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How do you beat cerberus?

I`ve tried everything I can to beat cerberus but I just can`t do it ! Please help me!

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tiomasta answered:

Look at the FAQs and vids on YouTube or something for tips and/or strategies.

Like, you can jump on its back. Then it can't hit you, but Goofy can keep reviving himself and cast MP Gift on you, and can hit Cerberus with your magic or abilities.
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falconesque answered:

Or you can stand to the side of an outer-most head. When he snaps at Donald or Goofy in front, get in a full combo from the side. Repeat. Heal and move as needed.
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theboss444 answered:

Personally, i think the easiest way to beat him is to run around him and stay near his back when he is shooting fireballs. Then, when he stops to bite, run up and get off a couple of hits before he bites again. It tends to be a long process but it's foolproof.
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Rocket_Science answered:

If you have Aero, use it. If you don't, go to another world and do some level grinding, because unless you're good you are not going to win boss fights without a decent Defense stat.
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demyx_rivers answered:

I agree with theboss444 cuz that's what i did and it worked marvelously
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sjfletch answered:

You could try getting a healing spell before fighting him. It always worked for me.
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gammer00666 answered:

when he starts biting or just pounded the ground try to jump on his back. It really helps if you have low Hp. Then just wait until his heads raises to attack.
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