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Capcom vs SNK 2 : Millionaire Fighting 2001
for Japanese Sega Dreamcast, Arcade, Playstation 2 & Nintendo GameCube
Vocal Collection FAQ written by Kibagami
Version 14.0 12/11/2001
(c)2001, 2003 Kibagami. All rights reserved.

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statements are disregarded.

This FAQ contains some Japanese text. To view it, you may need a Japanese
language viewer plug-in available at njstar.com. If your PC supports
Japanese,then you don't need it. Also, I am Japanese, so if there are any
english grammar mistakes, I'm sorry for it.

This FAQ is best viewed with Windows Notepad or Microsoft Word 2000.


--Revision history
--SNK characters' translations
--Capcom characters' translations
--Special intros translations

Now I just hope I don't get e-mails from those idiots that say that I
forgot the special intros, then they realize they're at the end of the FAQ.
C'mon, read the contents, it's not that hard, you know.

 *Revision History:

  10/01/2001,  Ver. 1.0  : First version of this FAQ written.
  10/02/2001,  Ver. 1.5  : More speech added and some Special Intros added.
  10/03/2001,  Ver. 2.0  : More speech added and lots of Special Intros added.
                           Added god Rugal. Added Hibiki. Corrected layout

  10/05/2001,  Ver. 2.5  : Added more speech and Special Intros.
  10/06/2001,  Ver. 3.0  : Added more speech and Special Intros.
  10/07/2001,  Ver. 3.5  : Added more speech and Special Intros. Again,
                           corrected layout problems.

  10/09/2001,  Ver. 4.0  : Added more speech and Special Intros.
  10/10/2001,  Ver. 4.2  : Added more speech and Special Intros.
  10/11/2001,  Ver. 4.5  : Added more speech and Special Intros.
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  10/13/2001,  Ver. 5.0  : Added more speech and Special Intros.
                           I think 99% of the speech is here.

  10/15/2001,  Ver. 6.0  : Added some more speech. Improved layout.
  10/16/2001,  Ver. 6.5  : Added some more speech and Special Intros.
  10/23/2001,  Ver. 7.0  : Translated more speech.
  10/25/2001,  Ver. 7.5  : Translated more of the last speech that is
                           left. Getting close to final version

  10/27/2001,  Ver. 8.0  : Translated more of the last speech that is
  11/6/2001,   Ver. 9.0  : Improved layout.
  12/7/2001,   Ver. 10.0 : More missing speech added.
  12/8/2001,   Ver. 10.5 : Again fixed layout problems.
  12/14/2001,  Ver. 10.5 : Can't believe it. Had to fix layout problems
  12/29/2001,  Ver. 11.5 : Corrected layout problems. Added more speech.
  15/4/2002,   Ver. 12.0 : First 2002 update. More speech. I will re-
                           type the entire faq next update to eliminate
                           formatting problems.

  16/4/2002,   Ver. 12.1 : More speech. Nothing re-typed yet
  26/4/2002,   Ver. 12.2 : Added Contents. Nothing re-typed yet
  7/7/2002,    Ver. 12.3 : Updated e-mail address.	
  8/31/2002,   Ver. 12.4 : Restored Shift-JIS coding to visualize Kanji.
  12/15/2002,  Ver. 13.0 : Finally eliminated all formatting problems.
   4/27/2003,  Ver. 13.5 : First 2003 update. Adapted the FAQ for
                           the GameCube version, CVS2 EO.

   8/23/2003,  Ver. 14.0 : Adeed some bits of speech that had been left

This is a Vocal Collection of Capcom vs SNK2 and a translation for the
Japanese speech. I got it from the Dreamcast version, available in Japan. This
FAQ can also be used to translate the speech of Capcom vs SNK1. since its
speech is also included.

For foreign languages, like Korean, Russian and Hindi, translation software was
used. Also, if some wordad are not translated, it's because I am in the process
of checking if the character is exactly saying that, once I make sure, I will
translate it. It can also happen because some are only expressions, like Dossei
and others.

For the Ainu translations, thanks to el_gran_timonel@hotmail.com.

SNK characters:

*Kusanagi Kyou*

-Speech :

Start : "Ikuze!"           : "Let's go!"
Taunt : "Mou oyasumi kai?" : "Is it bedtime already?"
        "Namen na!"        : "Don't try it!"

"Body ga amei ze!"  : "Your body is weak!"
"Orusu da ze!"      : "You are not paying attention!"
"Garaaki da ze!"    : "You left yourself wide open!"
"Moero!"            : "Burn!"
"Otto!"             : "Whoa!"
"Sora sora sora!"   : "Take that!"
"Gwoooh! Kurai yagare!"                      : "Gwoooh! Eat this!"
"Gwoooh! Korede owari da!"                   : "Gwoooh! This is over!"
"Rekishi ga chigaun da yo!"                  : "History tells differently!"
"Miseteyaru! Kusanagi no kobushi yo! Oriya!" : "I'll show you! The fist
                                                of the Kusanagi! Oriya!"

Win poses:

"He he! Moetaro"     : "Heh heh! Burned"
"Ore no...kachi da!" : "Victory is mine!"


*Nikaidou Benimaru*


Start : "Kakugo wa deki ta kana?" : "Have you prepared?"
Taunt : "Yaruki aru no?"          : "Will you try?" (vs male)
        Blows a kiss (vs female)

"Shinkuu KataTeGoma!" : "Vacuum One-handed ride!"
"RaiJinKen!"          : "Thunder Fist!"
"HanDou SanDan Geri!" : "Reflex Triple Kick!"
"Shibireru ze!"       : "I'm going to sleep!"
"Benimaru Koreda!"    : "Benimaru Collider!"
"Erekutorigaa!"       : "Elec-trigger!"
"RaiKouKen!"          : "Lightning Fist!"
"Ore ni tsuite koreru kai? Supaaku!"   : "Can you follow me? Spark!"

Win poses:

"Thank you!"
"Do you understand?"
"Tankoshikatta yo, baby!"    : "It was fun, baby!" (to girls)
"Korede wakataro, bou jya!"  : "Do you know what this means?" (vs Kyousuke)


*Sakazaki Ryou*


Start : "Saa! Koi!"    : "Well, come on!"
Taunt : "Ora Ora!"     : "C'mon C'mon!"
        "Kakatte koi!" : "Bring it on!"

"HienShippuuKyaku!"  : "Flying Gale Kick!"
"ZanRetsuKen!"       : "Fast Furious Fist!"
"Ko OuKen!"          : "Tiger Glowing Fist!"
"HaouShouKouKen!"    : "Supreme Flying Roaring Fist!"
"Ichigeki Hissatsu!" : "One-hit certain kill!"
"Kyokugen-Ryuu Ougi! Ora ora ora ora! Moratta! : "Kyokugen Style Secret!
                                                  Ora ora ora ora!
                                                  I got ya!"

Win poses:

"Kore ga Kyokugen-Ryuu da!" : "This is the Kyokugen Style!"
"Osu!                       : No translation. It is a martial arts greeting.
"Yoshi!"                    : "All right!"

"Kyokugen" means "Utmost limit"
"Hissatsu" also means "Special technique"


*Sakazaki Yuri*


Start : "Ikuzo! Osu!"       : "Let's go! Osu!" (Osu is a greeting)
        "Kojanto kurucchi!" : "Let's do this a lot!"
                              (Kojanto means "A lot" or "very" in the Kochi
                               dialect. This one is just like Makoto's intro
                               in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike)

Taunt : "Kocchi kocchi!" : "Here, here!"

"Chou Appaa!"       : "Super Upper!"
"Kono...!"          : "You...!"
"Rai OuKen          : "Lightning Glow Fist!"
"SaiHa!"            : "Smashing Breaker!"
"Ko OuKen!"         : "Tiger Glowing Fist!"
"HaouShouKouKen!"   : "Supreme Flying Roaring Fist!"
"Yuri! Chou Reppa!" : "Yuri's Super Destroyer!"
"Hien HouOu Kyaku!" : "Flying Phoenix Kick!"
"Otousan, gomen!"   : "Father, I am sorry!"
(When defeated)

Win poses:

"Mou saitei!"        : "How nasty!"
"N? Yoyuucchi!"      : "Huh? Piece of cake!"
"Yoyuusu! Natsuke!"  : "Piece of cake! I win!"
"Yari!"              : "Did it!"

Yuri adds the suffix "cchi" to some words sometimes. Just like a
personal way of talking.


*Kim KapHwan*


Start : "TaeKwonDo no shinzui...Misemashou : "The true essence of
                                              TaeKwonDo...I will show you"
        "Ikuzo!"                           : "Let's go!"

Taunt : "Yare yare..."                     : "Oh well..."

"HiEnZan!"       : "Flying Slash!"
"HanGetsuZan!"   : "Half-moon slash!"
"HishouKyaku!"   : "Flying Kick!"
"Neryo Chagui!"  : "Descending Kick!" (In Korean)
"Moratta!        : "Got you!"
"Shimatta!"      : "Damn!"
"HaKi Kyaku!"    : "Supreme Spirit Kick!"  (HaKi does NOT mean Ambition
                                            in this case)

"KuuSaJin!"      : "Sky Sand Dust!"
"Mikitta wa!"    : "I understand perfectly what you are doing!"
"HouOu TenBuKyaku!"               : "Phoenix Heaven Dance Kick!"
"HouOu Kyaku!" Hatatatah! Asho!"  : "Phoenix Kick! Hatatatah! Asho!"
                                     ("Asho!" is the traditional TaeKwonDo
                                       battle cry.)

Win poses:


"Shinzui" also means "mistery"


*Shiranui Mai*



Start : "Shiranui Mai mairimasu!" : "Here comes Shiranui Mai!"
Taunt : "Hora, ganbatte!"         : "Look, good luck!"

"Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi!" : "Killer Ninja Bees!"
"Musasabi no Mai!"        : "Dance of the Giant Flying Squirrel!"
"RyuuEnBu"                : "Dragon Blaze Dance!"
"KaChouSen!"              : "Flower Butterfly Fan!"
"Kagerou no Mai!          : "Heat Haze Dance!"
"Shiranui-Ryuu Kyuukyoku Ougi!"        : "Shiranui Style Ultimate Secret!"
"Haaa...Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi!"  : "Haaah...Super Killer Ninja Bees!"
"Hitotsu, Futatsu, Mittsu!"            : "One, Two, Three!"
"Andy!" (when defeated)

Win poses:

"Kono te do da na, ne?     : "Is this all you can do?"
"Yo! Nippon Ichi!"         : "Japan's finest!"
"Oita ga sugi ta de yo ne"

The correct spelling and pronouncing of Mai's last name is "Shiranuhi"


*Terry Bogard*


Start : "Hey c'mon c'mon!"
Taunt : "Hey, you!"

"Crack Shoot!"
"Rising Tackle!"
"Burn Knuckle!"
"Power Wave!"
"Power Dunk!"
"Power Geyser!!"
"Are you okay? Buster Wolf!!"

Win poses:

"Okay!" (vs Rock)


*Yagami Iori*


Start : "Sugu raku ni shite yaru"       : "I will make this quick and easy"
        "Ore wo tomeru ka? Nara shine!" : "You want to stop me? If so, die!"

Taunt : "Ore ga kowai no ka?"           : "Are you afraid of me?"
        "Muda na agaki da!"             : "It's useless"

"Nani?!"                : "What?!"
"Muda da!"              : "Useless!"
"Jama da!"              : "Out of my way!"
"Gwooh!"Moetsukiro!"    : "Gwooh! Burn out!"
"Doushita?"             : "What's wrong?"
"Raku ni wa shineenzo!" : "You won't die so easily!"
"Asobi wa owari da! Nake! sakebe! soshite shine!!" : "Playtime is over! Cry!
                                                      Yell! then die!!"

"Konomama de wa owaranzo!" : "It can't end like this!"
(When defeated)

Win poses:

Laughs maniacally.
"Sonomama shine!"   : "Just die there!"


*Orochi Iori*

He hasn't any speech




Start : "Omoshiroi, yaro ka?" : "Interesting, shall we?"
Taunt : She moans.

"Osoi!"         : "Slow!"
"Doki na!"      : "Move!"
"Hakike ha yo!" : "Nauseating!"
"Soko da!"      : "There!"
"Ora!"          : "C'mon!"
"Ochiro!"       : "Fall!"   (Also, short form of "Jigoku he ochiro!", that
                             means "Go to hell!")

"Kutabare!"     : "Fuck you!"
"Tanoshi ne!"   : "Fun, isn't it?"
"Itai yo! Taishita kotonai ja na" : "This will hurt! You ain't no big deal"
"Okorasen ja nai yo!"             : "Don't make me angry!"

Win poses:

"Mangetsu no yoru ni mata ao ka!"  : "We will meet again in a full moon's

"Koroshite kurerun ja nakatta no?" : "Weren't you going to kill me?

*Geese Howard*


Start : "You cannot escape from death"
        "I'll stain my hands...with your blood"

Taunt : "C'mon!"
        "You are weak!"

"ReppuuKen!"        : "Furious Wind Fist!"
"Double ReppuuKen!" : "Double Furious Wind Fist!"
"ShippuuKen!"       : "Gale Fist!"
"JaEiKen!"          : "Wicked Shadow Fist!"
"Too easy!"
"Deadly Rave!"
"Raging Storm!"

Win poses:

"Daiyabo!"   : "You big uncouth!"


*Rugal Bernstein*


Start : "Otenami Haiken to iko ka"       : "Let's see what you got"
        "Kimi no shini basho wa koko da" : "Your dying place will be here"

Taunt : Bows

"Kaiser Wave!"
"Genocide Cutter!"
"Murero!"            : "Moulder!"
"ReppuuKen!"         : "Furious Wind Fist!"
"Tsumaran!"          : "Boring"
"Shinei!"            : "Die!"
"Korede todome da!"  : "This has ended!"

Win poses:

"Shouri nado ta yasui!" : "An easy victory!"




Start : Kicks her old hat from Art Of Fighting
Taunt : "Come on, baby!"

"Venom Strike!"
"Double Strikes!"
"Trap Shot!"
"Tornado Kick!"
"Surprise Rose!"
"Iku yo!"              : "Here I go!"
"Korede kimari ze!"    : "Let's settle this!"

Win poses:

"Hmph! Nasakenai!"    : "Hmph! Shameful!"
"Konna mon naru kai?" : "That is all?"


*Yamazaki Ryuji*


Start : "Kono zako ga..."   : "You punk..."
Taunt : "Mono tarin ne na!" : "I am not satisfied yet!"

"Ikuzo...Ikuzo...Ikuzo...Shaaa!"   : "Let's go...Let's go...Let's go...Shaaa!"
"Kakatte koi yo! Itai daro ga yo!" : "Bring it on! That hurt!"
"Hore!"                            : "Here!"
"Kaesu ze!"                        : "I reject it!"
"Kuzu ga!"                         : "You scum!"
"Keshitobi na!"                    : "Blow up!"
"Sharakusai!"                      : "Impertinent!"
"Ippen shinde koi!"                : "Die at once!"

Win poses:

"Kudaranee!"               : "Stupid!"
"Mouppen shindoku ka?"     : "Want to die again?"
"Sen nen hayain da yo!"    : "You came 1000 years too soon!"
                             (A common phrase in Japan that means that
                              you won't defeat him in 1000 years, or that
                              you have to train 1000 years to have a chance)




Start: "Iku yo, Mamahaha" : "Let's go, Mamahaha"
       She nods to Manari, then Manari leaves

Nakoruru speaks in Ainu only when performing some of her special moves,
All other speech is in Japanese.

(in Ainu)

"Mamahaha!"   (Mamahaha is her falcon's name)
"Annu Mutsube!"     : "Blade of Victory!"
"Lela Mutsube!"     : "Blade of Wind!"
"Kamui Mutsube!"    : "Blade of the gods!"

(in Japanese)

"Onegai, Mamahaha!"           : "Please, Mamahaha!"
"Chikara...Onegai...arigatou" : "Power...Please, thanks"

Win poses: (in Japanese)

"Arigatou, Mamahaha"        : "Thank you, Mamahaha"
"DaiShizen no oshioki yo!"  : "This is Great Nature's punishment"
Wraps herself
Manari comes running, then she falls. Nakoruru helps her up and
smiles. Mamahaha lands on Manari's head. How cute! I love this
win pose!




Start: "Iza, Jinjou ni shoubu!" : "Now, let's have a fair and square

       "Saate, boshi iko ka!"   : "Well, let's write your epitaph!"

Taunt: "Doushita doushita?"     : "What's wrong?"

"SenpuuRetsuZan!"     : "Whirlwind Furious Slash!"
"Senpuu...ttene!      : "Whirlwind...!
"KoGetsuZan!"         : "Crescent Moon Slash!"
"TenHa! FuuJinZan!"   : "Heaven Supreme Sealing Divine Slash!"
"Atama kita ze! Koredemo kurai na!"  : "You piss me off! Eat this!"
"Chikushou!" (when defeated)         : "Son of a bitch!"

Win poses:
"Yoshi!"                                  : "All right!"
"Yoshi!" (Wipes the blood off his katana) : "All right!"


*Rock Howard*


Start: "Genkai made, tobasu ze!"  : "I will speed up to my limit!"
Taunt: "Shanto shina!"            : "Do it right!"

"ReppuuKen!"           : "Furious Wind Fist!"
"Double ReppuuKen!"    : "Double Furious Wind Fist!"
"Moratta!"             : "Got ya!"
"Kurai na!"            : "Take this!"
"Rising Tackle!"
"Deadly Rave!"
"Raging Storm!!!"
"Raging Stoooorm!!!"

Win poses:

"Abayo!"                   : "Good-bye!"
"Dokomademo, agaiteyaru!"  : "Anywhere, I will fight!"
"Kono te do jya ne darou?" : "This isn't all you got, right?"

"Abayo" is a very rude form of saying good-bye.


*Asamiya Athena*


Start: "Athena, ikkimasu!"  : "Here comes Athena!"
Taunt: Yawns

"Psycho Ball!"
"Phoenix Arrow!"
"Psycho Soodo!"             : "Psycho Sword!"
"Terepooto!"                : "Teleport!"
"Ikkimasu! Fang Arrow!"     : "Let's go! Fang Arrow!"
"Aaaaa! Ike!                : "Aaaaah! Go!"

Win poses:

"Yatta! Gu!"                : "I did it! Good!"
"Yay! Kanpeki!"             : "Yay! Perfect!"


*Joe Higashi*


Start: "Ora!"                            : "C'mon!"
       "Saku saku ikuze!                 : "Let's do this quickly!"
       "Ougon no keri, ogamaseteyaruze!" : "You will worship my golden kicks!"

Taunt: "Ora ora!"                        : "C'mon c'mon!"

"Ora ora ora ora!"
"Hurricane Upper!"
"Tiger Kick!"
"Ora ora!"
"Slash Kick!"
"Screw Upper!"
"Kurae! Ototoi kitayagare!" : "Eat this! Fuck you!"

Win poses:

"Yosha!"            : "All right!"


*TouDou Ryuuhaku*

Start: (Always with his daughter Kasumi)
(With Kasumi) "Omae-san ni kodou wo oshieteyaru!"  : "I will teach you
                                                      the ancient ways!"

(With Kasumi) "TouDou-Ryuu no shinzui miseteyaru!" : "I will show you the
                                                      misteries of the TouDou

(with Kasumi) "Honki de kakatte koi!"              : "Come to fight seriously!"

Taunt       : (with his signature fan) "Hehehehe!"

"Amai!"             : "Weak!"
"Amaizo!"           : "Weak!"
"Madamada!"         : "Still not good enough!"
"Mikitta wa!"       : "I understand perfectly what you are doing!"

Win poses:

"Oshimai!"                                    : "The end!"
"Yoshi!"                                      : "All right!"
(With Kasumi) "TouDou-Ryuu wa Sekai ichi da!" : "TouDou Style is the best in
                                                 the world!"

*god Rugal*


Start : "Otenami Haiken to iko ka"       : "Let's see what you got"
        "Saa, kakatte koi!"              : "Well, bring it on!"

Taunt : "Umusoi!"                        : "I'm getting tired of this!"

"Kaiser Wave!"
"Genocide Cutter!"
"Murero!"            : "Moulder!"
"ReppuuKen!"         : "Furious Wind Fist!"
"Tsumaran!"          : "Boring"
"Shinei!"            : "Die!"
"Korede todome da!"  : "This has ended!"
"Kimi no shini basho wa koko da" : "Your dying place will be here"

Win poses:

"Shouri nado ta yasui!" : "An easy victory!"

The Kanji in Rugal's chest is the same for normal Gouki, "Ten"


*Takane Hibiki*


Start: "Anata wo...kiru" : "I will...kill you"
Taunt: "Oh!"

"Kiru!"                        : "I will kill you!"
"HaKen!"                       : "Wave Sword!"
"Mikiru!"                      : "I see everything!"
"Chikara...kashite"            : "Lend me power"
"Kimeru! ShinKi...Hasshou!"    : "I will end this! Divinity...Victory!"
"Shi wo miru, suru ga gotoshi" : "Looking at death is just like doing it"

Win poses:

"Shikaketekinowa, anata ga saki yo"  : "I challenged you, because you did it
"Kantan ni wa, katenai"  : "Simply, you can't win"
"Kore ga...Iai desu"     : "This is Iai"

"Iai" is the name of a Kenjutsu (japanese sword arts) style. It's the
same style Hibiki uses (Ukyou from Samurai Spirits uses it too). It was
created in the 18th century in Japan. "Iai" means "Sword drawing"


*Chang Koehan & Choi Bounge*


Start: "Ikuzo!"         : "Let's go!" (Chang)
       "Kiru de yansu!" : "Cut!" (Choi)

Taunt: Both laugh

"Ikuzo!"             : "Let's go!" (Chang)
"Otto!"              : "Whoa!" (Chang)
"Dossei!"            : Just an expression (Chang)
"Kiru de yansu!"     : "Cut!" (Choi)
"Iku de yansu!"      : "Here I go!" (Choi)
"Kiri kiri mai mai!" : "Cut, cut, dance, dance!" (Choi)

Win poses:

Both laugh
Chang sings




Start : "Say your prayers, wimp!"
        "I will dance on your grave"

Taunt : "C'mon, c'mon!"

"Drop Kick!"
"The end!"

Win poses:

"Ichiban!"      : "I am the best!"
"I am RaiDen!"


Capcom characters

*Ken Masters*


Start : "Kakatte kina!"       : "Come to fight!"
        "Ore no deban da ze!" : "It's my turn!"

Taunt : "Doushita doushita?!"    : "What's wrong?!"
        "Enryosunda yo!"         : "Don't restrain yourself!"

"Saseru ka!"                     : "You won't do it!"
"TatsumakiSenpuuKyaku!"          : "Tornado Whirlwind Kick!"
"ShouRyuuKen!"                   : "Rising Dragon Fist!"
"HaDouKen!"                      : "Waving Fist!"
"Moratta!"                       : "Got ya!"
"Ikuze! ShouRyuuReppa!"          : "Let's go! Rising Dragon Destroyer!"
"Kurae! ShinRyuuKen!"            : "Eat this! Dragon god Fist!"
"Moratta! Shippuu JinRai Kyaku!" : "Got ya! Gale Thunderclap Kick!"

Win poses:

"Yatta ze!"                   : "I did it!"
"Ore no kachi da na!"         : "Victory is mine!"

"HaDou" can also be translated as "Surge"




Start : "Itsudemo koi!"                : "Come anytime!"
        "Ukettetato!"                  : "I accept!"
        "Ore no kobushi wo tamesu ka?" : "Do you want to test my fist?"

Taunt : "Kakatte koi!"        : "Bring it on!"
        "Honki wo da ze!"     : "Be serious!"

"ShouRyuuKen!"                : "Rising Dragon Fist!"
"HaDouKen!"                   : "Waving Fist!"
"TatsumakiSenpuuKyaku!"       : "Tornado Whirlwind Kick!"
"Shinkuu...HaDouKen!"         : "Vacuum...Waving Fist!"
"Shinkuu Tatsumaki!"          : "Vacuum Tornado!"
"Shin! ShouRyuuKen!"          : "True! Rising Dragon Fist!"

Win poses:

Raises his arm.
Stands with his arms crossed.

"HaDou" can also be translated as "Surge"


*Evil Ryu*


Start : "Zetsu"                                      : "Death"
        "Ore no kobushi ga chi wo motomete yo!"      : "My fist wants
                                                        your blood!"

        "Kobushi ga chi wo motomete yo!"             : "The fist wants
                                                        your blood!"

Taunt : "Korosu!"            : "I will kill you!"

"ShouRyuuKen!"                : "Rising Dragon Fist!"
"HaDouKen!"                   : "Waving Fist!"
"TatsumakiSenpuuKyaku!"       : "Tornado Whirlwind Kick!"
"Shinkuu...HaDouKen!"         : "Vacuum...Waving Fist!"
"Oiike desu ka?"              : "Are you scared?"

Win poses:

"Shin no tsu, tometekureru!"    : "I will stop your heartbeat!"
"Ware, Kobushi kiwame tari!"    : "I mastered my fist!"

"HaDou" can also be translated as "Surge"
The Kanji that appears when he performs the ShunGokuSatsu is this: - ,
its reading is "Metsu" and it means "Destruction"


*Honda Edmond*


Start : "Gokusan desu!"     : a form of "Gokurousama" and "Gokurousan",
                              which means "Thank your very much" for something
                              and "I appreciate your effort" respectively.

Taunt : "Dossei!"           : Just an expression
        "Gokusan desu!"     : a form of "Gokurousama" and "Gokurousan",
                              which means "Thank your very much" for something
                              and "I appreciate your effort" respectively.

"Dosukoi!"          : Sumou exclamation
"Kurae!"            : "Take this!"
"Saikou Kudaki ya!" : "Supreme Smash!"
"Korede..."         : "This is...!"

Win poses:

"Dosukoi!"            : Sumou exclamation
"Donnamon jai?"       : "Did you see that?"
"Sekai wa hiroi no!"  : "The world is vast!"



Blanka doesn't have any speech.


*Kasugano Sakura*


Start : "Ikuzo!"      : "Let's go!"
Taunt : Giggles

"ShunPuuKyaku!"       : "Spring Wind Kick!"
"ShouOuKen!"          : "Cherry Blossom Fist!"
"HaDouKen!"           : "Waving Fist!"
"Soko da!"            : "There!"
"Madamada!"           : "Not yet!"
"Matte ka!"           : "Wait!"
"Iku yo!"             : "Here I go!"
"Shinkuu...HaDouKen!" : "Vacuum...Waving Fist!"
"Ichiban! Haaa!"      : "Spring Rain! Haaah!"

Win poses:

"Kono toko da ne!"    : "That's how it's done!"

In Sakura's case, Ichiban doesn't mean the best or number one. Ichiban
is the name given to the first rain of the rainy season in Japan, and
that's the meaning intended for it, since the move is called Haru Ichiban,
which means First rain of Spring.




Start : "Kakugo wa ii yo ne" : "Be prepared"

Taunt : "Gomen ne!"          : "I'm sorry!"

"KiKouKen!"                      : "Energy Fist!"
"Nan no!"                        : "That's nothing!"
"Supiningu Baado Kikku!"         : "Spinning Bird Kick!"
"Iku wa yo!"                     : "Here I go!
"Aaaa...KiKouShou!"              : "Aaah....Energy Palm!"

Win poses:

"Gomen ne, e?"                   : "I'm sorry, eh?"
"Yatta!"                         : "I did it!"



Start : "Let's go!"
        "Get it on!"
        "Let's battle!"

Taunt : "Come on!"
        "Come on, rookie!"

"Sonic Boom!"
"Ready, set...Shoot!"
"Somersault Strike!"

Win poses:

Combs his hair
"Good job!"
"Easy operation!"


*Morrigan Aenslaed*

Start: "Tanoshimasette choudai!"      : "Amuse me!"
       "Dou? Kirei deshou?"           : "So? Did you like it?" or it can also
                                        be translated as "So? Am I beautiful?"

Taunt: "Watashi no mono ni naranai?" : "Won't you become mine?"


"Soul Fist!"
"Shadow Blade!"
"Kimochii deshou"  : "That felt good"
"Oshioki yo!"      : "Punishment!"
"Iku wa yo!"       : "Here I go!"
"Ochiro!"          : "Go to hell!" (or "Fall!")

Win poses :

"Waruiko ne!"           : "Bad boy (girl)!"
"Denaoshitoide!"        : "Come again!"
"Mata asonde ageru wa!" : "I will play again with you!"
"Mikakedaoshi ne!"      : "You're a mere show!", also it can be
                           translated as "I had a false impression of you"


*Cammy White*


Start : "Here I go!"
        "Target confirmed!"
        "Lock on!"

Taunt : "C'mon!"

"Spiral Arrow!"
"Cannon Spike!"
"Spin Dive Smasher!"
"Good night!"
(when defeated)

Win poses:

"Too short"
"Mission completed, sir!"
"Good job!"




Start : "Namaste!"   : "Hello!" (in Hindi)
        "Samadhi!"   : According to a Samadhitank.com, in Yoga, Samadhi is a
                       "State of deep contemplation"

Taunt : "Yoga!"

"Yoga Fire!"
"Yoga Flame!"
"Yoga Burasuto!"     : "Yoga Blast!"
"Yoga Stream!"

Win poses:

"Yoga yoga yoga...."




Start : "I am the Red Cyclone!"
Taunt : "Grrr!"


Win poses:

"Harasho!"        : "Good!" (in Russian)
"Bolshoi Pabeda!" : "A big victory!" (in Russian)
"Da!"             : "Yes!" (in Russian)

My russian friend Ekaterina told me that the correct way of saying it is
"Bolshaya Pabeda", but Bolshoi Pabeda makes sense too.


*Balrog (M.Bison in Japan)*


Intro: "Don't stop me!"
Taunt : "C'mon, sandbag!"
        "Blast you!"

"No escape!"

Win poses:

"I got paid!"
"I am champ!"


*Vega (Balrog in Japan)*

Vega doesn't speak at all. He only laughs, makes noises, etc.




Start : "Heh heh heh!"
Taunt : "Hmph!"

"Tiger Uppercut!"
"Tiger Crush!"
"Tiger Genocide!"
"Tiger Raid!"

Win poses:

"Try again, geek!"


*M.Bison (Vega in Japan)*


Start : "Inochi ga oshika nai yo da na!" : "You don't want to live
        "Sono kubi... ka kiru"           : "I will cut your neck off"

Taunt : "Ha! Akubi suru ka"              : "Ha! Let me yawn"

"Psycho Crusher!"
"Amai!" : "Weak!"

Win poses:

"Zako ga..."         : "Punk..."
"Shi wo kureteyaru!" : "I will kill you!"
"Haibosha no shu"    : "Lord of the losers"


*Gouki (Akuma)*

Start: Gets ready to fight

"Messatsu!"    : "Murderous!"
"Gou ZanKuu!"  : "Overpowering Slashing Air!"
"Usero!"       : "Get lost!"

Win poses:

"Haji to shirei!" : "A disgrace!"
"Shoushi!"        : "Ridiculous!"

The Kanji in his back is this: "V, its reading is "Ten" and it means


*Shin Gouki (Akuma)*


Start: "Shin no chikara misetemiyo!"   : "I will show you my true power!"
       "Kakugo wa yoi ka?"             : "Are you ready?

Taunt: "Usero!"                        : "Get lost!"

"Orokana!"            : "Stupid!"
"Orokamui!"           : "Stupid!"
"Messatsu!"           : "Murderous!"
"Gou ZanKuu!"         : "Overpowering Slashing Air!"
"Kakugo wa yoi ka? Orokamui!" : "Are you ready? Stupid!"
"Mukatta wa!"                 : "I wonder how!" (when defeated by blocking)

Win poses:

"Haji to shirei!"                : "A disgrace!"
"Shoushi!"                       : "Ridiculous!"
"Ware wa Ken wo kiwameshi mono!" : "I am the Master of the Fist!"


*Lee Yun*


Start: "Hmm!"
       "Ore ni wa katenaitte!"  : "You can't beat me!"
       "Kata ze, kono kenka!"   : "Let's settle this fight!"
       "Muda da na!" (Yang)     : "It's useless!"
       "Ichou mon de yaru ka!"

Taunt: "Tsuman nee na!"         : "Boring!"
       "Kakatte koi yo!"        : "Bring it on!"

"Otto!"                         : "Whoa!"
"Ikuzo!"                        : "Let's go!"
"Kimeru!" (Yang)                : "I will end this!"
"RaiShinMaHaKen!" (Yang)        : "Trembling Demonic Destroyer Fist!"
"Zenbu yomitte da! (Yang)       : "I read all you do!"

Win poses:

"Tsugi!"                        : "Next one!"
"Zattokonnamon!"                : "That's all!"
"Yoi yo da ze!"                 : "It was good!"
"Haai!" (with Yang)


*Genryuusai Maki*


Start: "Tekagen nante shineezo!"     : "Don't hold back!"
Taunt: "Yaruki wa aru no ka?"        : "Will you even try?"

"Doko miten da yo?"                   : "Where are you looking at?"
"Jama ne na!"                         : "Don't be in my way!"
"Ochiro!"                             : "Go to hell!"
"Tsukiari!"                           : "Strike!"
"Hissatsu!"                           : "Special technique!"
"Kutabare!"                           : "Fuck you!"
"Ougi! Heeyah!"                       : "Secret! Heeyah!"
"Ougi! Kudaki ya!"                    : "Secret! Smash!"
"Hitotsu, Futatsu! Kudaki ya!"        : "One, two, Smash!"
"Hitotsu, Futatsu, Mittsu! Omake ya!" : "One, two, three! Bonus!"

Win poses:

"Waruku omou na yo!"                  : "Don't think bad of me!"
"Yosha!"                              : "All right!"
"Sabui ne, anta!"                     : "You're weird!"

"Sabui" is a variation of the word "Samui" which means "cold". In some
areas of Japan, Samui varies to Sabui. Sabui also means "Weird", which
I think its the most according translation in this case. The other
would be "You're cold!"


*Rolento Schugerg*


Start: "Ready?"
Taunt: Laughs

"Dou ja?!"            : "How's that?!"
"Get set!"

Win poses:

"Mission complete!"
"To victory!"




Start: "Shall we then?"
Taunt: "No time for losers!"


Win poses:

"The show must go on"


*Hibiki Dan*


Start  : "Densetsu wo miseteyaru ze!" : "I will show you a Legend!"
         "Ikuzora!"                   : "Let's go!"
         "Yoshaa!"                    : "All right!"

Taunts : "Yahoo!"
         "Doushita doushita?!" : "What's wrong?!"
         "Namen ja nee zo!"    : "Don't understimate me!
         "Rakushou!"           : "An easy win!"
         "Ikuzora!"            : "Let's go!"
         "Ora ora ora ora!"    : "C'mon, c'mon!"
         "Mouicho!"            : "One more!"
         "Yoyuushi!"           : "Piece of cake!"
         "Yoshaa!"             : "All right!"

 "GadouKen!"                          : "Self-taught Fist!"
 "KouRyuuKen"                         : "Clearing Dragon Fist!"
 "Sorya!"                             : "Take that!"
 "Shinkuu...GadouKen!"                : "Vacuum...Self-taught Fist!"
 "Saikyou-Ryuu Ougi! KouRyuuRekka!!"  : "Saikyou Style Secret! Clearing
                                         Dragon Raging Fire!"

 "Hisshou...Ora Ora Ora! BuraiKen!"   : Certain Victory...C'mon, c'mon!
                                        Ruffian Fist!

 "Dah yah Hyaah!"

-Win poses:

 "Yatta ze...Oyaji!"                : "I did it, dad!"
 "Yoshaa!"                          : "All right!"
 "Rakushou!"                        : "An easy win!"
 "Chou Yoyuushi!"                   : "Super Piece of cake!"
 "Kimatta ze!"                      : "It's over!" (literally, "It's decided!")
 "Kore ga Saikyou-Ryuu da!"         : "This is the Saikyou style!"

"Saikyou" means "Strongest"


*Kagami Kyousuke*


Start: "Boku ni wa katenai yo!"        : "You can't beat me"
Taunt: "Soreni shitemo gen ha nai na"  : "By the way, this is not my limit"
       "Tanki wo nan kon iki da"

"Cross Cutter!"
"Osoi!"                  : "Slow!"
"Amai!"                  : "Weak!"
"Aaah! Cross Cutter!"
"Raijin Break!"          : "Thunder god's Break!
"Okureru na yo!"         : "Don't delay!"
(Hinata) "Infinite Sun!"
"Korede owari da!"       : "This has ended!"
(Batsu) "Yosha!"         : "All right!"
(Hinata) "Okay!"

Win poses:

"Hanashi ni naranai na!"         : "Can't fix this talking"
"Dakara, hitotsu oboete yatsu da na!"


*Special Intros*

-Joe vs King & Sagat

 Joe says "Ougon no keri, ogamaseteyaruze!" which means "You will worship my
 golden kicks!" then King says "Aite ni naru wa!", this means "You will be my
 opponent!". Sagat laughs.

-Joe vs Mai

 Old friends Mai and Joe. Joe performs Hurricane Uppers, then Mai says
 "Oita ga sugi ta de yo ne", the Joe says "Ora!", that is, "C'mon!"

-Joe vs Dan

 Dan says "Ikuzora!", this is "Let's go!", I forgot what Joe says, but I will
 add it next update.

-Dan vs Yuri

Yuri says "Yoyuusu! Natsuke!" this is "Piece of cake! I win!" and then Dan says
"Namen ja neezo! Ikuzora!", this means "Don't understimate me! Let's go!"

-Dan vs Sagat

 Dan enters the battle and says "Ore no Ikari wo ukero!", this means "You will
 receive my anger!". Sometimes Dan says "Oyaji!!" which means "Dad!!", since
 Sagat killed his father Gou years ago. Then Sagat laughs.

-Athena vs Sakura

 Athena changes her seifuku and says "Ganbarimasu!", this means "Do your best!"
 and then Sakura scratches her head.

-Haoumaru vs Nakoruru & Hibiki

 Haoumaru says "Sonnamon furimawashitetto, kega suru da ze!", this means
 "Wielding such thing, you will get hurt!", then he unsheaths his katana
 and gets ready.

-Maki vs Yamazaki

 Maki says "Nani wo jirojimiten no za!", this means "What are you staring at?"
 then Yamazaki says "Mono tarin ne na!", this means "I am not satisfied yet!"

-Hibiki vs Rolento

 Hibiki is tying her lace then Rolento throws a knife at her. She deflects it,
 then she says "Kiru", which means "I will kill you"

-Ryou vs Yuri

 Ryou is standing and then Yuri says "Onii-chan! ShouBucchi!", which means
"Brother! Let's  fight!", and then Ryou looks embarrassed. This one changed
from  Capcom vs SNK 1, in which she said "Onii-chan! Kakugo surucchi!", this 
meant "Brother! Prepare yourself!" Again, Yuri adds "cchi" to the words.

-Benimaru vs females

 He blows a kiss and says "Ore ni horen da yo?" which means "Are you in
 love  with me?" This one  changed from Capcom vs SNK 1, in which he said 
"Ikuze, baby!", this means "Let's go, baby!"

-Benimaru vs Kyousuke

 Kyousuke says "Boku ni wa katenai yo" which means "You can't beat me" then
 Benimaru says "Sore wa dou kana?", this means "Are you sure about that?"

-Rock vs Geese

 Rock says "Naze da? Chi ga uzuku no da ze!", this is "Why? My blood
 boils!",  then Geese says "C'mon!"

-Rock vs Terry

 Rock says "Tekagen nashi da ze, Teri!", this means "I won't hold back,
 Terry!", then Terry says "Phew!"

-ChunLi vs evil characters

 She points at them with her finger and says "Kanneshinasai!", which
 means  "Surrender!"

-ChunLi vs Yamazaki

 Honfu appears and says "ChunLi deka! Koko wa koro HonFu ni
 oma..Gyaaah!" , this means "Agent ChunLi! I, HonFu will...Gyaah!" then
 hits him. Then ChunLi says "Watashi no aite suru wa!", this means "Be my

-ChunLi vs Mai

 Mai is dressed as ChunLi, chongsong and all. ChunLi watchs. Then Mai
 changes to her ShinobiGi and says "Kakatte rasshai!", this means "Bring it
 and  then ChunLi giggles and says "Zuibun hade na toujou, ne?", which means
 extremely flashy entrance, huh?"

-ChunLi vs Yun

 ChunLi says "Oteyawarakani tanomu wa, ne?", this means "Not so hard you
 ask, right?", then Yun says  "Ore ni wa katenaitte!", which means "You can't
 beat me!". Then ChunLi says "Nan ka itta?", that is "What?"

-TouDou vs Maki

 With his daughter Kasumi, Ryuuhaku says "TouDou-Ryuu no shinzui
 miseteyaru!", this means "I will show you the misteries of the TouDou
 Style!", then Maki says "Mitekoto sondai de kai" which means "Look at that

-Eagle vs Zangief

 Eagle performs his Manchester Black and Zangief performs his Spinning
 Clothesline. Then Eagle says "No time for losers"

-Eagle vs Chang & Choi

 Eagle performs his Saint Andrew Green and then Chang and Choi laugh.
 Then Eagle says "No time  for losers"

-Haoumaru vs Gouki

 Haoumaru says "Omoshiroi, Oni to tatakai iko ka!" , which means
 "Interesting, I will battle a demon!", then he unsheaths his Katana.

-Chang & Choi vs the girls

 Chang picks his nose while Choi laughs. Choi says "Itadakimasu!" which
 means "Bon appetit!". This one changes sometimes and Choi says "Iku de
 yansu!", this means "Here I go!"

-Chang & Choi vs Kim

 Chang and Choi greet Kim in a funny way, Choi says "Irasshaimase!",
 this means "Welcome!" and then Kim says "Mottomasue ni!"

-Ryou vs Ryu

 Ryou and Ryu face each other and then both jump backwards in the same
 way the fights started in Art of Fighting. (RyuuKo no Ken)

-Yuri vs Sakura

 Yuri is sitting then she stands up and says "Osu!" which is just a
 greeting, then Sakura says "Kochirakoso wa, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!"
 which means "It's I who should say so, please be nice to me!"
 (She means she should have been the one to greet Yuri first)

-Terry vs Geese

 Terry says "Geese!!" then Geese laughs.

-Geese vs M.Bison

 Geese says "Double ReppuuKen!", that is "Double Furious Wind Fist!",
 then M.Bison's cape burns up as he laughs.

-Terry vs Ken

 Ken picks up Terry's cap then says "Sora yo!", that is, "Here!"

-King vs Sagat

 King says "Aite ni naru wa", this means "I will be your opponent".

-Kyou vs Ryu

 Ryu is standing and Kyou has flames in his hand. Then Kyou says "Kono
 teidoja doujinai kara...Honki de ikuze!" which means "So you aren't
 perturbed by just this...Let's go all-out!", then Ryu says "Koi!", this
 means "Come!"

-Kyou vs Iori

 Kyou has flames in his hand and says "Honoo ga, omae wo yonderu ze!",
 this means "My flames are beckoning you!" then Iori says "Nara
 moetsukiro, isagiyoku na!" which means "Then burn out bravely!", after that,
 Kyou says "Ikuze!", that is, "Let's go!"

-Benimaru vs Kyou

 Benimaru says "Korekara mein ibento za!", that is, "This is the main
 event!" Gorou appears in some stages.

-Kim vs evil characters

 Kim says "Aku wa yurusan!" which means "Evil can't be forgiven!"

-Kim vs Kim

 Kim performs a Neri Chagi and says "Ikuzo!", that is, "Let's go!"
 The other Kim says "Kakatte koi!", that is, "Bring it on!"

-Yamazaki vs Terry

 Yamazaki throws his dagger to Terry and says "Andi da...Tsukae yo!"
 which means "Andy, use this!", then Terry breaks the dagger and Yamazaki says
 "Koukai suruzo kora!" which means "Hey! You will regret that!"
 (It seems Yamazaki has trouble to remember Terry's name or to tell the
 Bogard brothers apart)

-Vice vs Rugal

 Mature bows, then Vice says "Aisatsu wa nuki da yo! Yaro ka!" which
 means "I am not going to greet you! Let's do it!", then Rugal says "Yo karou,
 zonbun ni kakatte kuru da yo!" which means "Very well, Let's fight to
 your heart's content!"

-Vice vs Cammy & Evil Ryu

 Vice says "Anta no himei...kikasetemorau wa!" which means "I will hear
 your screams!"

-Rugal vs Guile

 Rugal's Guile statue from KOF'94 is in the middle, then Rugal says
"Kimi no shini basho wa koko da", this means "Your dying place will be here",
 then Guile says "Sonic Boom!" and Rugal says "ReppuuKen!", which means
 "Furious Wind Fist!"

-Rugal vs M.Bison

 Rugal says "Sono chikara mo watashi ga torikonde kuru" that is, "I will
 seize your power"

-RaiDen vs Zangief

 RaiDen says "You are dead meat!"

-Iori vs M.Bison

 M.Bison says "Sono kubi...ka kiru" which means "I will cut your neck
 off", then Iori performs a Yami Barai saying "Doushita?" that is, "What's
 wrong?" then says "Sugu raku ni shite yaru", this means  "I will make this
 quick and easy"

-Vega vs females

 Vega throws a rose and bows.

-Vega vs Vega, Kyousuke, Benimaru and M.Bison

 Vega throws a rose and bows.

-Vega vs RaiDen, Blanka, Honda, Dhalsim, Chang, Choi and Zangief

 Vega shakes his head in disgust.

-Ryu vs Ken

 Ken and Ryu tap fists friendly as seen in the Anime. I like this one a
 lot. Ryu says "Ore no kobushi wo tamesu ka?", this means "Do you want to
 test my fist?", then Ken says "C'mon!"

-Ryu vs Sagat

 Sagat's scar glows.


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