Boss FAQ by Quebecer01

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-- Jak and Daxter Boss FAQ --
-- By Quebecer01 {} --
-- 1st version --

Table of Contents

1 About

2 Codes

3 Bosses


I decided to write this FAQ because I had nohing to do this Saturday.
This FAQ is (C)Copyright 2003 by me.
Do not copy it for any other use than reading it. Do not try to make money with
it, anyway is someone pays you for having a copy of this, it means he is really
bad at J&D, because the bosses in this game are way too easy. If you are still
reading this, get a life...


No, these aren't codes for the game, these are codes for getting in a
particular part of the FAQ. If you are using a PC, press CTRL+F and type in
these codes. Press enter 2 times to find the boss you're looking for.

Dark Eco Plant  =>  BOSS1DEP
Ambush A  =>  BOSS2MIA
Ambush B  =>  BOSS3BSA
Klaww  =>  BOSS4KLAW
Ambush C  =>  BOSS5GMCA
Gol  =>  BOSS6GOL


Boss 1 : Dark Eco Plant : BOSS1DEP
Location : Precursor Temple, Forbidden Jungle

An easy one. Get in a corner and wait for the insect to become vulnerable. Spin
kick it. The plant will show its leaves. Jump on them and spin kick the flower.
Get back in the corner and kill the first insect. Get in the other corner and
kill the next insect. Get on the leaves. Spin kick the flower once again and
get back in a corner. Kill the insect, get in the other corner, kill the
insect, get in the other corner, kill the insect, get on the leaves, spin kick
the flower, get the power cell, get the precursor orbs by jumping on the dead
flower, leave with the jumping platform.

Boss 2 : Misty Island Ambush : BOSS2MIA
Location : Near the blood pool... no, I'm kidding, near the Dark Eco pool.

Simply punch the enemies when they are close enough (If they are TOO close,
spin kick them). You can get help with the Red Eco.

Boss 3 : Boggy Swamp Ambush : BOSS3BSA
Location : Before the Flut-Flut ride.

Go to a spot where there is yellow eco. Stay there while you blast the enemies.
DON'T AIM! If you do, you will get caught by an enemy behind you, and Jak won't
like that. If you get out of the eco spot, you won't have enough and at least
get hurt. Continue blasting everything until the power cell appears.

Boss 4 : Klaww : BOSS4KLAW
Location : After the Blue Sage Levitating Machine, Rock Village.

Here's the plan to help you understand :


                     Platform B                  Platform C

                                  Platform A


Jump on Platform A. Go on the other platforms to avoid the stones Klaww throws
at you. Blue eco will appear. Take it. Go the the end of the bridge and take
the yellow eco. Fire at Klaww until he drops his stone on his head. Run back to
the platform B or C.
Repeat 2 other times to kill him. Klaww will throw his stones faster and
faster, so be quick on your controller. Leave to Mountain Pass by the platforms
appearing after you beat Klaww.

Boss 5 : The Last Ambush : BOSS5GMCA
Location : After the huge bridge, Gol and Maia's Citadel

Take the yellow eco and run the the red eco vent, blasting all the lurkers you
see. Take the red eco and start spinning. Go to the generators and destroy
them. Kill all the remaining lurkers. If the red eco power fades away, you can
always go back to the vent, but don't bother going to the yellow eco vent, you
won't have the time to come back. Kill everyone and go free the Red Sage at the
end of the track.

Final Boss : Gol : BOSS6GOL
Location : Dark Eco Silo, Gol and Maia's Citadel

1-Take the elevator as Samos tells you. Don't worry about the giant door and
break the chests. Activate the transporter to go to the silo. Take the four
groups of yellow eco and fire five times in the robot's eye. Gol will throw a
bomb. You have about 5 seconds to activate the launcher and blast off, else
you'll be killed. Beware, the silo is opening.

2-Gol throws green eco in the opening of the silo. Prepare to fight MANY
monsters. First, get the yellow eco as soon as it appears and roll jump to the
other side of the silo. Throw fireballs at the monsters. Don't bother shooting
Gol, it won't do anything. Once you killed all the monsters, activate the
launcher with blue eco and blast off!

3- Get on the side of the silo where there is the closed blue eco vent. Gol
will throw red balls on the ground. When these explode, it creates a ring that
wil hurt Jak if he touches it. Jump over these and throw the yellow eco at Gol
5 times, no more! He will throw new balls. Avoid the rings and finish this part
of the battle. Blast off with the launcher.

4-Return on the same side as before. Dodge the yellow eco ball, and throw some
other yellow eco at Gol (5 times, again). Dodge another ball, and shoot 5 other
fireballs. If he isn't finished yet, continue. If his arm explodes, get to a
spot where you can see everything. Wait for the cinematic.

5-Wait for a part of the cloud to fall on the silo. Get it.

The End.