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How do I beat Ansem?

I am on Ansem Phase 2 of The End of the World, but I can't dodge his charging attack! It kills me every time.

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kirkinout answered:

Yeah the attack is pretty difficult to dodge, but still try to Super Glide or Dodge Roll out of the way and try to heal immediately after. You might want to cast Aeroga on yourself if he is killing you too quickly. If it's still giving you trouble, you might want to try and level some more, until the fight becomes more manageable.
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kirkinout answered:

For a little bit of clarification in my answer, when I say try to Super Glide, what I mean is jump and glide as he is charging towards you. He shouldn't be able to hit you at the max height of your jump, so try and work on the timing, and when he passes by, stop gliding and fall as fast as you can, so that you have enough time to jump again when he comes back.
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AlmightyBombos answered:

Okay, that attack is a pain, but it's possible to dodge. Always have Aeroga on you during this phase and Glide. Super Glide is okay to use, but Glide works well too. As he's charging, you have to jump over him and begin Gliding. Stay in the air until he stops, and you can then charge him once he does. That's about it.
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ArmagedonRox answered:

I think it is easier for you to Guard it. Now for you to do this, you must have some good reflexes and when you hear he saying "Take this!", immediately guard. If you press it a little late, you will get hit, but with practice you get it right.
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