamer (street)

Coffin (grind)- varies
Primo (flatland)- varies
Bigspin Flip to Tail*(lip)- varies
Judo Madonna* (air)- 1500+

Jamie Thomas (street)

Crook Bigspin Crook (grind)- varies
One Wheel Nose manual (manual/flatland)- varies
360 Hardflip (air)- 1350
Layback Sparks (grind)- varies
   2b. The Secret Skater's Specials

Darth Maul 

Force Grab* (air)
Dark Jedi Grind (grind)- varies
Sith Saber Spin (flatland)- varies

Wolverine (Spiderman replacement)

Claw Punch (air)-
Claw Drag (flatland)- varies
The Beserker (air)-

Officer Dick (street)

Assume the Position II* (air)- 1250
Sobriety Grind (grind)- varies
Lazy Ass Manual (manual/flatland)- varies

Private Carrera (street)

Handspring Layout (air)- 3500
Ho Ho Sad Plant*(lip)- varies
Ahh Yeahhh! (flatland) 

Ollie the Magic Bum (probably street)

Panhandling* (air)-
S.U.I Grind (grind)- varies 
ZZZZ Manual (manual/flatland)- varies
Can Ya Spare A Dollar? (flatland, only available to him, 
doesn't start with it, though) - varies

Kelly Slater (surfboard guy) 

Rodeo Clown* (air)-
Paddle Out Grind (grind)- varies
Duck Dive Shark Attack (flatland)- 1500

Demoness (Satan's girlfriend)

AC Air (air)-
Going Home (flatland)- varies
The Summoner (grind)-

Neversoft Eyeball
Super Hand Clap (air)-

Created Skater
McTwist (air)- 4500
540 Flip (air)-
Handstand (flatland)- varies
(can't remember the other one)

Other specials not given to any particular character 
include the Sacktap, Salad Grind, Stalefish Frontflip,  
Nollieflip Underflip and To Rail.  

3: The Regular Tricks guide

The above were all special tricks, tricks that require 2 
button presses. You can customize them in the Edit Tricks 
menu to your liking. To do specials, though, you'll need 
your special meter yellow.
             How do you that? Well, you do have regular 
tricks which increase your special meter, and this section 
tells you about them.

"X" tricks

Ollie- Press X to ollie or jump. Holding X increases your 
speed and the amount of air you'll get when you ollie. 
Remember to ollie to when you go up a ramp.

Nollie- Press L2 while on the ground and then jump to 

Fastplant/Bonless/Beanplant- Press up-up then X to do one 
of these. Each skater does their own: for example, Tony 
Hawk does the Fastplant, Kareem Campbell does the Boneless 
and Elissa Steamer does the Beanplant. These give you a bit 
more air. Use them to try reaching areas that can't be 
reached by a simple Ollie.

No Comply- Simply press up and X simultaneously to do a No 
Comply. Considering that a simple Ollie gives you no points 
and this does, a No Comply is great to do.

Switching Stance- No, it's not an Ollie trick, or not a 
trick at all, to tell the truth, but is important. While on 
the ground, press R2 to switch stance. Moves in your switch 
stance are worth more points and devalue separately from 
moves in regular stance. For example, an FS Shove It worth 
100 would be worth around 120 in switch stance, and when 
the FS Shove It's value goes down to just 20 in regular 
stance, if you haven't done the trick in switch at all, it 
would still be worth 120 pts. The same rule applies for all 
tricks, including specials.

"Circle" Tricks (grabs)

The circle button is used for grab tricks. A grab is a 
maneuver where the skater grabs the board with his/her 
hands. The majority of grabs can be held for more points, 
and spinning really adds to it. For example, if you got 
2000 pts for holding a Melon, you might have got 10,000 or 
more by spinning it 720. Spinning is fundamental, and the 
more rotations done in the air, well, the more points 
you'll get.
    Some grabs aren't exactly easy to land, though, such as 
the Madonna, Crookedcop, Judo (sometimes hard to land, 
usually harder in switch stance) and others. The Madonna is 
the hardest to land, so avoid using it in competitions or 
after you've done a really big combo and are finishing with 
a spinning grab. Just practice.
             One mistake that people make, more with 
specials, but also with regular grabs, is that they wait 
until they are pretty much "floating" in the air or even 
coming down from an air to do a trick. I press the 
direction and circle pretty much the second I've left the 
ramp, before the screen changes to show myself in the air. 
Practice doing that so that you'll have more time to spin. 
Another good idea is to start with a 
Boneless/Fastplant/Beanplant for extra air.
             Also note that not all grab moves look like 
grabs. The FS Shifty doesn't even involve your hands 
touching the board, but can be held, and the Varial is 
often classified as a grab, but cannot be held.

"Square" Tricks (flips)          

   A flip trick is a trick where your skater uses his or 
her feet, and in moves like the Sal Flip, their hands, to 
flip the board independent of their body. Most flips take 
no time to do and cannot be held, making them the perfect 
move for "comboing" into and out of grinds, manuals and lip 
   Since they're so easy to do, flips aren't worth nearly 
as much as grabs, except for flips that can be held, such 
as Fingerflips. With that in mind, don't expect to get any 
good scores with just a few kickflips or Pop Shove Its. 
Certain flips can be combined or done more than once to get 
a higher score, such as double and triple kickflips. These 
are known as hidden combos and I'll explain them later.
              When tricking between grinds with flips, try 
to use only those assigned to up-square and down-square 
(the best being Pop Shove It, FS Shove It, Impossible, 360 
Flip) for less chance of jumping off the rail, edge or lip.  

"Triangle" Tricks (grinds, lips)

  The triangle button is used for grinds and lip tricks. To 
grind Ollie onto a rail and press Triangle. There are lots 
of different grinds that can be done, and unlike flip and 
grab tricks, everybody has the same grinds.

50-50- Press Triangle when you are facing the rail 
straight. Remember, no direction.

Nosegrind- Press up and triangle.
5-0- Press down and triangle.
Nosebluntslide- Press up, up triangle.
Bluntslide- Press down, down triangle.
Noseslide- Left-triangle
Tailslide- Right-triangle
Crooked- Up/right-triangle (diagonal)
Overcrook- Up/left-triangle (diagonal)
Smith- Down/right-triangle (diagonal)
Feeble- Down/left-triangle (diagonal)
Boardslide/Lipslide- hit the rail sideways

   Lip tricks are done by skating directly up a ramp and 
pressing triangle and a direction. There are 2 types of lip 
tricks, stalls and inverts. Stalls are where you stay on 
the lip of the ramp without going inverted or so, balancing 
like you were on the skateboard skating but stalled. You 
can therefore jump out of these.
                Inverts are like handstands on the lip of 
the ramp, and being inverted you can't Ollie out of them, 
but like all lip tricks, must still press X to get out of 
them. You can jump out of a lip and land in another one.
                Both grinds and lip tricks have balance 
meters, indicating your balance on the rail or lip. Use 
left and right for grinds to balance, and up and down to 
balance lip tricks. Once you improve your rail balance and 
lip trick stats, you can balance better on rails and hold 
lips longer.

4: Linking Tricks

  You may be great at all regular tricks, but without 
combos, you'll never really get anywhere.
                       The manual (up down) and nose manual 
(down up) are the most fundamental linking moves in the 
game, except perhaps the revert. A manual can be done on 
the ground, but is better to do it when coming down from a 
trick (tap up down or down up as you land). Manuals are the 
wheelies of skateboarding, and you can link everything with 
  Bust a Boneless followed by a Varial Kickflip and land in 
a manual, jump to a Kickflip, to a nose manual, go over to 
a rail, do a Crooked grind, ollie into an impossible into a 
5-0 grind, heelflip off into another manual...
                   Manual combos can be abused to get 
hundreds of thousands of points in one combo; I've already 
got 460,000 off my starting combo once. While doing a 
manual, tap R2 or L2 to do either a pivot or nose pivot, 
depending on if you're in a manual or nose manual. 
Basically a 180 turn, pivots add style and flair to your 
regular manual combo, and can be substituted for manuals 
when your manual starts to barely give points. From a 
pivot, press L2 to spin back to a manual. You can keep 
switching them as long as you can balance them.
                     The revert is used to link vert tricks 
and is done by pressing R2 or L2 as you land from a vert 
trick. The revert itself is just a quick stance change, but 
if you do a manual as you do the revert, it'll keep your 
combo going, meaning huge combos. This move here is 
invaluable, and without it you will NEVER get the high 
scores or gold medals. Think 'bout that.
Hidden Combos

A hidden combo is linking tricks without jumping or 
repeatedly doing a trick.
Flips and Grabs

Double Kickflip: Left-square + square
Triple Kickflip: Left-square + square + square
Double Heelflip: Right-square + square
Triple Heelflip: Right-square + square + square
360 Shove It: Pop Shove It + square
540 Shove It: Pop Shove It + square + square
360 FS Shove It: FS Shove It + square
540 FS Shove It: FS Shove It + square + square
Double Impossible: Impossible + square
Triple Impossible: Impossible + square + square
Kickflip to Indy: Left-square + right-circle
Kickflip to Crail: Left-square + Up-circle
Beni-fingerflip: Benihana + Up-square 

(The button presses must be done in rapid succession.) Note 
that the Kickflip to Indy and Kickflip to Crail, unlike in 
the first 2 games, cannot be held, and that the Beni-
fingerflip is not one trick, but 2, using up one Benihana 
to do. (And don't try to press the buttons all at once.)


50-50 links to:

Nosegrind (up-triangle)
5-0 (down-triangle)
Bluntslide (down, down-triangle)
Nosebluntslide (up, up triangle)
Nosegrind links to:

Nosebluntslide (up, up-triangle)
Noseslide (square, square)
Overcrook (circle, circle)

5-0 links to:

Bluntslide (down, down-triangle)
Tailslide (square, square)
Feeble (circle, circle)

Nosebluntslide links to:

Crooked (up, down-triangle)
Noseslide (square, square)
Overcrook (circle, circle)

Bluntslide links to:

Smith (down, up-triangle)
Tailslide (square, square)
Feeble (circle, circle)

Noseslide links to:
Nosebluntslide (up, up-triangle)
Overcrook (circle, circle)

Tailslide links to:

Bluntslide (down, down-triangle)
Feeble (circle, circle)

Crooked links to:

Nosebluntslide (up, up-triangle)
Noseslide (square, square)
Overcrook (circle, circle)

Overcrook links to:

Nosebluntslide (up, up-triangle)
Noseslide (square, square)

Smith links to:

Bluntslide (down, down-triangle)
Tailslide (square, square)
Feeble (circle, circle)

Feeble links to:

Bluntslide (down, down-triangle)
Tailslide (square, square)

The Boardslide/Lipslide can't be linked to another grind, 
only by jumping.


If you're not in an Invert Trick, (Gymnast Plant, Invert, 
Eggplant, etc...), if you're in a Nose Stall or Boneless or 
something, you can link to these:

Boneless (left, left-triangle)
Axel Stall (right, right-triangle)
Disaster (left, right-triangle)

While in an Invert lip trick, you know, kind of like a 
handstand trick, you can link to these:

One Foot Invert (left, left-triangle)
Invert (right, right-triangle)
Gymnast Plant (left, right-triangle)
Varial Invert to Fakie (right, left-triangle)

Remember to seriously watch your balance when switching.

Flatland Tricks

  To link flatland tricks, you must have at least one in 
your trick inventory, so try to make sure that each 
character has at least one, if they don't already have one.
From any special manual, except the Sproing, Duck Dive 
Shark Attack and One Wheel Nose Manual, you can go straight 
into these without jumping:

To Rail: left, left-triangle
Truckstand: right, right-triangle
Anti Casper: left, right-triangle
Casper: right, left-triangle
Handstand: right, right-circle


While in a Truckstand, doing another will result in a 
Truckspin. The Truckspin is a different trick to the 
Truckstand, so use it when the Truckstand's point value 
starts going down too much. Also, and this only counts for 
Rodney Mullen, press L2 + R2 + Triangle for the Pogo to 
Hair Flip, a hidden combo flatland trick.
    While in any of these but the Anti Casper, pressing 
left and square will flip the board, making a new trick 
(Truckflip, Casper Flip, Railflip, Handflip). You can do 
nice long combos with these. Watch your balance well! 
Remember that flipping the board counts as a different 
trick, giving points as it is held, meaning a new trick. 
For example, a Handflip is different to a Handstand. 
        (For variety, choose a flatland trick for your 
character that can't be comboed into, such as the Reemo 
Slide and Primo.) And as always, watch your balance.

5: Doing Specials Properly

   Lots of people have trouble with either doing specials 
or doing them quickly enough. For air specials, most people 
wait until they're in the air to do them, but that's wrong, 
especially in the case of longer specials like The 900. 
What I do is as I'm going up the ramp, or quarterpipe or 
halfpipe I press the 2 directions and then the button 
(circle or square) so it all comes down to the second 
you've left the ramp the special has started already. You 
must input the special fast to do this. It took me a long 
while to get this technique perfected, so keep trying.
                   Special Manuals (flatland tricks) should 
be done the same as manuals, only a bit faster. Special 
grinds can be done in 3 ways. The 3rd is the best for 
beginners. You can input the 3 button presses as you're 
about to grind a lip, you can do it in the air as you're 
about to jump to a rail, or while on a rail, jump up and 
try to land in the grind, pressing the 3 buttons quickly.
Special Lip tricks are done by pressing the 2 directions 
and then triangle as soon as you hit the lip.

6: Adding New Tricks and Stats

   You can change your regular tricks at any time, either 
during a run or at the skater select screen by heading to 
the Edit Tricks screen. From there, chose a category, click 
on the move or space and select a move to put there, and 
then the direction(s) that suit you best. Choose tricks 
carefully, based on the category.
  You will gain a new, free special slot every time you 
complete all objectives on a level, although you don't need 
to get all the Stat Points in a level to do this. The stat 
points are round, yellow Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 logos, 
which give one extra stat every time you collect one. Put 
these in any stat you want, be it air, hangtime, spin, 
manuals, etc... (Remember not to give your character too many 
of any type of Special, make the characters balanced.)
                    Also note that the Panhandling, Going 
Home and maybe others can only be done by their respective 
skater. Sorry.

7: Getting the SICK Score

  Each level has 3 score-based objectives, the High, Pro, 
and SICK Score. The SICK is hardest to get, and gets 
progressively harder to get as the levels get tougher, all 
the way up to 500,000 required as the last score in the 
last level, the Cruise Ship.


  Score required: 60,000

Not much to start with. Just start with a Boneless or 
Fastplant or Beanplant into a Pop Shove it and manual, 
tricking over to the makeshift halfpipe. Grind the lip a 
bit to finish your combo, then hop in and start busting 540 
Seatbelts, 720 Cannonballs, Melons, Airwalks and all your 
aerial Specials. Reverting seriously slows you down here, 
and since the score is so low, you won't need to, but if 
you do, just follow up with a couple of lip tricks. 
Remember to ollie out of them (except Inverts) and follow 
up with a revert to keep things going.
            Also check out the quarterpipe near to the 
molten bucket for more high-flying. And, also check out the 
bowl unlocked in the secret area after un-jamming 5 the 
valves, and the pipes high up reached from the Tape rail. 


  From the start, turn slightly right and forward and 
launch off the kicker with a flip and land in a grind on 
the rail. Jump with Shove Its and Impossibles and kickflips 
and heelflips between rails up to the end then Ollie off 
with a spinning grab. If you have balance, land in a manual 
and do a few flip-manual-flip-pivot combinations.
                Session the nice semi-circular rail in 
front the molten bucket with lots of hidden combo grinds 
and throw in a special around it to spruce things up. In no 
time, you should have the score. 
                  For insane grinding, open up the secret 
area and skate to the top of the walkway, turn around, and 
grind all the way down, or as far as you can go before 
balance runs out. Whew!(Do airs too for variety!) 


Score required: 120,000

   Start off with a Fastplant into a flip and then a 
manual. Manual-flip over and over until you reach the 
kickers. Launch over them with a short spinning grab, land 
in a manual if you have balance, and go over to the 
quarterpipe and launch up with a short special or a grab 
trick or a couple of lip tricks.
               Now head over to the skate park by grinding 
the fence and hopping in. This whole area is perfect for 
vert, so stay in here and impress your Canadian skate 
buddies. Revert after every special air and use up your lip 
   If you want even more vert, head to the Bully area and 
go past the bridge to find a bowl of sorts. Mission 


  Start the same way as in the vert. After that's done, 
turn and grind down the rails leading into the parking lot 
and finish with a manual up the quarterpipe at the end and 
a spin, or grind the lip, Kickflip off, and manual to keep 
the combo going. Mix up your flatland tricks here. 
                    If you want, head to the skate park. Do 
a few grabs and aerial Specials for variety, and grind all 
the lips. Jump off with a Varial Kickflip or Heelflip from 
the lip into a manual and soar up the ramp.
                    For a great long grind, head to the 
Secret Tape area and grind the rail leading away from the 
tape. No problem.


 There shouldn't be vert or street in the competition 
levels, but a mix of both for variety. About 170,000 should 
do the job, but go for 200,000 and above.
             Start by grinding the short rail on your left. 
Fall into a manual and ride up the ramp with a spinning 
Melon or Mute grab or something. Revert, nose manual, and 
ride up to the lip and do your special grind for as long as 
you can hold it then leap off into a manual. Do a few 
tricks to build up the multipliers until your balance runs 
out, then finish.
          Now session the ramps for a while, then head up 
the ramp you started on up to the top and ollie onto the 
electric wires in a grind. Hold it for a while then jump 
into the street below and try to time some car plants while 
mixing it up with manuals and pivots.
                  Grind the planters and rails and finish 
with airs. Your time should be running out now, so just 
finish with a big air special, revert, then keep your 
combo, even if time is up, until your balance finishes.
                     Also check out the secret area behind 
the fence, and keep away from the small quarterpipes that 
force you to either go straight up or bail. Remember not to 
bail. Bailing once and having a stellar run anyway is all 
right but once you fall more than once, restart.


SICK Score required: 200,000. The points are going up, but 
there are endless vert lines here. Mix them up with grinds 
and manuals and these should be easy.
                 From the start, plant off the ice cream 
truck and land in a manual. Carry it over to the backyard 
park and head up with a 540 grab. Revert and manual over to 
the lip. Do a special lip trick if you have one, or do a 
couple of lip combos. If you can, revert and finish with 
another air.
   Now go over to the backyard pool near the construction 
site or first session the quarterpipes, revert, and then 
grind the wooden planks on the ground and manual over to 
the pool and finish with a lip trick.
                     You can revert all your Specials here 
and do a Special grind to really rack up the points. You 
can finish in the pool and try for the 200,000, or head to 
the 2 other very playable areas: the trailer park skate 
park and the haunted house.
               To open the haunted house, get an axe by 
grinding one of the pieces of wood on the ground inside the 
unfinished house and then bring it over to the Thin Man. 
He'll chop the door and open up his house, opening up a 
whole vert park. Great! Oh, and remember to mix up your 
grabs and lips, and grind for good combos.

  Start off with a 360 Shove It or 360 FS Shove It and land 
in a manual. Trick over to the ice cream truck and plant 
off it then manual again. Go over to the park and grind 
along the lip, doing hidden grinds. Use circle-circle and 
square-square repeatedly for cheap points.
                 Jump off and if your balance persists, 
manual or pivot up to the lip and bust a lip trick, since 
you probably won't have the speed to do an air with a 
respectable amount of rotations.
  Do a few vert tricks here and revert after every 
respectable trick, especially Specials. After that, head up 
to the roof of the house near the satellite dish and grind 
the long electric wire here. Repeat the grind-flip-
different grind combination and balance.
                You'll end up on the roof of another house. 
From there, head up the quarterpipe, do a nice 720 trick. 
Now that you've gained speed, launch off the kicker with a 
Boneless and a long flip like the Sal Flip or Fingerflip.
                    Now from here session the park with 
grinds, lip tricks and airs. 
                From there, take it on your own path. Grind 
the fences near the pool and grind up high in the 
construction yard. Also grind and manual around the haunted 
house area. After you've collected the Secret Tape by 
grinding the branch, air off with a grab and land in a 
manual. Plant off the ice cream truck multiple times for 
cheap points. The kicker in the middle of the road can be 
Fastplanted off with a 360 Impossible or Double Kickflip 
and then go into a Special Manual.


SICK Score required: 300,000. Start like in the street 
section and follow it exactly the same until you reach the 
baggage claim. Now air over the escalator and then revert, 
manual and grind around the baggage claim for a good combo. 
This can be plumbed for cheap points at the loss of style.
                    More vert is found in the country flags 
area. Do Specials on the quarterpipes and then revert and 
manual over to the flag rails. Jump out of the grind before 
you bail, though.
      The bottom area is great for vert. Revert every move 
and grind the lips and lamps for gaps and multipliers. Keep 
the combos coming down here and you'll get the big 300.

  Start with a Nosegrind on the left counter going BACK to 
the starting point. At the end ollie with a flip into a 
Nosebluntslide on the couch and flip into a manual. Go over 
to the other couch and jump and grind it for a gap. Leap to 
the counter and grind it to the end then hop off with a 
flip. Be careful not to land near the pickpocketers' 
victims because they'll throw you down.
                  Do a Special Grind completely across the 
escalator and manual at the end. Launch up with a grab off 
the escalator to the lights and grind them. Ollie off with 
a short special like the 360 Hardflip or Hardflip Lateflip 
or a simple grab or a bunch of flips. Land in a manual and 
grind the escalators.
          When you're done, launch off the hump on the 
right and grind the lights. Now grind down the escalator 
and manual over to the halfpipe and bust a few spin-revert 
    Now grind the flag rails. Remember to mix up your 
grinds. Finally head down to the basement area. Session 
with air Specials and long combos with reverts, Special 
Grinds off the lips and grinds on the lights. Good work, 

Skater's Island

 Not very diverse, simply air all over the bowls and launch 
off the kickers with flips to manuals, do a few flatland 
tricks where possible and revert constantly. Go for 200,000 
to get the gold, and grind the pirate flag to unlock a 
secret area with a pirate ship and some nice vert.  

Los Angeles
SICK Score required: 400,000. First start by turning around 
and doing a big trick off the pipe. Having gained speed, 
grind up the wire up to the freeway. Combo into and out of 
grinds to help you get up the wire.
              From there, go straight forward until you 
reach a sort of halfpipe. Trick there. There are 2 other 
places you can go for good vert: the purple halfpipe and 
the pipe near the fire truck. Grind the ladder for a gap, 
manual, and ride up the pipe. Do a Special then revert and 
continue your combo. A good line is to do another air or a 
short Special like the Jackass or 1-2-3-4, revert, then 
grind the other lip with a Special grind.
                 Remember to play street with grinds and 
manuals for variety, because simple vert cannot get you the 
score. Reverts are essential.

  Just mix it up. Grind, revert, air, manual and pivot like 
there's no tomorrow. Mix up the vert lines with grinds and 
manuals. A good line is a grind down the fire truck ladder, 
an air up the halfpipe, and then a revert. Mix it up, but 
be cheap. Also, get your Special meter full in the starting 
area with repeated airs off the quarterpipe, then do short 
Special grind like the Crail Slide or Salad grind off the 
rail leading down the stairs and leap off with a flip into 
a manual up the brown quarterpipe. Do a trick, then revert, 
manual, and grind the rails ahead. 

 This place is tough. You could start with a Boneless or 
Fastplant or Beanplant off the kicker and do a Pop Shove 
It. Manual over to the other kicker and do a Nosegrab off 
and land in a grind. Jump with an FS Shove It or Impossible 
into your Special grind and hold it for as long as humanly 
   When you must, leap off with a Hardflip and manual over 
to the vert area. Launch up with a grab trick and from then 
on, keep doing Specials, revert, manual, then do a Special 
grind and then manual up the ramp. Go up the loop at least 
once, and try to finish your run with a nice flatland 
  Remember not to bail once or your failure is assured, 
UNLESS you can get a combo worth over 200,000. From there, 
your VICTORY should be assured. 
    You could also start with a 540 grab on the quarterpipe 
to your left from the starting point, revert, manual, and 
grind along the lips of the quarterpipes, jump across the 
gap with a flip, grind to the end and then jump into a 
special manual and do some flatland manual combos to finish 
off. A good 300,000+ should give you 99.9s or so. Don't 
give up.

Cruise Ship
 SICK Score: 500,000 (vert and street) From the start, turn 
around and do a few grabs to get your special meter cranked 
up. When it's full, go and grind the banner rail by 
launching off the kicker and doing a Special grind all the 
way down then manualing up the quarterpipe with a huge 
spin. Revert and go back up the rail a bit then hop off 
with a Double Kickflip or Double Heelflip.
             From there, drain the pool by grinding on the 
white pipe and try to get the rest of the points there by 
grinding around the pool for a gap, and reverting every 
trick. That's the best I've got for this level, although 
you can also explore the level to find some awesome 
grinding lines and some great reverting lines with pipes 
near to rails. 


Thanks to everybody who created the Tony Hawk series, and 
this game, thanks to Tony Hawk and all the other pro 
skaters who gave the game meaning, thanks to GameFAQS for 
making a great site, to PlannetTonyHawk for making a good 
site, I got a small bit of info there, and to the guy who 
puts up the FAQS, and good luck to everybody trying to beat 
the game.