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Where can I find the white mushrooms?

I having some trouble of finding the white mushrooms that leads to getting the dream shield. Tell me where to find in a easier location that they always pop-up and how to get some "item" from them because I don't know how.

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GenesisSaga answered:

White Mushroom Locations:
Traverse Town: Red Room (until Traverse Town's battle level changes)
Wonderland: Lotus Forest
Deep Jungle: Treehouse
Deep Jungle: Camp
Agrabah: Treasure Room
Atlantica: Undersea Cave
Atlantica: Sunken Ship
Halloween Town: Graveyard
Olympus Coliseum: Hades Cup 6th Seed (These don't drop items, they're only good for practice)
End of the World: Linked Worlds

Sadly, there is no easy location where White Mushrooms always appear. If you want them to show up at a specific location, destroy all the Heartless enemies, go at least 2 levels away and then return and you have a decent chance that they'll appear.

To get the "Arts" items, you must cast the CORRECT spell on the White Mushrooms THREE CONSECUTIVE TIMES. If you followed its gestures correctly, then it will throw several large mp orbs in the air along with guaranteed Art item (100% chance of dropping Art item, 40% chance of dropping corresponding gem, and 20% chance of dropping Mystery Goo).

White Mushroom gestures:
Shivers as if cold: Use Fire
Fans itself (on its knees) as if hot: Use Blizzard
Light appears overhead: Use Thunder
Falls on the ground as if injured: Use Cure
Spins in place: Use Aero
Stops moving altogether: Use Stop
Floats in the air: Use Gravity

Certain White Mushrooms only do gestures in specific locations, so if you want all the Arts, you'll have to travel to different places. These are:
Cure Arts: Deep Jungle Camp/Treehouse or End of the World: Linked Worlds
Stop Arts: Atlantica Undersea Cave/Sunken Ship or End of the World: Linked Worlds
Aero Arts: Halloween Town Graveyard or End of the World: Linked Worlds
Gravity Arts: Agrabah Treasure Room or End of the World: Linked Worlds

I really hope this helps! :)
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falconesque answered:

The Search field may turn up more how-to tips on obtaining the "Arts" items, but your best resource for help finding white mushrooms is mecasim's Mushroom Hunting FAQ. Tons of good info, and not just for the original JP release either.
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falconesque answered:

"...go at least 2 levels away and then return and you have a decent chance that they'll appear."

In "rooms" adjacent to a save point, however, moving two rooms away and back isn't required. From the save point, enter the correct area. If you don't see mushrooms, back out, then immediately try again. You can also use the save point to select Gummi Ship, then land in the very same spot. Or use the save point to save, and then reset-and-reload. Only worth a shot if you don't see mushrooms after several attempts (and don't feel like zoning). Random factors, so on any given day one may work better than the others.

(BTW, with Thunder the mushroom looks weary, head drooping, arms dangling, so it wants for energy. Cool huh?)
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