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Tribes: Aerial Assault, Strategy Guide Version 1.20 by Spencer Pantera and
This FAQ is Copyright 2003 Spencer Pantera
Contact: E-Mail: SquarePantera@sluggy.net
         AIM: BaoTiangu
         ICQ: 207741046
Tribes: Aerial Assault is rated T for Teen by the ESRB, this FAQ may reflect
      the rating or higher ratings so I apologize in advance for anything that
      you may find offensive and/or un-Teen-like.
If you have any questions/comments/concerns/contributions feel free to contact
      me, with the phrase "Tribes: Aerial Assault" or some variation on that
      for the subject.  If it is a question please read the guide first,
      chances are the question has already been answered.  I won't respond to
      e-mail I feel is "stupid".
For details on the use of this FAQ read 26 Legal Mumbo-jumbo.  Printing this
      FAQ with or without alterations for private use is absolutely okay with
      me (I've done it enough times, so you can too).  To post this FAQ on your
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      yes (unless I have a good reason not to).
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Table of Contents

1 About this FAQ
2 Controls
      2.1 Configuration A
      2.2 Configuration B
      2.3 Configuration C
      2.4 Configuration D
      2.5 Controlling a Vehicle
3 Introduction to Tribes: Aerial Assault
      3.1 History
      3.2 Tribes
            3.2.1 Blood Eagle
            3.2.2 Diamond Sword
            3.2.3 Harbingers of Phoenix
            3.2.4 Starwolf
            3.2.5 The BioDerm Hordes
4 Game Types
      4.1 Capture the Flag (CTF)
      4.2 Capture and Hold (CNH)
      4.3 Team Deathmatch (TDM)
      4.4 Deathmatch (DM)
      4.5 Hunters
5 Armors
      5.1 Light
      5.2 Medium
      5.3 Heavy
6 Weapons
      6.1 Blaster
      6.2 Chaingun
      6.3 Fusion Mortar
      6.4 Grenade Launcher
      6.5 Laser Rifle
      6.6 Missile Launcher
      6.7 Plasma Rifle
      6.8 Spinfusor
7 Grenades
      6.1 Basic
      6.2 Concussion
      6.3 Flare
      6.4 Mine
8 Packs
      8.1 Ammunition
      8.2 Energy
      8.3 Repair
      8.4 Shield
      8.5 Remote Inventory Station
      8.6 Remote Sensor
      8.7 Remote Turret
      8.8 Remote Detonation Satchel Charge
      8.9 Anti-Aircraft Barrel
      8.10 Mortar Barrel
      8.11 Missile Barrel
      8.12 Plasma Barrel
9 Vehicles
      9.1 Mongoose Grav Cycle
      9.2 Dingo Fighter
      9.3 Hammer Bomber
      9.4 Piltdown Transport
10 Base Assets
      10.1 Generator
      10.2 Inventory Station
      10.3 Vehicle Station
      10.4 Base Turrets
      10.5 Sentry
      10.6 Sensors
11 Basic Strategy
12 Advanced Strategy
13 Team Roles and Strategy
      13.1 Working As a Team/Team Strategy - incomplete
      13.2 Roles
            13.2.1 Flag Runner
            13.2.2 Sniper
            13.2.3 Assassin
            13.2.4 Assault
            13.2.5 Disruptor
            13.2.6 Explosives Personnel
            13.2.7 Flag Recoverer
            13.2.8 Base Defender
            13.2.9 Repairman
            13.2.10 Remote Specialist
            13.2.11 Midfielder
            13.2.12 Fighter Attack
            13.2.13 Fighter Defense
            13.2.14 Bomber Attack
            13.2.15 Transport Operator
14 Game Type Specific Strategy
      14.1 Capture the Flag
      14.2 Capture and Hold
      14.3 Team Deathmatch
      14.4 Deathmatch
      14.5 Hunters 
15 Map Strategy
      15.1 Capture the Flag
            15.1.1 Avalon
            15.1.2 Beggar's Run
            15.1.3 Damnation
            15.1.4 Death Birds Fly
            15.1.5 Desiccator
            15.1.6 Firestorm
            15.1.7 Katabatic
            15.1.8 Paranoia
            15.1.9 Quagmire
            15.1.10 Recalescence
            15.1.11 Reversion
            15.1.12 Sanctuary
            15.1.13 Slapdash
            15.1.14 Thin Ice
            15.1.15 Tombstone
      15.2 Capture and Hold - incomplete
      15.3 Team Deathmatch - incomplete
      15.4 Deathmatch - incomplete
      15.5 Hunters - incomplete
16 Strategy Contributed by Others
17 Extra Chat Options
18 Extras
      18.1 AADS (Aerial Assault Dedicated Severs)
      18.2 Glitches
            18.2.1 Mortar Glitch
            18.2.2 V Capping
19 My Kits
20 Other Kits
21 About Me
22 :[DoP]:
23 How to Contribute
24 Links
25 FAQ History
26 Legal Mumbo-jumbo
27 Credits

1 About This FAQ

Hello and welcome to my FAQ.  If you're here it's probably for one of a few
reasons.  Perhaps you're looking into buying Tribes: Aerial Assault.  In this
case I can surely recommend it to you if you are a fan of first person
shooters.  As for the online aspects of the game, it runs well for me and I
have a 56k modem and a crappy ISP.  The only problem with a 56k modem is that
there is a 1 second fire lag but after a while you find yourself getting used
to it (and surprised at how quickly you can fire when you play botmatches).  If 
you already have the game, good, have fun, get an internet adapter and start 
shooting.  Another reason is perhaps you are looking for tips and ideas for
improving your mad skillz (sic).  This guide is an excellent source (in my
opinion) of strategy and ideas on how to make you a better fragger, flag runner
or whatever.

This FAQ is being written so that TAA online junkies like myself can come to
learn, develop, and share strategies.  That's why I have a section labeled
Strategy Contributed by Others and an Other Kits section.  If you'd like to
learn a bit more about the game this probably isn't the best source for that, 
but I will delve in the basics of playing the game.  Please feel free to e-mail
me any tips, tricks, or strategies you would like to see on this FAQ.

If you are just starting out I highly recommend going through the tutorials
from the campaign (even though the first few are a bit stupid but I suppose you
gotta start somewhere).  Do a few of the campaign missions, if you want to go
online with a decent amount of experience, stop after you start doing missions
where you fight the BioDerms.  Also, don't be overconfident if you can beat the
campaign, there are people online (including me) who kick major ass without
beating the campaign.

Also, I'm gonna take a moment to put in a plug for two things.  First is my clan
:[DoP]:.  By the time this FAQ is posted I will be testing all new recruits.  I
have received over 20 e-mails from people asking to join, and so far have I've
let them, however I've never seen almost all of them online.  So far the clan is
as listed on the roster in 22 :[DoP]:.  Also, I've just recently come across the
best online forum for Tribes: Aerial Assault players, www.tribesaa.com.  The
site is tailored mostly for clan interactions and requires an account to do
pretty much anything but has stuff that anyone might want to check out.  If you
are serious about playing Tribes, want to join a clan, want to bump your level
of competition up several notches, looking for some tips, or just want to ramble
about Tribes in general I reccommend that you check out www.tribesaa.com.

There will still be sections left empty in this Version 1.20.  I'm writing this
up as an update.  A few of my ideas and strategies have changed, and I've
developed some new ones.  As before my strategies focus on Capture the Flag.
Strategies for levels in game types other than CTF are still pending however.

Parts of this FAQ were taken from the instruction booklet that comes with the
game, so if you don't have one, this FAQ can be of use to you.  

So there you are, if I think of anything to add to this section I'll add it.  


Note: AADS (short for Aerial Assault Dedicated Servers) are the servers online
that are marked with an arrow or asterisk-like-thingy.

2 Controls

There are four control configurations to choose from.  I've only played with
Configuration A, so obviously that's the one I prefer and recommend.  Any
mention of pressing a specific button (if the button is mentioned by name, e.g.
X, R1, L2) I assume that your configuration is Configuration A.

Button Key:
X - X                   C - Circle              T - Triangle
S - Square              R1 - R1                 R2 - R2	
R3 - R3                 L1 - L1                 L2 - L2
L3 - L3                 DP(U,R,D,L) - Directional Pad (Up,Right,Down,Left)	
ST - Start              SL - Select             RS - Right Stick
LS - Left Stick

2.1 Configuration A

X - next weapon         C - use pack            T - throw grenade
S - toggle target lock  R1 - jet pack           R2 - zoom
R3 - not used           L1 - jump/ski           L2 - fire weapon
L3 - not used           DPU - increase zoom     DPR - talk positive
DPD - decrease zoom     DPL - talk negative     ST - options menu
SL - swap weapon/pack   RS - look/aim           LS - move

2.2 Configuration B

X - next weapon         C - use pack            T - throw grenade
S - toggle target lock  R1 - jump/ski           R2 - fire weapon
R3 - not used           L1 - jet pack           L2 - zoom
L3 - not used           DPU - increase zoom     DPR - talk positive
DPD - decrease zoom     DPL - talk negative     ST - options menu
SL - swap weapon/pack   RS - look/aim           LS - move

2.3 Configuration C

X - decrease zoom       C - talk positive       T - increase zoom
S - talk negative       R1 - jump/ski           R2 - fire weapon
R3 - not used           L1 - jet pack           L2 - zoom
L3 - not used           DPU - throw grenade     DPR - toggle target lock
DPD - next weapon       DPL - use pack          ST - options menu
SL - swap weapon/pack   RS - move               LS - look/aim

2.4 Configuration D

X - decrease zoom       C - talk positive       T - increase zoom
S - talk negative       R1 - jet pack           R2 - fire weapon
R3 - not used           L1 - jump/ski           L2 - zoom
L3 - not used           DPU - throw grenade     DPR - toggle target lock
DPD - next weapon       DPL - use pack          ST - options menu
SL - swap weapon/pack   RS - move               LS - look/aim

2.5 Controlling a Vehicle

Controls are the same except where noted (according to the instruction booklet).
To enter a vehicle you must jump into the pilot or passenger seat (on transports
it is a large red hole in the part of the transport that sticks out from where
the pilot sits), be careful not to miss when entering a vehicle.

Exit Vehicle - L1                               Afterburners - R1 (when moving)
Vertical Thrusters - R1 (when stationary)       Yaw (x-axis,left/right) - RS
Pitch (y-axis,up/down) - LS

3 Introduction to Tribes: Aerial Assault

This section was taken straight out of the manual.

3.1 History

It is the 40th century.  On the frontier "Wilderzone" of human space, hardy
neo-barbarian tribes compete for possession of new worlds.  Tribal warriors
enter combat in powered armor, relying on skill and bravery to win glory.

Now the BioDerm Hordes have started to invade tribal space.  Though the tribes
boast of being the finest warriors humanity has ever produced, they face a
genetically modified race that has literally bred itself for battle.  The
stakes are epic, and the Wilderzone is aflame with a new kind of war.

3.2 Tribes

This section is a bit of inconsequential info on the various tribes.  At the
end of each I'll add a comment as to what color armor is and any notes that I
think you should know.

When creating your character you have your choice of Tribe, gender (for humans),
and voice.  To be a BioDerm you need to toggle gender.  Instead of tribes
BioDerms have skins (different colors).  As for the voices, you'll have to check
those out for yourself.

3.2.1 Blood Eagle

The Blood Eagle claim descent from Imperial Knights sent to pacify the tribes
centuries ago.  Their philosophy is simple and brutal: obliterate the enemy,
whatever the cost.

Color: Red/White

Note: This is the tribe that Ransom, from the campaign, belongs to.

3.2.2 Diamond Sword

Nicknamed "Sandrakers", the contemplative Diamond Sword craft innovative new
strategies.  They say the mind is the greatest weapon, and practice the
enigmatic teachings of the Enlightened Master.

Color: Gold/Black

Note: This is the tribe I usually play as.  This and Starwolf have the coolest
looking armors.

3.2.3 Harbingers of Phoenix

Formerly the Children of Phoenix, the elitist Harbingers believe the return of
Holy Phoenix is imminent, and have triggered a crusade to bring all the tribes
under the Phoenix banner.

Color: Purple/Gold

3.2.4 Starwolf

The freedom-loving Starwolf were once more far-flung than any other tribe. 
However, the initial Horde strike has nearly eradicated them.  Time will tell
whether they survive.

Color: White/Blue

Note: This armor is a great choice if you know you are going to spend a lot of
time on a snow covered map.  At least in theory, I haven't experimented with
its visibility against snow, but I doubt that it would work as it should since
the enemy would see a large red arrow above your head anyway.  Oh well.

3.2.5 The BioDerm Hordes

Artificially grown slave-soldiers who once served the Empire and now fight a
long, bloody war against it, the BioDerm seek to break the deadlock by
acquiring the wealth of the tribal Wilderzone.

Skin 1: Gold
Skin 2: Silver
Skin 3: Blue

Note: Colors listed are the color of the armor.  BioDerms have tan colored skin.

Note: Someone sent me an e-mail (before I was unable to access my AOL account)
mentioning that BioDerms are shorter than human players.  I'm not sure if this
necessarily gives the BioDerms any advantage but I haven't experimented with it.
If you know for sure, send me a mail.

4 Game Types

These are the different types of games, there are only 5.  I'll give you the
description listed in the instruction manual and then I'll add anything I think
that it is missing as well as any notes that come to mind.

Also I've created words and phrases to call certain situations that can occur. 
For more details read on.

4.1 Capture the Flag (CTF)

The objectives of CTF are twofold: capture the enemy's flag and protect your
own.  A flag is "capped" when a player successfully takes the enemy flag
(accomplished by touching it) and touches it to his own flag.  Each team's base
flag locations are automatically waypointed for all players.  CTF games end
when one team has captured the other team's flag 8 times or the game time

This is by far my most favorite type of game.  This type involves the most use
of strategy.  But one should note that this not only calls for strategy, but
for TEAMWORK (gasp).  By default, there isn't much ability to communicate in
Tribes, but it is possible, see 17 Extra Chat Options for more info.  Killing
your opponents isn't required, but it certainly helps out.

Flag Switch - a condition in which both flags have been captured by their
respective enemies, Flag Switch ends when one Flag Runner has been killed and
the flag has been returned

Stalemate - a condition that often occurs soon after a Flag Switch, it occurs
when both flags have been captured and the respective Flag Runners have
returned to their bases and either prance around with a Repair Pack or fortify
themselves (I've played games where this has occurred for 30 minutes at a
time), Stalemate ends the same way Flag Switch does

4.2 Capture and Hold (CNH)

Each team must capture a number of objectives, which are usually found in
bunkers or towers.  Once an objective is captured, all assets associated with
it come under the capturing team's control.  A team gets points for the time it
retains control of an objective.

If I can't find a good CTF game I try to find a CNH game.  These aren't as
common though.

4.3 Team Deathmatch (TDM)

Similar to Deathmatch, this game type allows you to play with a team.  Victory
goes to the team with the highest number of kills.

A fun way to play; all the fragging action of Deathmatch, but with teams!

4.4 Deathmatch (DM)

Straight kill-or-be-killed, everyone for himself competition.  Victory goes to
the player with the highest score!

A hectic game to play.  Keep in mind that if you are good at CTF that doesn't
guarantee that you can hold your own in DM.  Becoming good at DM is a different
skill from becoming good at CTF.  Be ready for a bit of frustration if you
aren't used to DM, but after you play it for a while you'll get the hang of it. 
It can also be observed that spending a few hours playing Deathmatch can
increase your effectiveness at killing your opponents it CTF, which can
sometimes save your team a lot of pain.  Many times you will see people in CTF
that have scores of around 100 but they haven't actually killed more than one
or two people.

4.5 Hunters

A hybrid of CTF and Deathmatch type play.  Every time you kill an enemy, he
drops flags you can collect by running over them.  To score, return accumulated
flags to the Nexus.  The first flag is worth one point, the second is worth
two, the fifth is worth 5, etc...  Turning in seven flags is worth
1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28 points.  Turning in 50 flags is worth 1275 points!  Flags on
the ground have different values according to the color they radiate.
Red - 1 flag
Blue - 2 flags
Green - 4 flags
White - 8 flags

I almost never play Hunters unless there are no other games available and I'm
desperately bored.  I'm sure there are some really good people who play
Hunters, but I'm not one of them.

5 Armors

In order to do combat you must first suit up into your armor.  The default
armor/equipment whenever you spawn is Light armor with a Blaster, Spinfusor,
and Chaingun and Basic grenades.

5.1 Light

Light armor is the armor I spend the most time with.  Movement is the greatest,
you consume less energy to cover the same distances with your jet pack, and you
can pilot all vehicles.  I use Light in Deathmatches because of its superior
maneuverability even though you might be tempted to cover yourself in as much
metal as possible and pack whatever even remotely dangerous objects you can find
into your guns and start mowing people down, it doesn't work that way.  Perfect
for Flag Runners, Snipers, and Assassins.  Light is the only armor capable of 
carrying the Laser Rifle, but it cannot carry a Missile Launcher or Fusion 
Mortar.  It cannot carry any particularly heavy packs such as Barrels, Remote 
Inventory Stations, or Remote Turrets.  You can carry 3 weapons in Light armor.

5.2 Medium

Medium is my second armor of choice.  It's good for anything that doesn't
require fast movement and even a few things that do.  It is also useful because
it is the fastest armor that can carry a Missile Launcher to swat down the
occasional (or sometimes the not-so-occasional) bomber.  Its movement and jet
pack ability are between Heavy and Light and you can pilot everything except a
Grav Cycle (assuming of course, you aren't carrying a heavy pack).  Medium is
ideal for Base Defenders who need to set up defenses as quickly as possible. 
It is also useful for aerial support as you can still pilot a bomber or a
fighter.  Medium can equip all weapons except a Fusion Mortar and Laser Rifle
and it can carry all packs.  You can carry up to 4 weapons at a time.

5.3 Heavy

Useful for situations that require a solid defense in a small area or a heavy
assault.  Personally, I don't use them very often compared to Light and Medium. 
Please avoid the temptation (as stated above) to load up everything possible
thinking that you are now an unstoppable behemoth, because unless you are
carrying a Repair Pack too you're going to get destroyed fast.  There are a few
a few good advantages to Heavy; you can carry all weapons excluding the Laser
Rifle, so you can now rain Fusion Mortars.  Unfortunately (or perhaps
fortunately) they cannot pilot any vehicles, they can, however, be passengers
on a transport.  So if you're really organized and can get a transport and 4
Heavy armored people together, you can assault even the best defended bases, or
rain Fusion shells on an enemy base from above.  Oh, you can also carry 5 
weapons and all packs.

6 Weapons

There isn't a single weapon in TAA that isn't useful somewhere, unlike other
FPS games I've played.  Just when you begin to think that some weapon isn't
worth using because it's too weak or too slow, someone comes and blows you into
oblivion with it.  Each weapon/grenade/pack/base asset in the following
sections have the description from the instruction manual (if it has one) and
my own thoughts as well as (in the case of the weapons) how it should be used
and how to avoid it.  So study hard, these things can help you or hurt you (or
sometimes both at once).

6.1 Blaster

A coherent pulsed energy carbine, the Blaster is the standard tribal sidearm.
Ammo: Unlimited - draws from armor energy.
Advantages: High rate of fire, long range, ignores some shields, ricochets at
close range.
Disadvantages: Low damage, Energy use can interfere with mobility.

Those advantages and disadvantages may cause you to think that this is a weak
little weapon at first, but it's not.  It is often the first weapon I use when I
respawn into the middle of battle.  And its ability to shoot through shields
can really help too.
Use: In close quarters if you don't plan on using the jet pack much.  Try to
avoid using it on the fly.
Avoid: Distance and dodging, both make you harder to hit.  Get a hill between
the shooter and you if you can (this tactic is useful for all weapons except a
missile will follow you over a hill).

6.2 Chaingun

The Chaingun churns out a hail of explosive microflechettes that quickly chews
up targets.
Ammo: Limited.
Advantages: High rate of fire, substantial damage at close range, conical
"spread" to target.
Disadvantages: Ineffective at long range, short delay between trigger press and
onset of fire.

A very useful weapon indeed.  This is and the Spinfusor are standard to most of
my kits.  Works wonders at close range, but if you want to see how good it is
at long range, just zoom in and fire and see if you can spot any of the shots
within your field of vision.  If you come up behind someone and they haven't
figured out you are there, get out you Chaingun and shoot them, most of the
time you will kill them before they can react.  It may not seem like it is any
good against moving targets, but it is.  However, two conditions practically
have to be met to hit something on the move, they must be moving directly
towards or away from you and they must be pretty close.  If possible, try to
constantly tap the fire button to keep the barrel spinning without firing, that
way you can start firing right away when you need to.
Use: In close quarters (not too close, you can damage yourself if you stand to
close to what you're shooting), preferably indoors but it works outdoors too. 
Avoid: Keep your distance or try to flank the enemy.

6.3 Fusion Mortar

No other weapon carried by warriors matches the mortar's destructive power.
Ammo: Limited.
Advantages: Explosive damage, indirect fire.
Disadvantages: Ineffective at long range, short delay between trigger press and
onset of fire.

Can you really count explosive damage and indirect fire as advantages?  The
Fusion Mortar is essentially an upgraded Grenade Launcher, and they can, like
grenades, bounce off walls.  This WOULD be the greatest weapon in the game, if
you didn't have to trudge around in Heavy armor to use it.  Nonetheless, if you
ARE in Heavy armor, by all means, use it with deadly force.
Use: Whenever you can accurately hit what you're aiming at.  Works wonders
against players and base structures indoors, or outdoors too.
Avoid: In Light, turn on your jet pack and fly (if you're indoors, get ready to
respawn), in Medium, do the same, in Heavy, relax; you can usually take one 
shot, but not two.

6.4 Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher lobs grenades much farther than warriors can throw them.
Ammo: Limited.
Advantages: Explosive damage, indirect fire, grenades can bounce around
Disadvantages: Difficult to aim directly.

The Grenade Launcher is a watered down Fusion Mortar.  However Light can carry
it (woohoo).  However, it can sometimes do more damage to you then to them.
Also, it is good for hitting Snipers who don't know you are there (from a
distance, aim for the small red dot that is above them).  They are also
extremely good for hitting stray Heavy armored people.  Overall the Grenade
Launcher is the best way to do large amounts of damage quickly.  It has a much
faster rate of fire than a Fusion Mortar, thus making it harder to avoid when
defending.  However, like the Fusion Mortar, it is hard to hit people who are in
the air with it.
Use: Good damage to players quickly, use to destroy base structures if you
aren't in Heavy armor.  They can also be used be used to destroy Heavy armored
people who are slowly walking towards your base.
Avoid: In tight quarters there isn't much you can do, in the open you can
handle them in the same way you handle Fusion shells, just without the panic. 
If you are in Heavy armor, pray that by some dumb luck whoever is shooting at
you suddenly dies.

6.5 Laser Rifle

The Laser Rifle is a deadly Sniper's weapon.
Ammo: Unlimited - draws from armor energy.
Advantages: Substantial damage (especially head shots), instant projectile
speed, virtually unlimited range.
Disadvantages: Slow rate of fire, each shot completely drains the armor's
energy, deals damage proportionate to current energy supply (less energy, less
damage), can only be carried by Light armor.

The Laser Rifle would be quite useful if you could kill someone in one hit to
the head, but you can't unfortunately (or at least not in my experience).  It
can do massive damage though, it often results in "Warrior 1 has landed to
hard."  There are some maps where it can be useful.  The other MAJOR
disadvantage they don't list is that it is near impossible to hit moving
targets.  It is more useful if you are carrying an Energy Pack.  Snipers can
take this, get into a Grav Cycle, climb a mountain, and start picking people
Use: Whenever you have a clear shot.
Avoid: Move, move, move.

6.6 Missile Launcher

Primarily used against vehicles, this weapon fires guided missiles across long
Ammo: Limited.
Advantages: Explosive damage, long range, can lock onto and follow targets.
Disadvantages: Lock on functionality requires delay to establish lock, slow
rate of fire.

This weapon is useful (and equipped on all of my Medium and Heavy kits), but
getting a lock can be tricky.  Getting a lock on players requires them to have
a high heat signature (so this can be good for shooting down Flag Runners,
assuming that they're out of Flares).  The Missile Launcher is definitely
worth using.
Use: To swat down those bothersome vehicles that attack your base.  They can
also take down an unprepared skymonger.
Avoid: Toss a Flare, otherwise prepare to respawn, they almost never miss. 
Medium and Heavy can take one shot, but not much past that.  If someone or
something is trying to get a lock on you, stop using your jets if you can do so
in time to avoid allowing them enough time to fire.

6.7 Plasma Rifle

This weapon fires superheated balls of plasma that explode on contact with the
Ammo: Limited.
Advantages: Explosive damage, decent rate of fire.
Disadvantages: Slow projectile movement.

This is another all around good weapon.  It is best for shooting stationary or
nearby targets.  Otherwise you need a lucky shot to hit.  It is also decent for
taking out structures, especially ones that aren't protected by a shield (cough,
destroy generator, cough).
Use: On stationary or close targets.  Good for destroying unshielded things.
Avoid: Distance and/or fast movement.

6.8 Spinfusor

The Spinfusor fires a high-explosive disc-shaped charge.
Ammo: Limited.
Advantages: Explosive damage, long range.
Disadvantages: None.

The Spinfusor is the workhorse of TAA.  This is probably the most common weapon
(ALL of my kits have it).  It is good in almost any situation.  It's not the
most powerful, but enough shots can get the job done.  Despite its
explosiveness, it actually doesn't do much damage back to you unless you're
standing very close to where it hits.
Use: Anytime, anywhere.
Avoid: As with any other weapon with splash damage (Spinfusor, Fusion Mortar,
Grenade Launcher, Plasma Rifle, and, to a somewhat lesser extent, Missile
Launcher) you have a significantly higher chance of taking little/no damage
while you are in the air.

7 Grenades

Obviously they aren't used as often as the other weapons, but each grenade
gives you a distinct advantage that is exclusive to that grenade (with the
exception of the Basic grenade, all grenades except Flares do damage).  Some
are more useful than others however.  I'll also give you ideas for when to use

7.1 Basic

A timed explosive charge thrown by a warrior.  Does substantial damage to all
nearby objects.

The Basic grenade is a good alternative to the grenade launcher in close range. 
However it is about as useful otherwise.
Use: Destroying base structures and players.

7.2 Concussion

This grenade does little damage but produces a powerful concussive force that
pushes warriors away from the point of detonation.  The force from a concussion
grenade is strong enough to cause victims to drop their active weapon, their
pack, and even the flag in CTF games.

Evil!  This is the bane of Flag Runners and Heavy armors.  Any veteran player
knows to use this to end Stalemate or to stop those pesky Fusion Mortars.  It
can be useful just for stopping people from shooting you (especially if you can
get someone to drop their Fusion Mortar) but you will find that it can be
employed to indirectly score points for your team.  Also fun for the occasional
concussion war between Heavies.
Use: Make a player drop their stuff (especially flags).

7.3 Flare

Flare grenades use a slow-burning thermal charge.  They are primarily used to
decoy guided missiles away from targets.

These will save your life countless times.  And if you didn't know it already,
you can throw them while inside vehicles.  Useless for anything other than
stopping missiles.
Use: When your lock-on indicator is flashing red, press whatever button you use
to throw grenades.

7.4 Mine

When deployed, a mine burrows into the ground and arms itself.  Thereafter, it
will explode when any warrior or vehicle enters its detection radius.

Useful for setting traps.  Place near generators or flags and hopefully none of
your teammates will come by.  They can be detonated prematurely by any sort of
damage (preferably splash damage).  You cannot place more than one mine in a
very small area, and I think they automatically detonate after a certain amount
of time or if you change armors (neither of those have been verified, but
sometimes my Mines disappear without anybody hitting them).  They can only be
set on floors.  One taste of this will (usually) kill off someone in Light, but
hopefully (or not so hopefully) Medium and Heavy users will take the first one
as a warning.
Use: Place near generators (friend or foe) or around your flag (please detonate
them before your Flag Runner returns with the enemy flag).  They can also help
stop enemies while you are using defensive or aggressive defensive tactics.

8 Packs

Packs are what you carry on your back.  They have a variety of functions and
uses.  Like the weapons, there aren't any packs that aren't without use, but
some will inevitably be used more than others.  Once again I'll add comments
and how/when to use them.

8.1 Ammunition

Increases your armor's magazine capacity for all limited ammunition weapons. 
Has no impact on your armors energy supply.

This is a good pack to have when going into a fire fight that you expect to be
long and to be one you can survive in.  It also works well for defending so you
don't have to resupply as often.  A handy trick involving Ammo Packs: if you
come accross an Ammo Pack laying around and you need some ammo walk over to it,
switch packs, then switch back to your other pack (if you want to) and there you
go, ammo restocked.
Use: When you are expecting a long, drawn out battle (offensive or defensive)
without any breaks to stop by an inventory station, you can also use this for a
quick ammo boost.

8.2 Energy

Increases the rate of energy regeneration, thereby increasing jet mobility and
use of weapons that draw off the energy cell.

Useful for Flag Runners and Snipers when they're not carrying a Repair Pack
(and most good Flag Runners carry a Repair or Energy Pack).  They make flying an
easy and useful way to get from place to place.  If you're a Flag Runner, use
this if you don't plan on using a vehicle to get back to your base.  I don't
have any Medium or Heavy kits that use this pack, but I would imagine that it
would make jetting around easier for them.
Use: Flag Running, Snipering, or for fast movement.  It also gives you more
consecutive shots for your Blaster.

8.3 Repair

The Repair Pack lets you restore an item or player to full health.  To repair a
target, you must have energy available and be at short range.  Press the use
pack button to access the pack's repair projector.  Aim it at the target and
press and hold the fire weapon button.  Aiming at nothing heals you instead.

This is probably the most useful pack there is.  Flag Runners who plan on using
vehicles in non-AADS games (or not) can use this in to heal minor (or major)
amounts of damage inflicted (to heal yourself, just aim at nothing).  In fact,
it is good for healing yourself anytime regardless of armor.  When in doubt,
carry this.  Especially if someone destroys your Generators and you can't use
your Inventory Stations to switch to a Repair Pack to repair them, otherwise you
have to hunt down the one that spawns in your base.  If you respawn and you find
the respawning Repair Pack, pick it up in the meantime, it could come in handy.
They can also be used to heal other players, vehicles, or base assets.  If you
have one and you get into a transport, check to make sure that everyone and
everything is at full health and heal those that aren't.
Use: Anytime you aren't carrying another pack, and even then you might want to
consider switching to it.

8.4 Shield

When activated, this pack provides you with complete protection from all
damage, except Blaster fire, at the expense of your energy.  Protection lasts
as long as energy is available.  Press the use pack button.

Pressing the use pack button activates it (if you were wondering).  It
automatically turns off when you run out of energy.  Jet around as little as
possible while it is turned on.  Perfect for recon missions or sneaking in with
your Concussion grenades for a little flag stealing action.  You can also use
this with the Concussion grenades to make life in Heavy armor easier.  Players
who use this (with any armor type) can be tough nuts to crack, but Concussion
Grenades cause players to drop packs too, so use those to stop those Shield
Lovin' Foo's.
Use: To prevent damage over short periods of time, keep in mind that it doesn't
stop impact damage (from falling or getting run over) or Blaster damage.

8.5 Remote Inventory Station

Only Medium and Heavy armors carry this small version of a base Inventory
Station.  Teammates may obtain any inventory from this station except another
Remote Inventory Station.  Also note that Remote Inventory Stations cannot be
used to change armor.

These are very useful, but, due to the limited amount you can place, be careful
with how you place them.  Put them in vital areas to provide a quick source of
recovery.  Use them as a hub for setting up turrets.  Hide them near normal
Inventory Stations for when the Gens shut down.  Use and abuse them (just don't
abuse them too much, when they're destroyed it's permanent).  Also note that
when a Remote Inventory Station is placed, a beacon is placed that waypoints
the station's location for the other players, but if it receives ANY damage the
beacon is destroyed and players can't see that it is there (in AADS games, the
beacon is restored if you use the station).  You also can't pilot vehicles while
carrying this.
Use: Just place the dang thing where the enemy won't find it.

8.6 Remote Sensor

This item detects movement and energy signatures within a limited range.  When
positioned around friendly turrets, it can greatly increase their targeting

Remote Sensors have two useful functions.  They can improve the range of Remote
and Base Turrets alike, but they can also be used as an obstacle to stop
movement in small areas or can hinder opponents who aren't looking where they
are stepping.  A third, but not as useful, function is that they can distract
AI opponents.  I place them occassionally, I've seen other players who love to
use them, so it's up to you.
Use: To increase a turrets range or to disrupt foot traffic.

8.7 Remote Turret

Remote Turrets detect their targets using their own limited built-in sensors. 
Turrets can be placed on any surface be it a base or terrain.

Very useful as a defensive structure and vital for Generator defense.  They can
also be used as obstacles or to harass opponents (by putting them into an enemy
base).  They can be quickly destroyed, and when they are they disappear, but
they can also be quickly placed.  However you can't place them too close to each
other, which can be an annoyance when you're trying to find a spot to set them
up.  Try to avoid putting them in the center of a room, because then you have
less places to put other turrets.  Think of it this way, do you want 1 turret
guarding the center of a room or 4 turrets placed in the room's corners that
will work together to blast enemies that wander in into soup?  Unfortunately
(for those who place them) they are easy to destroy without getting hurt, but
that is my little secret (it's not that hard to figure out, really).
Use: Anywhere in which the enemy might need to momentarily stand still; the
Remote Turrets hit stationary targets best.

8.8 Remote Detonation Satchel Charge

After deploying this powerful explosive, the user may detonate it by pressing
the use pack button again.  The charge requires a few seconds to arm after

The Satchels can usually destroy a pair of generators in one shot.  And it'll
take down players in any armor in one hit too.  If someone walks in and throws
one, don't panic.  Instead shoot the thing, it will explode and cause
significantly less damage than if it was detonated by the thrower.  Be brave,
and defend your base, or suffer the consequences of having to spend time
repairing.  A good strategy for using Satchels is to place a Remote Inventory
Station near an enemy base, where they would have to look hard to find it, and
switch to the Satchel Pack.  Then place, detonate, restock, and repeat.
Use: Anytime that a big bang is needed.

8.9 Anti-Aircraft Barrel

Twin heavy Blasters on the Anti-Aircraft Turret enable it to chew up any
Turbograv or jetting enemy warriors that venture into range.  it cannot fire at
targets on or too near the ground.

It can shoot down anything in the air, assuming of course that it isn't moving. 
It's good in that it doesn't require a lock to fire, but I still prefer the
Missile Barrel when it comes to taking down aircraft and flying foes.
Use: In places where you expect low flying bombers to come through.

8.10 Mortar Barrel

A larger version of the armor-carried weapon, the Mortar Turret has a much
greater range and delivers a heavier payload.

This is a wonderful defensive tool with only three disadvantages.  It has a
trajectory type fire, so it's not good for hitting things that are in the air
(even though it does tend to score hits quite often, smart flying can keep it
from killing you), it doesn't have a long enough range to stop far away players
from destroying it, and if it doesn't score a direct hit the shell needs a few
seconds to detonate.  Otherwise you can trust it to defend your base
Use: For turrets that are placed low to the ground or in valleys (between

8.11 Missile Barrel

The Missile Turret is equally effective against air or ground targets.  Once
locked onto a target, the missiles home in on it.  Missile Turrets can lose
lock on an aerial target if the target shuts down its afterburners or jets.

The Missile Turret is every aircraft's nightmare.  Imagine a Missile Launcher
that doesn't run out of ammo!  Your Flare supply can become depleted quickly if
they aren't taken out.  Although it doesn't fire as fast as a player can, be
ready with those Flares.  Use these for Base Turrets that are placed in fairly
remote areas so that they can shoot things down without being easy to bomb.
Since they require a lock to fire, they can be taken out from a distance as long
as you don't have too much of a heat signature.  Unfortunately I've never
successfully stopped it from locking on by "turning off the afterburners" on 
vehicles, but it does give you enough time to turn off your jets when you're not
in a vehicle.
Use: Anywhere you expect heavy air attacks or where you think your base would
benefit from an effective anti-aircraft battery.

8.12 Plasma Barrel

The Plasma Turret spits out balls of super-heated plasma.  Though slow, they
deal severe damage to unshielded targets.

They don't really deal as much damage as they should.  I've destroyed several
by standing next to it and strafing, taking care to change directions as soon
as it fires.  It is an okay alternative to the Mortar Barrel, but I never place
a Plasma Barrel unless I accidentally confuse it for a Mortar Barrel (which has
happened to me once or twice).
Use: It's up to you.  If I get around to it I usually switch these to Mortars.

9 Vehicles

Vehicles are very useful tools in TAA, especially when used correctly.  However
efficient use of vehicles can take practice.  Knowing how to pilot is one
useful skill, as well as how to quickly get into and out of a vehicle.  This
section will help you to understand vehicles, or at least allow you to see what
I have to say about them.  I'd also like to point out that all vehicles have a
shield similar to the Shield Pack that relies on the vehicles energy, so if you
are being shot at avoid using the afterburners as it drains your shield and
after that's gone there isn't anything between them and your destruction except
a well placed retreat.  It can be noted that in AADS games you can't get into
any vehicle (expcept the passenger spots on transports) with the flag.

9.1 Mongoose Grav Cycle

A favorite of Snipers and Flag Runners, the Mongoose is a ground-hugging
"Terragrav" built for blazing speed.  Skilled Mongoose pilots build reputations
as fearless daredevils...or absolute psychopaths.
Crew: 1 (pilot), Light armor only.
Speed: High.
Protection: Low.
Armament: None.

This is definitely your vehicle of choice for getting from point A to point B,
assuming that the path is on the ground and is fairly flat.  The fact that it
is not good for traversing mountains makes it a vehicle that is useful in only
a handful of maps.  While you are on one and are stationary you are a sitting
duck so move, after all that is what it was designed for.  A good general
tactic (in non-AADS games) is to park it behind an enemy base, grab the flag,
flee back to it, and jet outta there like a bat outta hell (which raises
questions as to how fast a bat would want to leave hell).  You could bring a
Satchel instead and go for their Generators, or bring a Shield Pack and
Concussion grenades to retrieve your flag.

9.2 Dingo Fighter

The Dingo is often typecast as an anti-Turbograv vehicle.  However, its agility
and Heavy Blasters make it quite effective in a ground support role.
Crew: 1 (pilot).
Speed: High.
Protection: Moderate.
Armament: Twin Heavy Blasters.

This is a versatile vehicle.  At the beginning of a game many players will jump
into bombers and start trying to bomb your base into a crater.  A good
countertactic for this is to jump into a Dingo and shoot down anything that
flies and is too stupid to keep moving.  Think of fighter, bomber, and ground
force as rock, paper, and scissors.  Fighter beats bomber, bomber beats ground
forces, ground forces beat fighters.  Although I'm not saying that a person on
the ground can't take down a bomber, or a fighter can't take out ground forces,
things work most efficiently the way outlined as such.  However, there is an 
extremely useful tactic for taking down players in a fighter that doesn't 
involve the weapons on the vehicle at all.  Just line up the player and run 
him/her/it over.  It takes a bit of practice and is significantly easier on 
targets that are on the ground or against a mountain.  Happy hunting, er 

9.3 Hammer Bomber

The Hammer delivers massive firepower to the battlefield and is particularly 
effective against shielded targets.
Crew: 1 (pilot/bombardier).
Speed: Moderate.
Protection: High.
Armament: Coherent-Plasma Bombs.

The Hammer is definitely the best thing for taking down external base 
structures, and your first targets should be any turrets that shoot things out 
of the air and Vehicle Stations to prevent them from doing the same to you.  
Make sure you fly as high as possible in a bomber, most of the time anyway.  If 
you are dealing with a Missile Turret, you can avoid missiles if you are high 
enough and are directly above the turret.  If a fighter is trying to shoot you 
down, never remain in one spot for too long.  Try to become good at bombing 
players, as one or two bombs will kill just about any player.  It is a tricky 
thing to do, but it can pay off.  Oh and be sure to hold down R2 when you're 
trying to bomb something; it'll make your life as a bomber easier.

9.4 Piltdown Transport

The Piltdown allows aerial transport of personnel across any terrain.  The ship 
can carry up to four Heavy armors which retain the ability to use their 
personal weapons.  A full load of heavily armed passengers can demolish enemy 
Crew: 5 (pilot, up to 4 passengers).
Speed: Low.
Protection: High.
Armament: Automated Aerial Assault Turret
Capacity: Four passenger slots as well as crew positions.

The Piltdown is the basic unit of teamwork.  But it is hard to organize a full 
party.  One way to attempt it is to commandeer one and park it somewhere 
outside your base until a small group of people catch on and get in.  You can 
also use it to help Flag Runners, if their smart enough to accept your offer.  
Sometime getting into the passenger spots can be tricky though.  I've abandoned 
transports when running the flag because it was taking me too long to get into 
it and I had three people coming after me with Spinfusors.  On the whole the 
Piltdown isn't used as much as it really should be, but that's the way things 
are I guess.

10 Base Assets

This section is for the structures that make up the innards of your base.  
While none of them are essential for accomplishing the task of capturing your 
enemy's flag, taking strongholds, or killing your opponents they all make life 
a LOT easier.  They all do something (I think) that works for you and if they 
are destroyed you should probably repair them unless you deem it unnecessary.  
Everything in this section is powered by the Generators (sometimes referred to 
as Gens for short), so if they are destroyed everything else is rendered 
effectively useless.  So keep those Gens running whenever possible.

10.1 Generator

Generators constitute the primary power supply for most tribal bases.  These 
are usually the first items targeted in an attack, since once they are 
destroyed all other base equipment loses power and ceases to function.

The statement about them being the first things targeted isn't necessarily 
true, but they are important nonetheless.  Generators should be guarded at most 
(if not all) cost.  Place plenty of Remote Turrets.  If they are destroyed 
everything that isn't a Remote Something ceases to work and their shields quit 
working, making them easier to destroy.  In some situations you can place a 
Remote Inventory Station in a fairly hidden spot and live without your Gens, 
but keep in mind that you only have access to Light armor and everything from 
Vehicle Stations to Base Turrets won't work, making you more susceptible to 
attack.  If you want to destroy Gens there are a few ways to approach it.  If 
nobody saw you sneak in take your time with the first one (usually there are 
two, in some maps there is only one), assuming that it isn't guarded by Remote 
Turrets, by taking it out with a Chaingun and then use something fairly 
powerful, like a Plasma Rifle, for the second one.  If they saw you sneak in, 
hit 'em with everything you've got.  Another way is to bring a Fusion Mortar 
(good luck) or a Satchel to destroy them in a short period of time.  The 
Satchel is most effective when two Gens are next to each other, otherwise you 
can only take out one and the other is left to your weapons to destroy.

10.2 Inventory Station

An essential strategic asset, Inventory Stations allow you to customize your 
equipment.  First, enter the IN-GAME OPTIONS menu and select the IVENTORY tab 
option.  Select gear from the various drop boxes.  Next, walk onto the 
station's pad and the new loadout will materialize immediately.

I prefer to go into games with pre-saved "kits".  To do this simply go into a 
Botmatch, set up what kits you want, then quit the game and save afterwards.  I 
usually don't save after battles online so that I preserve my pre-saved kits.  
The Inventory Stations are certainly very useful, there is usually an Inventory 
Station race at the beginning of a game.  Work quickly and don't hog the 
station or you will make the other players mad, which could lead to you getting 
voted off the team.  They aren't too hard to destroy, they are easier to nail 
(and therefore in the interest of ammo conservation) when the Gens are down as 
they then have no protective shield.

10.3 Vehicle Station

Vehicle Stations allow you to create battle-ready vehicles.  To activate a 
vehicle station, you must first enter the IN-GAME OPTIONS menu and select the 
INVENTORY tab option.  Scroll down to the VEHICLES option and select which 
vehicle you wish to use.  Next, step on the vehicle station's pad and wait for 
your vehicle to appear.

Wouldn't it be great if you could create vehicles like this in real life?  Oh 
well.  This is another vital structure that you might want to preserve.  When 
you create a vehicle DON'T LEAVE IT ON THE PAD, especially Transports, make it 
and get away.  If you create a vehicle you can't get into, unless you can 
quickly change your equipment, make sure nobody is trying to get into it and if 
nobody does, destroy it.  You don't lose personal points for destroying 
friendly vehicles (assuming there aren't any friendlies in it).  Destroying 
Vehicle Stations is easily done with a bomber, aim for the small activation 
pad, not the spot where the vehicles are actually created.  It is possible to 
destroy it without a bomber, but the shield is tough.  I once spent 25 Spinfusor
discs and 100 Chaingun shots to destroy 1 Vehicle Station.  It is a  bit easier
without its shield, but then you have to go through the Gens first.

10.4 Base Turrets

The functions of the various Base Turrets are described in Sections 8.9 through 
8.12.  They are very helpful but many inexperienced players may not repair them.
Don't make that mistake.  If there's a pause in the action, try to repair your
turrets, even if they aren't destroyed.  They are best destroyed in a bomber,
but can be taken down with Missile Launchers or other weapons.  In non-AADS
games 4 missiles will take them down, but in AADS games they have a much tougher
shield, the best way to take them out is to coordinate an attack (or use a
bomber, or coordinate attacks with bombers).

10.5 Sentry

The Sentry uses a built-in sensor to target its enemies and is often found 
indoors on walls or ceilings.

This is a sort of not-so-remote turret.  It does have a pretty good range and 
fires the same type of shot that the Blaster uses.  However it is useless when 
the Gens aren't running.  Sometimes it is a good idea to remove these 
bothersome structures from your path.  Or you might want to repair those of 
yours that have been destroyed.

10.6 Sensors

I'm not sure how significant Sensors are.  They probably do something, I'm just 
not entirely sure what it is.  They're probably just really big Remote Sensors.  
They provide a few personal points when destroyed and can't function without 
the Generators.  Other than that they are just a little diversion.  I often 
repair them to make myself look good, even though I'm not sure what their 
significance is.

11 Basic Strategy

This section covers some basic strategies for Tribes.

-Tribes was advertised with emphasis on the jet pack.  I talked to people who 
have played the original and they said it was part of the original Tribes also.  
Nonetheless, the jet pack is vital for getting from place to place without a 
vehicle, but proper usage is required.  Use R1 to activate your jet pack.  While
holding R1, if you press no direction you get a quicker vertical thrust.
Pressing the left stick to move greatly decreases your vertical movement, but 
allows you to move in a direction.  Keep this in mind while using the jet pack.

-Keep physics in mind when flying.  When the jet pack isn't on you have no 
control over which direction you are moving, due to inertia.  The jet pack can 
be used in conjunction with the left stick to change direction, but the easiest 
way to control direction is to control it from take off.

-Light armor is best used for situations where you need to move fast.  Learn 
when to use it.  It can pilot all vehicles.

-Medium armor is a heavier version of Light.  There are a few exclusive 
advantages to Medium armor, such as its ability to carry heavier packs.  It can 
pilot all vehicles except the grav cycle.

-Heavy armor has the greatest defense, but it sacrifices speed.  It is good for 
defense in some cases, but not all.  It can carry the effective Fusion Mortar 
too, but it cannot pilot any vehicles (it can ride in transports though).

-Skiing is an important skill to master.  It allows you to move very fast in 
Light armor and faster than usual in Heavy armor.  To see press and hold L1 as 
you go downhill.

-Be careful when firing weapons with splash damage, don't be too close to where 
it explodes.  This includes the Chaingun to a certain extent.  Blaster shots, 
when bouncing off of walls, can hit you.

-Personal points are different from team points.  Personal points are a way to 
measure players' individual talents/skills/worth.  You get points for scoring 
for your team (1 point for both you and your team when you pick up a flag in 
CTF, 10 points for you and the team when the flag is captured) but you also get 
points for killing players, destroying base assets, or killing people just as 
they are about to take your flag (defending the flag).  Other than bragging 
rights, personal points don't have any real value.

-Make sure you can HEAR what is happening.  Learn what a bomber's bombs sound 
like as they fall.  Know what sound a Concussion grenade makes when it 
explodes.  Listen for footsteps of possible enemies behind you.  Turn up the 
volume if you have to.  Don't take out your CD player and start blasting tunes 
over the game's audio (like I've done on a few occasions).  Audio cues tell you 
things such as when you flag has been captured (in CTF) or when someone has 
dropped a flag.

-Normally a base is fairly well lit, but if the Gens go down the lighting is
reduced and you only have a red emergency light on.  Keep this in mind to tell
if you or your enemy base no longer has functioning Gens.  Also any outposts and
towers that rely on Gens elsewhere will show the telltale red emergency light
when not operational, if you see it you can't use Inventory Stations and other
stuff, if you don't see it (even is the Gens are down) the Inventory Stations
are still operational.

-Be clever.  Remember at most times (online) you are fighting against other
humans.  Some of them will fall for your cheap tricks and some won't.  Most
people learn what tricks your using after the first few encounters.  If you mine
your flag, and the enemy flag runner trips the mine, he's probably going to
expect mines next time.  Vary your tactics and don't be unwilling to switch
tactics quickly if you need to.  Flexibility itself is a useful strategy.

12 Advanced Strategy

This section is an expansion on the last section.  This is where real strategy 
comes in.  If I can think of anything else I'll add it in later updates.

-My number one tip for living and scoring is to think.  Use your brain.  If you
see enemies sneaking around the mountains, don't ignore them, do something about
it.  Share info with your teammates (by using the extra chats) if possible.  If
a teammate is in trouble and he's about to die, let him die; as cruel as it
seems if there is something you need to do (like say, destroying an enemy
generator) it is most often accomplished while you are still alive.  Take
different approaches, sometimes the same trick will work numerous times, but
sometimes players catch on.  Take lessons from Sun Tzu (yes I realize he's dead,
I meant read his book, and for that matter you might want to look into Zhuge
Liang or any of the other strategists of the Three Kingdoms).

-You can sometimes organize an attack party by creating a Piltdown and parking
it somewhere near your base where your teammates will find it.  Don't be
impatient, try to go with a full load.  If players in the transport want to move
and you're not full, let 'em get out; it's their loss.  There's few things more
intimidating than seeing five red arrows flying through the air right next to
each other.

-Personal Points are cool and all, but don't get drunk on your ability to score
a bazillion points in a game.  Most of the less dignified and more essential
jobs reward you with less points.  So don't always be a score-hungry twit and
try doing one of the thankless jobs for a change.

-When you are at the top of a mountain and there is another mountain in front 
of you AND there's a valley between you and the other mountain, don't bother to 
ski down and go back up again.  If you can, hit the jet pack and fly across.  
The idea here is that if you ski down, sure you can go fast, but when you get 
to the other mountain you are easier to hit and you are moving faster 
vertically then you are horizontally, which wastes time.  If you jet across you 
remove these disadvantages.  I'm not sure if this is very clear, but try to
understand what I'm saying: "move master horizontally than you do vertically" is
essentially it.  If you don't have the energy, wait, but if you absolutely
cannot afford to wait then by all means ski until your energy refills, but get
up that mountain fast!

-Know what pack to carry and when.  I've seen people wander around with a
Satchel when they aren't carrying anything else.  Don't do that, when in doubt,
a Repair Pack is the best way to go.

-This isn't really a strategy but if a vote to kick someone has been initiated 
check into the scores.  If the person has a negative score, chances are they 
are trying to sabotage your base and should be kicked out immediately.
Sometimes saboteurs will disconnect then reconnect to prevent being kicked, if 
that happens try to reinitiate the vote to kick them when they return.
On the reverse, if some pip-squeak is jealous of a high scoring player he may
try to get them kicked off.  In this case if you check the scores and the player
has a high ranking score, you would probably benefit from their continued
support and should try to prevent them from being kicked.  And if you know that
the person who they're trying to kick is doing something important or has just
made a few mistakes, intervene on their behalf.  I've been kicked while I was
carrying an enemy flag and once when I was piloting a transport.  I wonder how
stupid my teams felt after those incidents.

-The Aggressive Defense Tactic: basically what you do is grab stuff (such as
Remote Inventory Stations) that you would use to defend a portion of your own
base, but instead bring it to or near the enemy base and camp.

13 Team Roles and Strategy

This section has several suggestions as to what you should do to work as a 
team, which is the point of TAA.  Unfortunately the difficulty in communication 
makes life much harder, but that doesn't mean that teamwork is impossible.  
These sections describe ways of rallying your teams and provide guidelines for 
different roles that you can play to make things go smoother.

13.1 Working As a Team/Team Strategy 

The name of the game is teamwork (not literally).  Coordinating attack and
defense forces are difficult due to the limited communication (most of the
time).  Try your best to get everybody involved.  The extra chat options allow
for a greater array of communication options, so use them if you can.

-The basic and most easy way of organizing a team is by using transports (as
stating a few times above).  Try and get those going.

-If you enter an enemy base with the intention of destroying their generators
but someone is already doing it for you, join in to make it go faster or get in
position to blast an Inventory Station.  Blowing things up only requires one or
two people to do, so don't have an entire group destroying everything.

-On a similar note, as for the various jobs (listed below), try to avoid having
too many people doing the same job.

-Communicate if possible.  Cheer on your teammates when they do something good,
it's good for morale.

-Despite popular opinion, the best defense is NOT a good offense.  Defense is as
important as offense.  80% of the time a good defense will beat out a good

13.2 Roles

There are plenty of things you can do to further your team.  Think of roles as 
jobs, maybe that's a better word for it.  If someone/someones are already 
filling roles that require one or a few people to do, do something else 
instead.  Your team doesn't need five Flag Runners, only one can have the flag 
at a time, but you may want to have two or three people actively seeking your 
opponents' flag.  Having a full set of bombers flying around is often 
unnecessary, often one bomber is fully capable of taking out an entire base's 
external structure.  Unless you have enough people, don't have two transports 
running at a time.  I think you probably get the idea.

13.2.1 Flag Runner

Flag Runners do basically what it sounds like.  Run, grab your enemies flag, 
and run back.  There are multiple ways to do this of course, and you should 
also take precautions in approaching the enemy's base.

-If possible take a vehicle to and from the enemy base.  Be aware that in AADS
games you cannot get into vehicles (except for the passenger spots on

-Energy Packs make getting around faster.  Repair packs allow you to heal damage
as you run.  The Repair Pack doesn't work as well in AADS games since it drains
your energy though.  Use your own discretion (and hope it's a good one).  I
suggest using one of these packs.

-Kill your pursuers whenever possible.

-You enemies don't want you to get their flag.  Most of the time they will take
steps to prevent you from touching it.  Plan your attacks when possible,
surprise attacks and raids by you or teammantes can throw the enemy into
disarray or confusion, making it easier to grab their flag and get out alive.

13.2.2 Sniper

Snipers are people who destroy objects or players from a distance.  They don't 
necessary use Laser Rifles (and in the case of base assets they shouldn't) but 
they certainly can be used to pick off idle players.  Snipers aren't integral 
to your team, but one couldn't hurt.

-Carry an Energy Pack to charge your energy faster.

-Pick off stationary targets that are set up to prevent passage in a certain
area.  You may kill them and make life easier for your teammates or you can at
least distract them.

13.2.3 Assassin

Assassins are the people who come in, kill someone or something, and then 
leave.  They come back again if they need to.  They could waltz into the 
enemy's compound and blast the Generators.  They could retrieve their teams 
flag from a zealous adversary.  They destroy things, got it?

-Light armor is usually the best way to go.  It is easy to kill from the sky.

13.2.4 Assault

Assaulters generally get themselves into Heavy and, well, assault.  Their job
is similar to disruption, they spend their time just making life harder for the
enemy, or distracting them from others or their own tasks.

-Assaulting doesn't work so well on some levels, but works well on others.  The
best kit I've found for Assaulting is Heavy (make sure you have a Grenade and
Missile Launcher and a Fusion Mortar) with an Energy Pack and Concussion
Grenades.  Use the Concussion Grenades to remove Shield Packs and Fusion Mortars
from your enemies (or flags if they've got 'em).

-If you make it inside the enemy base, try to stay alive as long as possible

-Since it's the enemy base, you don't have to worry about destroying your own
stuff so you can use your Fusion Mortar freely inside.

13.2.5 Disruptor

Disruptors, like several of the other jobs, just try to make life miserable for
the opponents.  The foremost way to accomplish this is destroying the enemy's
Gens followed by any other Base Assets you can find.

-The Gens should probably be the first target.  Bring anything neccessary to
take them and anything that could get in your way down.

-Make sure you know where ALL Base Assets in your enemy's base is, so you can
quickly take them out when the Gens are down.

-Using a Fusion Mortar inside the enemy base is a great way to deal lots of
damage fast, just be careful with your own health.

13.2.6 Explosives Personnel

They usually carry around a Satchel Charge for anything that might require a 
quick destroying.  Ideally there should be one person who picks up a Satchel, 
hops into a fast vehicle, jets over to the enemy base, and blows their Gens to 

-Light armor is suggested, but not always neccessary.

-Try placing a Remote Inventory Station near an enemy base and use it to
continually restock your Satchel.

13.2.7 Flag Recoverer

A variation on the Assassin.  In fact the Assassin and Flag Recoverer jobs are 
essentially the same, it's just that a Flag Recoverer should focus on ending 

-The best way to recover your flag when the enemy is hiding within their own
base is to use a Shield Pack/Concussion grenade combo.  If they're hopping
around outside, bring an Energy Pack and some good weapons.

13.2.8 Base Defender

A Base Defender sets up Remote Inventories, Turrets, or Sensors.  They 
basically should try to make it so that capturing the flag or destroying base 
assets is a tough thing to do.

-Set up Remote Inventory Stations where they are convenient to use or where the
enemy isn't likey to find them.  Learn where to place them on maps by making
note of good places where other players place them.

-When setting up Remote Turrets, set up a Remote Inventory Station first so you
don't have to run back to a normal Inventory Station to restock.

-The equipment to use depends on several factors, such as where and what.  If
you're outside, you're going to be a little tougher to hit so extra protection
may not be needed.  Instead you might want to use an Ammo Pack so that you don't
have to restock as often, or an Energy Pack to help evade enemy attacks.  If
you're inside you want to pack some good firepower (but be careful about
destroying your own stuff) and some good protection since it is more difficult
to avoid damage inside.  Consider using Grenade Launchers and Fusion Mortars (if
you can use the Fusion Mortar without destroying your owns stuff).  Of those two
I reccommend the Grenade Launcher because it fires faster, a quick and smart
person can get through gaps in Fusion Mortar fire.  You also might want to use
a Shield Pack and/or Concussion Grenades to prevent some damage.

-Since your base is not the enemy's, the enemies will not care about what gets
damaged when they attack.  Expect Heavies to make full use of Fusion Mortars,
that's why I reccommend using a Shield Pack and Concussion Grenades.

13.2.9 Repairman

A variation on the Base Defenders, Repairmen should be carrying a Repair Pack 
at all times, ready to repair anything that needs it.  And don't forget about 
players and vehicles that need the occasional healing too!

-There's not much to being a Repairman, I suggest using light armor though.

-Be very aware when repairing.  Try to repair in a position that allows you to
see entrances or from where the enemies would most likely be coming.  Even if
what you're repairing blocks your view, you can still see the red arrow above
your enemies.  And when repairing make sure that you can switch back to a good
weapon (switch to the Spinfusor before pressing the circle button to switch to
the Repair Pack, that way you just press circle again and you can start
shooting).  Keeping this in mind can help prevent you from being caught off
guard and killed.

13.2.10 Remote Specialist

Another variation on Base Defenders, a Remote Specialist can try to set up a 
small remote base, either in another section of the map, or near/inside the 
enemy base.

-The "remote base" tactic.  It only works in theory, I've never done it.  Set up
one or two Remote Inventory Stations in an out of the way or isolated spot.
Then start putting up turrets and sensors.  When you respawn, get into your
armor of choice and use an Energy Pack to quickly get to your remote base.

-Putting Remote Turrets near enemy Gens makes them harder to repair.

-Set up Remote Sensors to block easy access to a place that you don't want your
enemy to get to.

-Apply the Aggressive Defense Tactic (described in Section 12). 

13.2.11 Midfielder

This job is sort of a combination of Base Defender and Remote Specialist.  They
basically keep things between your base and the enemy base in your favor.  They
may deploy remote equipment or just try to kill anyone that comes through.

-You might want to bring a Remote Inventory Station to restock and heal.  Make
sure it's quite well hidden so that they at least have to search for it to find

13.2.12 Fighter Attack

Fighter Attackers just hop into a Dingo and shoot anything that moves (and has 
a red life bar).  Kill stuff from the air, whoosh!

-The obvious way to kill is using the blasters, but you can also try to run over
players.  Often smashing into them is more effective than trying to shoot them.

-If you are chasing an enemy Flag Runner and are having a hard time killing
him/her/it jet ahead and steal the enemy flag so they can't score.

-If you're having trouble killing someone, consider just getting out and
shooting at them.  Just make sure they don't steal your Figher.

13.2.13 Fighter Defense

Similar to Fighter Attackers, but they should be protecting the base from 
attackers.  Especially attackers in transports and bombers.

-Watch for bombers and transports and practice shooting them down.

13.2.14 Bomber Attack

Bomber Attackers just hop into a Hammer and bomb anything that moves (and has a 
red life bar).  Bomb stuff from the air, *bomb dropping noise*.  Take care not 
to bomb teammates or yourself, and if a Fighter tries to kill you keep moving.  
Also remember what the bomb dropping noise sounds like so you know when to get 
away from wherever you are (hopefully you don't accidentally wander INTO where 
the bombs are being dropped).

-Bombing players is tricky, you need to judge where to drop the bomb by
compensating for their movement.  Practice makes perfect.

-Bombing entrances to buildings or other spots frequently travelled by players
will get you a few kills too.

13.2.15 Transport Operator

Transport Operators hop into a Piltdown and pick up anything that moves (and 
has a green life bar).  Park it at a spot where players can easily see it so 
that if they want to they can hop in and you guys can have a party at the 
enemy's base.  You can also try to help retrieve Flag Runners.

-Use the extra chat options to notify your team that a transport has been made
(if possible).

-Don't hog the Vehicle Station.

-Be careful not to accidentally run over your teammates (even though it seems
like it's hard to do).

-If you are just sitting and waiting, be careful of enemy vehicles that may try
to destroy the transport.

14 Game Type Specific Strategy

This section contains tips for the various types of games.  Usually these tips
will focus on completing the goal specific to that game type (for instance, how
to be an effective flag capturer in CTF).  As with all strategy sections, keep
an eye out for additions and changes in future updates.

14.1 Capture the Flag

-The obvious method for getting your enemies flag is to go straight at 
them.  This does sometimes work, but a stealthy and thought out plan of attack 
is often more successful.  Get into a vehicle, anything but a transport will 
do.  Take an indirect route and park it in a valley or somewhere where it won't 
be spotted from the enemy base.  Then jump out and grab the flag.  Sometimes 
the enemy will assume that you are going to head straight for your base, but 
then you head off to the side, get into your vehicle, and jet off for an easy 
capture (note: this tactic only works in non-AADS games).

-If you are carrying the flag, chances are the enemy will try to kill you.  
Often there will be one or two people who will try to stalk you as you make 
your way back to your base.  A common mistake made by Flag Runners at this 
point is that they are so caught up in what they are doing, they forget that 
they can stop those bothersome Spinfusor discs by turning around and firing 
back while they retreat.  I've killed my pursuers on numerous occasions, it 
makes returning the flag much safer.  Sometimes your stalkers aren't even at 
full life and may take only one or two shots to subdue.  Get yourself high into 
the air, turn around, and start shooting as you fly towards your base.  It's 
amazing how many don't know to dodge attacks from an enemy Flag Runner because 
he/she/it thinks that he/she/it is hunting you, not the other way around.

-Putting a mine on your flag is a nice trick.  Try to blow it up before your
Flag Runner returns though.  Another intersting trick is to place a Remote
Turret directly on the flag.  A player can still capture enemy flags, and the
enemy can still take your flag, but it might kill an almost-dead Flag Runner.

14.2 Capture and Hold

-When you first enter a stronghold captured by the enemy, capture the stronghold
before doing anything else, even if it kills you.  This way you can stop your
enemies from scoring a few points and maybe even score some for your team.

-Be careful while using/repairing base assets that are controlled through the
stronghold.  Once I was repairing a destroyed turret and it suddenly switched
teams and killed me.

-There are two ways to handle this game for the most part.  One way to go is to
capture a stronghold and devote all your attention to maintaining control of it.
Or you could just jump around and capture strongholds held by the enemy quickly
and move on to capture others.  I prefer the first tactic, but if my team is
losing I get myself in gear and go on the offensive.

14.3 Team Deathmatch

-Be careful about accidentally killing teammates.  It's not nice.

-Some Inventory Stations are owned by your team and can be destroyed.  Others
are shared and cannot be destroyed.  Learn which are which.

-Destroying your enemy's base can be as important in TDM as it is in CTF or CNH.

-To prevent a destroyed base from being too crippling, set a Remote Inventory
Station up somewhere.

-The winning team is generally the one that controls the most Inventory
Stations.  Needless to say you should try to secure the Inventory Stations for
your team.

14.4 Deathmatch

-Go all out.  Do whatever you can to kill your enemies effectively without
getting killed yourself.  If you can kill yourself so the enemies don't get the
extra point.

-Don't bother setting up Remote Inventory Stations (unless you have a really
well hidden spot) or Turrets, they won't help you in the long run.

-Similar to TDM, all Inventory Stations are shared, so you don't have to worry
about blowing them up.

-Also similar to TDM, power comes from control of the Inventory Stations.

14.5 Hunters

-Sorry, I don't know too much about Hunters.  Keep your wits about you and
capture flags without dying.  That's about all I can say about that.

15 Map Strategy

This section gives you details for strategy specific to certain maps.  For each
map I will list its statistics, Repair Pack locations, and some strategy.  Also
the names of building won't neccessarily correspond with their names in the

15.1 Capture the Flag

For the following maps statistics listed are for EACH base, and I'll comment on
my choice of turret barrels for the turrets.  I won't list it, but each base
also has a flag (duh).

15.1.1 Avalon

Statistics: 2 Generators, 2 Sensors, 1 Turret (Missile), 6 Inventory Stations, 1
Vehicle Station, 0 Sentries, 3 Buildings (1 Main Base, 2 Towers)

Repair Pack: On the bottom floor of the tower to the right (from the Main Base,
looking towards the enemy base).

-Here's a good idea for guarding your Gens.  First get an Remote Inventory
Station on the bottom floor of your Main Base.  Then put Remote Turrets above
the entrances to each of the Gens.  Four turrets in all.  Then start setting up
additional turrets at your discretion.

-Another good way to guard Gens.  Set a Remote Inventory above/below (depending
on map) the platform that the Gen rests on/under.  Then set Remote Turrets as
described above, but then set Remote Sensors blocking the path to the Gen that
your Remote Station is at.  Then invest your time in keeping that one Gen up.
Don't worry if the other one is destroyed, the base is still fine as long as one
is up.

15.1.2 Beggar's Run

Statistics: 0 Generators, 1 Sensor, 1 Turret (Mortar or Missile), 3 Inventory
Stations, 0 Vehicle Stations, 1 Sentry, 1 Building (1 Main Base)

Repair Pack: 2nd floor, above (not directly) the upper Inventory Station.

-Flag Running here is best done in Light armor with an Energy Pack and Flares.

-You can defend your flag by shooting mortars into the small building that
houses the flag right before enemies pop in to take it.

-Be careful of Disruptors that come into the small room at the bottom of the
Main Base that houses the pair of Inventory Stations.

15.1.3 Damnation

Statistics: 2 Generators, 1 Sensor, 1 Turret (Missile), 7 Inventory Stations, 0
Vehicle Stations, 0 Sentries, 3 Buildings (1 Main Base, 2 Tower)

Repair Pack: In the Rear Tower (second floor) OR on the bottom floor of the Main

-For a sneaky way into the enemy base, try sneaking in the pipes that stick out
from behind the base.

-You can use the Aggressive Defense Tactic well in the enemy's Forward Tower.

15.1.4 Death Birds Fly

Statistics: 2 Generators, 1 Sensor, 1 Turret (Mortar), 7 Inventory Stations, 1
Vehicle Station, 0 Sentries, 2 Building (1 Main Base, 1 Outpost

Repair Pack: At the Outpost OR at the Main Base near the upper Inventory

-Since each team's Outpost is near the enemy base, the enemy base is often very
easy to attack for both teams.  Beware, sometime your own base can be more
dangerous than the enemy's base.

-It might be a good idea to place some Remote Turrets near your Gens.

-Aggressive Defense near the enemy's Gens is a risky move and probably won't
last long, but go ahead and give it a shot occasionally.

-Don't forget to attack the enemy's Outpost too.

-Inferno has a superior placement for their Outpost in my opinion.

15.1.5 Desiccator

Statistics: 3 Generators, 1 Sensor, 0 Turrets, 3 Inventory Station, 1 Vehicle
Station, 1 Sentry, 3 Buildings (1 Main Base, 1 Auxilary Base, 1 Tower)

Repair Pack: Right next to the Main Base Generator (the "lone Gen") OR in the
Auxilary Base.

-I highly recommend that you place a Remote Inventory Station somewhere (a good
spot is directly underneath your Vehicle Station).  I just recently stumbled
accross 2 Inventory Stations I had never seen before at the top of the tower
(where the lone Gen is), it seems like many people don't know it's there.

-There are 3 Gens here.  2 are housed in the Auxilary Base and power the force
field surrounding the upper level of your Main Base (preventing easy access to
the flag for enemies).  1 is housed in the Tower and acts as a normal Generator
to your base.

-Aggressive Defense works well at either of the enemy's Generator sites.  A tip
for using Aggressive Defense in the small basement rooms (where the "twin Gens"
are in this map).  Set your Remote Inventory Station on the upper floor in the
basement (the spot where the Gens are), then set a Remote Turret in the center
of the lower floor.  Move back up to the upper floor and watch the Remote Turret
for any signs of movement.  If it moves, unload with the Grenade Launcher (the
Fusion Mortar is not only too slow, but it will damage the Remote Turret).  You
can use the Concussion Grenades at the same time to make it even harder to
dislodge your position.

-The flag is significantly easier to get when the force fields guarding it are

-Keep in mind that you can move freely through green force fields, but red force
fields block passage.

15.1.6 Firestorm

Statistics: 0 Generators, 0 Sensors, 0 Turrets, 2 Inventory Stations, 0 Vehicle
Stations, 0 Sentries, 1 Building (1 Main Base)

Repair Pack: On the lower floor of the Main Base.

-This map is good for practicing your jet pack skills.  See if you can get from
one tower to the next in one giant leap.  Give up?  Here's the gist of it.  Get
an Energy pack, because you aren't going to get across without one, and for that
matter, make sure you're in Light armor.  Get a good running start and press
forward as you jet pack up.  Once you are about a third of the distance, or your
energy is about half used up, stop pressing forward and let the inertia carry
you forward.  Instead just hold the R1 button down so that you gain more height.  
When you run out of energy release R1 and press forward on the left stick.  
Whenever your energy is about one fourth full hit R1 until you're out again and 
release.  You should eventually get there.  Practice.  This makes getting the 
flag and getting back much easier.  Bring flares too, because someone might be 
smart enough to whip out a Missile Launcher.

-Since there are only two easily destroyed Inventory Stations here I recommend
placing a few Remote Inventory Stations.  Try placing in low ground behind your
base or on the ledge that sticks out just under the upper floor.

15.1.7 Katabatic

Statistics: 2 Generators, 1 Sensor, 2 Turrets (Forward: Mortar, Rear: Missile),
9 Inventory Stations, 1 Vehicle Station, 2 Buildings (1 Main Base, 1 Outpost)

Repair Pack: At the Outpost OR inside the Main Base OR in the hut-like building
near the vehicle station described below.

-This is a good place to use a Satchel on the enemy Gens.  You also might want
to try hiding a Remote Inventory Station on the bottom floor of the enemy base

-This is a good map for using the grav cycle.

-There is a fairly hidden Inventory Station in the little hut-like building on
the mountain near the vehicle station, right next to a Repair Pack.

-Don't forget to attack the enemy's Outpost too.

15.1.8 Paranoia

Statistics: 2 Generators, 1 Sensor, 2 Turrets (any combination of Mortars or
Missiles), 2 Inventory Stations, 0 Vehicle Stations, 1 Sentry, 1 Building (1
Main Base

Repair Pack: Inside the Main Base.

-Place a Remote Inventory Station in one of the small alcoves behind your base
or on the relatively low section of roof.  This way you don't have to go all the
way down to the two Inventory Stations just to change your stuff.

-Use the usual Flag Runner kit, fly carefully, and watch for missiles.

-Assaulting in Heavy Armor with an Energy Pack and Concussion Grenades can be
fun in this map.

-Aggressive Defense in the basement of the enemy's base can be tough to set up
but can really pay off if it succeeds.

15.1.9 Quagmire

Statistics: 3 Generators, 0 Sensors, 2 Turrets (Flag: Mortar, Tower: Missile),
4 Inventory Stations, 0 Vehicle Stations, 2 Buildings (1 Base, 1 Tower)

Repair Pack: On one of the upper levels in the Tower OR above the door towards
your flag in the Base.

-The flag is housed in a small building near a Base Turret.

-2 Generators power the Base, 1 Generator powers the Tower.

-Use the same tactic as in 15.1.8 Paranoia for Flag Running.

-You should probably put a Remote Inventory Station near the flag somewhere for
quick healing and restocking.

-Place Remote Sensors to block easy access to the flag.

-A Mortar Barrel in the Base Turret near the flag is highly reccommended.
Alternately you can get in Heavy and use the same tactic for defending the flag
in Beggar's Run (just be careful of Flag Runners that catch on).

-I don't know why, but it seems like Flag Running is easier for the Storm team.

15.1.10 Recalescence

Statistics: 1 Generator, 1 Sensor, 0 Turrets, 3 Inventory Stations, 1 Vehicle
Station, 2 Sentries, 1 Building (1 Main Base)

Repair Pack: On the bottom floor of the Main Base.

-Use the Main Base's size to your advantage; there are many entrances/exits and
many ways to sneak around.

-Guard your Gen closely, you only have one!  Or you could do the opposite and
destory the enemy's Gen.

15.1.11 Reversion

Statistics: 2 Generators, 1 Sensor, 2 Turrets (Forward: Mortar/Missile, Rear:
AA), 8 Inventory Stations, 1 Vehicle Station, 2 Sentries, 2 Buildings (1 Main
Base, 1 Tower)

Repair Pack: In the Tower OR in the Main Base.

-For Remote Turret placement near the Gens or Gen defense see 15.1.1 Avalon.

-Defending the flag from the roof of the Main Base works pretty well.

-Try to keep your base from becoming too damaged.

15.1.12 Sanctuary

Statistics: 2 Generators, 1 Sensor, 1 Turret (Missile), 4 Inventory Stations, 1
Vehicle Station, 0 Sentries, 1 Building (1 Main Base)

Repair Pack: Outside the Main base, towards the enemy base.

-Another good level for using the Satchel on enemy Gens.

-Set up a few easy access Remote Inventory Stations.

-The extremely hilly terrain in this level at the same time complicates and
makes easier the task of Flag Running.

-Don't bother using a Grav Cycle here.  You can (there is a fairly flat path
between the bases), but it's not worth it

15.1.13 Slapdash

Statistics: 2 Generators, 2 Sensors, 1 Turret (Missile), 2 Inventory Stations, 1
Vehicle Station, 2 Sentries, 1 Building (1 Tower)

Repair Pack: In the Tower.

-If you ask me I'd say that Inferno has a superior base on this map, their Tower
is more difficult to approach.

-The flag is out in the open, guard it carefully.

-This is yet another good Satchel level.

-There are many options for attack and defense in this level, be crafty dangit.

-You can use Aggressive Defense behind hills near the enemy's base, but they may
catch on quickly.

-There are two good positions for defending your flag and your Gens, each one
makes it a bit easier to defend one over the other.  One way is to place a
Remote Inventory Station in the top floor of the tower and guard from the top
floor.  Be wary of anyone who tries to sneak in and Satchel your Gens, but since
your on the top floor, the Gens are hard to keep an eye on.  The other tactic
(and my personal favorite) takes a little more work.  Place a Remote Inventory
Station on the third floor (above the Gens) on the section of floor between the
entrances from the second floor (where the Gens are).  Place Remote Sensors to
block quick entrance into the Tower from the third floor and optionally you can
place Remote Sensors to block access from the top of the Tower too (it's
unneccessary for the bottom entrance) and you can place mines on the fourth
floor on the second floor.  In Inferno's Tower you can see out one side to
attack enemies that approach from the left or the back road to the left too.  In
Storm's Tower you can see the hidden back road to the left where enemies usually
try to sneak in to attack your Gens.  In both bases you can go step on your
Remote Sensors on the other side and keep an eye on your flag.  You can shoot
mortars at the flag when Flag Runners show up (making it so that mortars explode
and actually do damage can be tricky, since the flag is on a raised platform it
does more damage if you can get the mortar to land on the platform).  

15.1.14 Thin Ice

Statistics: 2 Generators, 0 Sensors, 0 Turrets, 2 Inventory Stations, 0 Vehicle
Stations, 1 Sentry, 1 Building (1 Main Base)

Repair Pack: On the very top floor of the Main Base.

-If you are trying to destroy the enemy Gens, good luck.  They're hard to get

-You should set up at least one easy access Remote Inventory Station.

-Flag Runners beware Heavy and Medium armored people with Missile Launchers.

-Like Paranoia, assaulting in Heavy with Concussion Grenades and Energy Pack can
sometimes be worth your while.

15.1.15 Tombstone

Statistics: 2 Generators, 0 Sensors, 2 Turrets (any combination of Missiles or
Mortars), 3 Inventory Stations, 0 Vehicle Stations, 2 Sentries, 2 Buildings (1
Main Base, 1 Auxilary Base)

Repair Pack: Top floor of the Auxilary Base (two very long vertical tunnels lead
up to it).

-Note: The Auxilary Base in this FAQ is the Main Base in the game, just so you

-Using the Satchel on the gens here is a bit tricky.  Put the Satchel between
the Gens (place it on the large green line on the floor) and detonate.  The Gens
will be disabled but not destroyed, one or two Spinfusor shots each will finish

-This map is a lot like Death Birds Fly in that you have two buildings that
aren't near each other.  So you might want to put a Remote Inventory Station
near the Main Base.

-You can guard the flag (yours or the enemy's) in the same way detailed for 
guarding the Generators in 15.1.5 Desiccator.  

15.2 Capture and Hold - under construction

15.3 Team Deathmatch - under construction

15.4 Deathmatch - under construction

15.5 Hunters - under construction

16 Strategy Contributed by Others

Please feel free to send in your own tricks, they may get put into the FAQ (with
full credit to the contributer).

17 Extra Chat Options

This section details how to ease the communication woes that plague TAA.  And by
details I mean explains and shows a list of the Extra Chat Options.

For a while I had CHAT-TEST entered in my buddy list but I didn't know how to
actually access the Extra Chat Options.  Then I discovered it by accident.  I
was guarding a stronghold in a CNH game and I forgot momentarily what Square did
so I decided to try pressing it and the options popped up.

To access the Extra Chat Options enter CHAT-TEST into your buddy list (exactly
as written here).  Then while in a game you can press Square to access the Extra
Chat Options (press the Triangle, Circle, X, and Square buttons to browse).
However the other players will only hear you speak if you are in an AADS.  Also
some of the ECOs don't have any accompanying text.

Abbreviations (for the buttons): Circle - C, X - X, Square - S, Triangle - T

Note: You can cancel out of the Extra Chat Options menu once you've activated it
by pressing R2.

Input      Text      Message
SCCCC      yes       Repair our base!
SCCCX      yes       Repair our generator!
SCCCS      yes       Repair me!
SCCX       yes       Repair our sensors!
SCCS       yes       Repair our turrets!
SCCT       yes       Repair our vehicle station!
SCXCC      no        Our base is secure.
SCXCX      no        Our base is taken!
SCXX       no        Our base is clear.
SCXS       yes       Enemy is in our base!
SCXT       no        Retake our base!
SCSCC      yes       Enemy remote equipment destroyed.
SCSCX      yes       Enemy sensors destroyed.
SCSCS      yes       Enemy turrets destroyed.
SCSX       yes       Enemy vehicle station destroyed.
SCSSS      yes       Enemy base disabled.
SCSST      no        Enemy is disrupted.  Attack!
SCST       yes       Enemy generator destroyed.
SXXCC      yes       Retrieve our flag.
SXXCX      yes       Our flag is secure.
SXXCS      no        Take the flag from me.
SXXX       yes       Defend our flag.
SXXS       yes       I have the enemy flag.
SXXT       no        Give me the flag.
SXSCC      no        Hold that vehicle, I'm coming!
SXSCX      no        Need a pilot for turbo grav!
SXSCS      no        I need a ride!
SXSXX      yes       Where to?
SXSXS      no        Need vehicle support.
SXSXT      no        Need a tailgunner!
SXSSC      no        Need a driver for ground vehicle.
SXSSS      no        Need a bombardier.
SXSST      no        Need covering fire.
SXSTC      yes       Gunship ready, need a ride?
SXSTT      no        Vehicle needs escort.
SXTCC      no        Anytime.
SXTCX      no        Is our base secure?
SXTCS      no        Cease fire!
SXTXX      no        No clue.
SXTXS      yes       Help!
SXTXT      yes       Move!
SXTSC      no        Wait up.
SXTSS      yes       Sorry.
SXTST      no        Thanks.
SXTTC      no        No.
SXTTT      no        Yes.
SSCC       yes       Incoming bomber!
SSCX       yes       Incoming hostiles!
SSCS       yes       Incoming vehicles!
SSCT       yes       Watch where you're shooting!
SSSCCC     yes       I'll repair our base.
SSSCCX     yes       I'll repair our equipment.
SSSCCS     yes       I'll repair our generators.
SSSCX      yes       I'm on repairs.
SSSCSS     yes       I'll repair our sensors.
SSSCST     yes       I'll repair our turrets.
SSSCT      yes       I'll repair our vehicle station.
SSSXCC     yes       I'll deploy sensors.
SSSXCX     yes       I'll deploy turrets.
SSSXCS     no        I'll get a vehicle ready.
SSSXX      yes       I'll cover you.
SSSXSS     yes       I'll set defenses.
SSSXST     no        I'm on it.
SSSXT      yes       I'll deploy remote equipment.
SSSSCC     yes       I'll attack the enemy generator!
SSSSCX     yes       I'll attack the enemy sensors!
SSSSCS     yes       I'll attack the enemy turrets!
SSSSX      yes       I'll attack the enemy vehicle station!
SSSSSS     yes       I will attack!
SSSSST     yes       I'll attack the enemy base!
SSSST      yes       I'll go for the enemy flag!
SSSTCC     yes       I'm defending.
SSSTCX     yes       I'll defend our flag.
SSSTCS     no        I'll defend our generator.
SSSTX      no        I'll defend our sensors.
SSSTSS     no        I'll defend our turrets.
SSSTST     no        I'll defend our vehicle station.
SSSTT      yes       I'll defend our base.
STCCC      no        Attack!
STCCX      no        Attack the enemy base!
STCCS      yes       Recover our flag!
STCXX      no        Disrupt the enemy defense!
STCXS      yes       Get the enemy flag!
STCXT      no        Destroy the enemy generator!
STCSC      yes       Destroy enemy turrets!
STCSS      no        Reinforce the offense!
STCST      no        Destroy enemy sensors!
STCT       no        Destroy enemy vehicle station!
STXCC      no        Defend our sensors!
STXCX      no        Defend our turrets!
STXCS      no        Defend our vehicle station!
STXXX      no        Defend our base!
STXXS      yes       Cover our flag carrier!
STXXT      no        Defend the entrances!
STXSC      yes       Cover me!
STXSS      yes       Defend our flag!
STXST      no        Defend our generator!
STXT       no        Reinforce the defense!
STTCC      yes       Bye.
STTCX      yes       Oops...
STTCS      no        Quiet!
STTXX      yes       Shazbot!
STTXS      yes       Woohoo!
STTXTC     no        Don't know.
STTXTX     yes       Thanks.
STTXTS     no        Wait up.
STTXTT     no        Anytime.
STTSCC     yes       You rock!
STTSCX     yes       Great shot!
STTSCS     yes       I love it!
STTSCT     yes       Good game!
STTSSCC    yes       Hi.
STTSSCX    no        HAHAHAHA!
STTSSCS    no        Awww...  Too bad.
STTSSX     yes       I love it!
STTSSSC    yes       Woohoo!
STTSSSS    yes       Move!
STTSSST    no        I got your number!  I got all your numbers!
STTSST     no        I'm on it!
STTTC      yes       Hi.
STTTX      no        No.
STTTT      no        Yes.

18 Extras

This section is for any extra tidbits one might find while playing the game.

-Enter CHAT-TEST to access the Extra Chat Options (as described in the previous

-In Slapdash a golden statue can be found in one of the corners of the map (to
the right of the Inferno base, looking at it from the Storm base).

-If you press R1, R2, L1, L2, Select, and Start simultaneously while online,
your Ping will be displayed in the lower right corner.

18.1 AADS (Aerial Assault Dedicated Servers)

AADS, short for Aerial Assault Dedicated Servers (a.k.a. "arrow servers") are
servers created by Inevitable for use online.  The host isn't a player, but an
AI with an annoying habit of teamswitching you while you're doing something
important.  Here will be a list of the things that make the AADS games different
from normal ones.

Mortar and V Capping glitches fixed
Bombers drop bombs slower
Repair Pack drains energy while in use
Chaingun's effectiveness is greater
Extra Chat Options are available
Host isn't a player
Games with a higher max player limit may occur (24 and 32 player games)
Typically a lower ping
More powerful shields on Base Turrets
Scores retained if you disconnect and reconnect (into the same match)
Beacons on Remote Inventory Stations recover if the station is used

18.2 Glitches

A few glitches within Tribes: Aerial Assault have come to my attention.  This
section will explain them.

18.2.1 Mortar Glitch

This glitch can be seen by getting into Heavy armor with a Fusion Mortar and a
Repair Pack.  Take out the Fusion Mortar, fire a round, quickly switch to the
Repair Pack, then switch back to the Fusion Mortar and you can fire again
instantly--without having to wait for it to reload.

18.2.2 V Capping

This one isn't too difficult to come across.  Like the Mortar Glitch it only
occurs in non-AADS games.  Basically the glitch is that you can get into
vehicles with the flag.

19 My Kits

"Kits" is what I call the weapons, packs, and grenades you have set up so that 
when you step into an Inventory Station you are ready to go.  In the options 
menu you may notice that there is a list, for each armor type, of different 
setups that you can set up.  I prefer to have preset kits, to do this just go 
into a Botmatch, set up your kits, and then quit.  Just make sure you save 
afterwards.  I generally don't save my character again unless I am reediting my 
kits.  Here I'll show you what each kit is composed of and why it is that way.  
I'll update this whenever I get a chance to.

Light 1
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Pack: Energy
Grenade: Flare

This is my main Flag Runner kit.  I use it most of the time.  It also is very 
good for killing opponents or running down enemy Flag Runners.  I use it as a 
Flag Runner whenever I don't bring a vehicle along, or if I expect my vehicle 
to be destroyed before I can get back into it.  The ability to get really high 
(in the air) makes you almost completely immune to splash damage and makes 
enemies on the ground easy targets.

Light 2
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Blaster
Pack: Energy
Grenade: Flare

This is a variation on Light 1.  I use it for taking down enemies indoors while
stilling being capable outdoors.  I switch the Blaster to a Laser Rifle if I
need to do a Sniper job.

Light 3
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Pack: Repair
Grenade: Flare

This is my Light repair kit.  Obviously I use it to make repairs.

Light 4
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Pack: Shield
Grenade: Concussion

This is my Flag Recoverer's kit.  I've annoyed many an enemy with these items.  
Every since my first experiences when the enemy flag I was holding was stolen 
from me by a sneaky turd I starting using it to further my own team.  When 
setting up this kit I couldn't think of a good pack to go with.  Ideally I'd 
expect that I wouldn't live long enough to return, just long enough to recover 
my team's flag, so I go in a vehicle for fast delivery.  Energy Packs are out 
because I am taking a vehicle (if possible), so fast movement is already 
covered.  Repair Packs wouldn't help much since I didn't plan on coming back 
alive.  So decided to go with a Shield Pack because it will allow me to live a 
few precious seconds longer.  Sometimes those few seconds scores 100 points for 
my team.

Light 5
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Plasma Rifle
Pack: Satchel
Grenade: Mine

This is my Explosives Personnel kit.  I whip out my Satchel, hop onto a grav 
cycle, park it at a safe spot, destroy the enemy generators, hop out and 
destroy anything I can see, grab the flag (in CTF), then hop onto the grav 
cycle (assuming it is still there), and leave.  Sounds complicated?  Actually 
it's not.  Leave your enemies a present, mine their Gens.

Medium 1
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Plasma Rifle
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Pack: Remote Station
Grenade: Flare

I use this kit to set up Remote Stations.  Maybe near a generator so that I can 
start setting up Remote Turrets (using Medium 4).  Or I can set one as an easy 
access station for high speed inventorizing.  Stick one near a Vehicle Station 
so you can change your stuff and get into a vehicle.  Hike over to the enemy's 
base and set one nearby.  The possibilities are somewhat endless.

Medium 2
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Pack: Energy
Grenade: Flare

This is my Medium all-purpose kit.  If I need to I switch the Energy Pack to a
Repair Pack or, if I plan on guarding an area, I'll switch it to a Shield Pack
and Concussion Grenades.

Medium 3
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Plasma Rifle
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Pack: AA Barrel
Grenade: Flare

This kit is for turret barrel placement.  The only reason I have it set on AA 
Barrel is that it is the first in the series of barrels in the options menu.

Medium 4
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Pack: Remote Turret
Grenade: Concussion

This kit is for setting up Remote Turrets.  If I need to I switch to Remote 
Sensors.  The Concussion grenades are for any enemies that try to get in my 

Medium 5
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Pack: Satchel
Grenade: Mine

This kit is similar to Light 5, except for Medium armor.

Heavy 1
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Weapon 5: Fusion Mortar
Pack: Repair
Grenade: Mine

This is my all-purpose Heavy armor kit.  I use it for any situation in which I 
may need to do anything.  Like Medium 2, I switch packs and grenades depending
on the situation.

Heavy 2
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Weapon 5: Fusion Mortar
Pack: Remote Station
Grenade: Flare

I use this kit for setting up ambush points in enemy bases.  There are a few 
maps where I use this until I die.  Then I use it again.  I use the station to 
switch to Heavy 1 for light repairs, Heavy 3 for defense inside, Heavy 4 for
defense outside, or Heavy 5 to leave an explosive surprise.

Heavy 3
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Weapon 5: Fusion Mortar
Pack: Shield
Grenade: Concussion

I have this kit set so that if I need a Shield when walking around.  The 
Concussion grenades allow this kit to function as an alternative to Light 4.  I
use this kit while defending inside of buildings.

Heavy 4
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Weapon 5: Fusion Mortar
Pack: Ammo
Grenade: Basic

Originally I only created this because I couldn't think of anything else to
create.  I discovered that it works well for defending on top of towers or in
other relatively open areas.

Heavy 5
Weapon 1: Spinfusor
Weapon 2: Chaingun
Weapon 3: Grenade Launcher
Weapon 4: Missile Launcher
Weapon 5: Fusion Mortar
Pack: Satchel
Grenade: Mine

This kit is similar to Light 5 and Medium 5.  I don't use this kit very often

20 Other Kits

21 About Me

Hey, my name is Spencer Pantera and I've had Tribes: Aerial Assault since last 
December (2002).  I bought it because I wanted to make sure my brother wasn't
hogging the phone lines with Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II for the 
Gamecube.  Tribes caught my attention because I remember reading about it a 
while ago in Gamepro and thinking that it sounded like a cool game, but having 
a crappy computer rules out any possibilities of online gaming on the computer.  
So naturally I decided to go with Tribes when I found it.  I picked up a modem 
adapter for the PS2 at the same time.  I haven't regretted buying this game 

I created my character Pantera with the Diamond Swords tribe and the Hero voice 
at first.  If you've been playing CTF games on stable servers for a while you've
probably seen me somewhere kicking butt (or having mine kicked).  My friend, who
goes by the name Seidler, sometime plays with me and on a rare occasion my 
brother, Harrison (both in real life and on Tribes), plays with me too.

Not to brag, but I'm quite good.  There aren't many games now where I'm not 
among the highest scoring players on both teams.  And it's becoming less common 
that I'm not the highest scoring player.

My favorite type of game is CTF by far.  I've also gained a liking for TDM.  I'm
fond of CNH, but I'm not too keen on DM or Hunters.

My friend and I recently made our own clan: :[DoP]:.  Unfortunately the
membership is rather sparse.  If you are interested in joining our clan just
send me an e-mail.

If you want to add me to your buddy list go ahead.  I have several names of good 
players that I've fought against and some people who have sent me e-mail, but if
you use a common name it's hard to find you again.

If I think of anything else I'll add it here.

22 :[DoP]:

My friend and I decided to start our own clan, :[DoP]:, based on our clan on
EliteMUD.  DoP is short for the Dragoons of Phos.  If you're interested in
joining send me an e-mail.  Anything else about the clan will be placed here in
later updates

Clan Roster: Pantera, Seidler, Mist

23 How to Contribute

If you've looked through this FAQ you've probably noticed two sections that are 
empty or semi-empty.  Strategy Contributed by Others and Other Kits.  These 
sections are for those of you who like to see your name on FAQs.  Drop me an 
e-mail with your ideas/thoughts/suggestions/questions/comments/concerns.  If I 
like what I hear I'll put it in, and don't worry you will get full credit.
I just ask that you stick "Tribes: Aerial Assault" or something along those
lines for the subject.  And don't send me crap (in the form of stupid questions,
insults, pointless bragging, or anything that can be construed as "crap"); I 
won't reply to it.  I designed this FAQ with the idea in mind that this can be a
discussion forum for TAA strategy and so on.  So contribute dangit!

My e-mail: SquarePantera@sluggy.net

24 Links

This section will include a large list of links to Tribes: Aerial Assault
related web-sites that I know of.  If you've got a link that I don't have here,
feel free to send it in (you'll get credit for ones I've not discovered if you


25 FAQ History

Version 0.70 (submitted 1-18-2003)
-came up with an outline (in the form of a Table of Contents)
-wrote, wrote, wrote
-some sections will be incomplete for now, but will be completed in later
      updates (hopefully)
-I realize that my strategies are kinda bare but I want to get a copy of this
      out as soon as possible so I'm putting in whatever comes to mind as I sit
      here just before I submit the FAQ, hopefully it gets accepted into
      GameFAQs and then this thing will begin to take off
-submitted Version 0.70 (at around 11:30 P.M.), had a party, unfortunately I was
      the only one at the party

Version 0.71 (submitted 1-25-2003)
-changed a small error
-fixed e-mail address

Version 1.0 (submitted 2-1-2003)
-made some changes, fixed a few errors, and added new sections
-15 Map Strategy has gotten a major face lift
-added details about :[DoP]:
-added how to access the Extra Chat Options
-added things and stuff

Version 1.2 (submitted 7-3-2003)
-as usual, made some changes and corrected errors
-added some strategies, changed others
-added new roles
-added information about glitches (thanks to <sOs> Auron)

26 Legal Mumbo-jumbo

This FAQ is Copyright 2003 Spencer Pantera

You may:
-print this FAQ, making any alterations you see fit to reduce paper usage or to
      change any of my English that may be hard to understand.
-use this FAQ to help you with Tribes: Aerial Assault in a noncommercial
-post this FAQ on your web-site, requires permission and you cannot alter it in
      any way.
-send me e-mail about this FAQ (please put "Tribes: Aerial Assault" as the
-laugh at my mundane babble and call me names behind my back.

You may NOT:
-use this FAQ to make money in any way whatsoever (unless you have my
      permission and I'm getting large discrete sums of cash in exchange).
-post this FAQ on your web-site without permission or post an altered version.
-plagiarize this FAQ, I spent a LONG time working on this.  Would you want
      something you worked on for a long time ripped off?

Violators who are caught will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, so be nice!

27 Credits

Spencer Pantera - FAQ writer/contribution (just about everything)
Brandon Seidler - contribution (strategy)
Maximiliano Lagnado - for sending in detail on the Extra Chat Options (even
      though I had accidentally discovered it earlier that week)
<sOs> Auron - for bringing the glitches to my attention
Inevitable Entertainment and Sierra Entertainment - for making Tribes: Aerial
      Assault and making this FAQ possible
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) - for giving me a place to start this thing up
www.tribesaa.com - for the massive amount of information on the website