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Sword Of The Samurai FAQ/Walkthrough
Copyright 2004 Gary McEnroe
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Version 1.11

	'Ko' Attack Skills
	'Tai' Parry Skills
	'Ken' Break Defense Skills
	Araki Matemon
	Chiba Shusaku
	Higuchi Sadatsugu
	Horibe Yasubei
	Kondo Isami
	Morooka Ippa
	Miyamoto Musashi
	Okada Izo
	Oishi Susumu
	Sasaki Kojiro
	Sakamoto Ryoma
	Tsuji Gettan
	Takayanagi Matashiro
	Togo Shigetaka
	Yagyu Hyogonosuke
	Yagyu Jubei

Welcome to my Sword of the Samurai FAQ/Walkthrough! ^.^ This is my first
attempt at something like this, so bare with me. Anyway, my main reason
for writing this was the fact that every other game I've played already
has plenty of stuff on GameFAQs, and this game is pretty unknown. 
Apparently, it's unavailable in the US, which is a rarity. But hopefully 
some of you will have had this game imported from the UK or Japan, and
 if you haven't I'd suggest you try to import it, or get a copy from a 
friend who has it. It's a really good game.
Anyway, enough intro, onto the other stuff!

Guide started, added most of the content. Still need to add the walkthrough,
'Tai' and 'Ken' skill lists, sword list, and Kengo Original Form lists

Added the swords and the beginning of the walkthrough.

Fixed the layout
Ok I suck at ASCII art so I'm going to give that a miss and go for text
only, sorry ^__^'

D-Pad		Select Option
L-Analog	Select Option
X		Confirm
Triangle	Cancel
Start		Skip Messages

D-Pad		Movement
L-Analog	Movement
Circle		'Ko' Attack
X		'Tai' Parry
Square		'Ken' Break Defense
L1		Hold to Run
R1		Draw/Sheathe Sword
L2		Change Forms
R2		Change Forms
Start		Pause

Character Creation:
If this is your first time through, you won't have many parts avaliable to
create your samurai. You should have 6 heads and 6 bodies, and you can put
them together any way you wish really. When you have selected the head and
body, you will then have to name your samurai, and when that's done you will
be shown your samurai and given a list of his stats. Press X to continue.

Now then, I'm going to be talking about four different types of oppenent 
throughout the walkthrough.

Kengo: Any of the samurai you get the change to duel with once you reach 
Edo. These guys are the cream of the crop, and it may take you many attempts 
to defeat one. Also, the Kengo are all historical samurai, two of the most 
well known are Yagyu Jubei and Miyamoto Musashi.

Samurai: There are five samurai you will fight many times. When you created
your character, the five characters left will become your samurai rivals. 
The female samurai, S.Rin, won't show up until later though (unless you 
chose her as your character).
The samurai are;
S. Hyoma
I. Jurisho
A. Sakyo
Y. Gen'nojo
S. Rin
H. Yunosuke

Swordsmen: These are your basic opponents when you're not dueling with 
Kengo or Samurai. These guys come in many different forms, from peasants
to soldiers to ninjas.

Students: Each Dojo has it's students, and when you train at a dojo, you
can engage in a bout with one of these students. The students aren't really 
much better than the Swordsmen, but the students of the Edo dojos will use 
specific 'Ko', 'Tai' and 'Ken' forms from their own dojo, whereas the other 
students tend to use moves from the Mu-Ryu forms. 

Your First Duel:
The game will begin with your samurai crossing a bridge at a small village 
near Edo called Chiaraijima, and observing two swordsmen fighting. One will 
be an ordinary run-of-the-mill swordsman, and the other, the victor, will be 
one of your samurai rivals. You will fight these guys at the Governor's 
Tournament, the local Tournament and the Outdoor Tournaments, and when you 
reach Edo, you will also be able to compete with these guys for their swords 
in the Betting Match. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
You will challenge the samurai to a duel, and your first duel will commence.
You will only have two forms to begin with, and I recommend staying with the 
first form. When your oppenent is near, keep an eye on him. The instant you
see him start to attack, hold the X button on your controller. If your 
timing is right, your bokken (wooden sword) will block his attack and 
send his sword back, leaving him open to an attack from you. Tap the
Circle button to attack, but be careful. If your foe locks weapons 
with you, move the analogue stick in any direction to dodge away from 
his upcoming counter attack. 3 times out of 4 you will dodge it, but
if he moves in the same direction as you, chances are he'll hit you and 
take a hefty chunk out of your health.
Whether you win or lose the battle will be down to your luck and skill. 
People playing the game through for a second time will no doubt handle
this fight easily.
If you win, you will be approached by the local Recruiter, who will 
invite you to stop by his offices at some point.
If you lose, the head master of the Muraoka Dojo will approach you and
offer you to come train with him and his students.
Either way, you'll end up at your house after resting. This concludes Day 1

Chiaraijima Village:
When you are at home, you are in a menu screen of sorts. You can choose 
to go out into the village and visit the dojos or the recruiter, or one 
of the Tournaments. You can also check your samurai's stats and what forms 
he has, and set up your existing forms. I won't bother trying to explain 
it, as it's easy to learn, although it may look complicated at first. Be 
sure to create a third form. Chances are you learned a new stance from your 
first duel, and a couple of new forms, so try setting up your third form. 
You can also save your game or exit to the title screen. And you can rest 
for a day to recover your strength.
When you are ready, select the top option, Movement, to go visit the village.
If you won the battle, visit the Recruiter to learn of the Muraoka Dojo.
If you lost the battle, the Dojo will already be on your locations list.
Either way, pay a visit to the Dojo.

Muraoka Dojo:
You are given two option. Join the Dojo, and challenge the students and 
head master to a bout. You'll have to join the dojo if you want to be able 
to advance to Edo. 
If you are a first time player, I highly recommend you go through the 
boring lessons. It'll earn you new forms and teach you the basics of gameplay.
If you are already familiar with all the basics of gameplay, then just go 
straight to the advancement tests.
After the long process of completing the lessons, you must then go visit 
the two other local dojos and defeat their students and the masters in bouts.
It may take you several tries to defeat the masters, but it's fairly easy to 
learn their attacks and to learn when to block them.

Normal Sword	You at first, everyone after you collect all swords
Bizen Ichimonji	T. Shigetaga
Inoue Shinkai
Ko Ichimonji
Mitsutada	O. Susumu
Tadayoshi	O. Izo

Drawing		Ohoha Itto	Drawing Slash
		Shinto Munen	Soul Harvest
		Tatsumi		Drawing Shadow
		Ta-Ryu		Fan Flash

Upper		Ohoha Itto	Dragonfly Strike
				Twin Tiger Slash
		Shinto Munen	Triple Tiger Slash
				Twin Tiger Slash
		Tatsumi		Serpent's Gate
				Three Tigers
		Ta-Ryu		Trinity Slash
				Tumbling Slash
				Crazed Hilt
				Phantom Cross
				Waterfall Dance
				Mad Gouge
				Spirit Maker

Up-Left		Ta-Ryu		Trunk Split
				Scarred Ground
				Turning Wind
				Fast Ground
				Three Dragons

Left		Ta-Ryu		Cloud Cleave
				Iron Wind
				Kage Slash

Lo-Left		Ta-Ryu		Sitting Reaper
				Dragon Grin
				Sakura Whip
				Tiger Strike
				Sinking Blade
				Tiger's Tail
				Volcano Dance

Lower		Ohoha Itto	Triple Rising Slash
				Rising Slash
		Shinto Munen	Triple Thrust
		Tatsumi		Break Attack
		Ta-Ryu		Blazing Axe
				Pound Iron
				Slow Reaper
				Strafe Slash
				Bursting Boar		

Lo-Right	Ohoha Itto	Triple Needle Flow
				Needle Flow
		Shinto Munen	Triple Climbing Clouds
				Climbing Clouds
		Tatsumi		Triple Climbing Clouds
				Climbing Clouds
		Ta-Ryu		Blade Rein
				Sliding Stab
				Rushing Water
				Snapdragon's Kiss
				Shooting Star

Right		Ta-Ryu		Break Plank
				Kicking Hammer
				Break Tile
				Kicking Slash
				Brush Stab
				Coiled Snake

Up-Right	Tatsumi		Triple Spinning
				Spinning Crown
		Ta-Ryu		Triple Spinning
				Cold Rake
				Sinking Hilt
				Eel Split
				Gaze Beyond
				Triple Axe

Centre		Ohoha Itto	Ghost Blossom
				Tiger Slash
		Shinto Munen	Heavy Hew
				Strong Hew
		Tatsumi		Serpent Slash
				Tiger Slash
		Ta-Ryu		Star Cannon
				Slicing Silk
				Lightning Gouge
				Pouring Heaven
				Creeping Blade
				Heart Cleave
				Kojiro's Path
				Burning Torch
				Forking Flame
				Snake Charge
				Hydra Dance

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Araki Mataemon
Edo Yagyu School
Born: Iga Province (Nie Prefecture)
Style: Taiken
Bio: Calm and composed, he is known for carefully laid plans. A fencing
master of Yamato Province, he is beloved by his family for his big
heart and completely trusted by his Lord.

Chiba Shusaku
Born: Rikuzen Province (Miyagi Prefecture)
Style: Seiken
Bio: Known as the Skilled Chiba, he is the owner of superior skill, and
also an incisive mind, a rare commodity among great swordsmen. He
attacks the '3 places' of the opponent's initial move, the opponent's
receiving a sword and exhausting his skills.

Higuchi Sadatsugu
Born: Uemo Province (Gumma Prefecture)
Style: Taiken
Bio: Follows the philosophy of a style devoted to 'defense'. He has
enough physical strength to break through the enemy's defenses and
strike the top of his head, and also the agility to parry the enemy's
sword quickly.

Horibe Yasubei
Disciple of Higuchi Sadatsugu
Born: Echigo Province (Niigata Prefecture)
Style: Taiken
Bio: The epitome of the rustic bumpkin, in the narrow sense. He has
managed to defeat powerful swordsmen in acts of vengeance. He has been
a kendo teacher at many domains, so he is well known among the domain

Kondo Isami
Born: Musashi Province (Tokyo)
Style: Goken
Bio: His fencing is no great shakes, but he is a man of courage. He
does not fear losing his life under the sword. All is spirit (kiai).
Cutting is all courage: I use no subtle techniques.

Morooka Ippa
Born: Hitachi Province (Ibaraki Prefecture)
Style: Seiken
Bio: He uses footwork and swordsmanship to control the enemy's sword
and win. His exquisite fencing and sharp swordsmanship are said to be
the 'second coming of Iizasa Choisai', founder of the oldest School in

Miyamoto Musashi
Born: Banshu (Hyogo Prefecture)
Style: Nanken
Bio: The object of my strategy is neither technique nor form, but
victory in combat. 'With stance, without stance.' I do not care about
stances, but face all enemies without fear with a 'body of massive

Okada Izo
Born: Tosa Province (Kochi Prefecture)
Style: Goken
Bio: Known as the Killer Izo, he is a butchering murderer. His is a
peculiar fencing style that becomes courser the more it is mastered.
His blows are powerful but single strikes to but become a technique.

Oishi Susumu
Born: Chikugo Province (Fukwoka Prefecture)
Style: Goken
Bio: Popularized the long shinai (bamboo sword) in the kendo world by
inventing the one-hanged shinai thrust and becoming the rage of Edo.
One anecdotal story tells of him using a one-handed thrust in an inter-
school match, shattering is opponent's steel mask and gouging out an

Sasaki Kojiro
Born: Echizen Province (Fukui Prefecture)
Style: Seiken
Bio: Carries a 3-foot long sword  called the Drying Pole on his back.
Uses the 'Kojiro's Path' attack consisting of a diagonal cut from one
shoulder to beneath the other, followed by a quick return and diagonal
uppercut to the left.

Sakamoto Ryoma
Disciple of Chiba Shusaku
Born: Tosa Province (Kochi Prefecture)
Style: Nanken
Bio: He may have good ability, but he has no deep attachment to the
sword. Rather than simply fighting a single combat, he tends to think
too much about his opponent's position. Such a man is unsuited to be a

Tsuji Gettan
Born: Echizen Province (Fukui Prefecture)
Style: Seiken
Bio: 'Zen lies in one's own sword.' He believes the true Way of the
Warrior lies in finding the divine path with the sword, and studying
the teachings of man. He can draw his sword three times at the wicks of
candles in the corner of the dojo, and put out the flames all three

Takayanagi Matashiro
Born: Hida Province (Gifu Prefecture)
Style: Nanken
Bio: Known for his Silent Stance, he never lets his opponent's sword
touch his own. A master of 'the sacrifice,' he himself rarely advances
to strike. Rather, he waits for his opponent to move but then gets the
win with a sacrifice.

Togo Shigetaka
Born: Satsuma Province (Kagoshima Prefecture)
Style: Goken
Bio: Has a lighting-swift sword that can fell an enemy with one stroke
and has also handed down an advanced fencing theory. His innermost
secret is 'Do not withdraw. It is safer to finish without withdrawing.
The will of above is a single sword stroke. Never attacked and

Yagyu Hyognosuke
Owari Yagyu School
Born: Yamato Province (Nara Prefecture)
Style: Taiken
Bio: Coercion to beat the enemy kills; working to beat the enemy lives.
He has a flexible strategy. We must reform the old traditions of the
Warring States period into ones to fit the new age. Said to be the
Owari Yagyu of Technique in contrast to the Edo Yagyu of the Heart.

Yagyu Jubei
Edo Yagyu School
Born: Yamato Province (Nara Prefecture)
Style: Taiken
Bio: A theorist, he excels at insight into his enemy's technique. His
strategy is 'strike when struck.' Exactly when you are in range of the
enemy, the enemy is in your range. There is only a hair's breadth
between victory and defeat.

Genki and Ubisoft for making and publishing this great game

HIM for their Love Metal album, which I listened to through-out almost
all the entire process of making this walkthrough

Sony for making the PS2

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