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My game keeps freezing what do I do?

My game keeps freezing when I try to use the yellow trinity on olympus collisium plz help

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falconesque answered:

It's not a known problem with any release of KH, so it's probably not particular to this game.

Check your disc for dirt or damage. A good cleaning often clears up problems like this. If you're not sure how, a local retailer that deals in good-quality used game or DVD discs may be able to help.

Try the same thing on a friend's PS2 with their controller. If it works okay there, when it freezes on your PS2 try (carefully) unplugging your controller and plugging it back in. Weird but true, sometimes that gets past apparent freezes.

The PS2 Hardware board may have other tips on disc cleaning. Use the Search Topics field below the topic list.
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