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How do i get to disney castle?

On my fathers file, he was at the castle, how do i get there?

gamerman1653 provided additional details:

well i was playing on his memory card, went to save, BAM! there it was.

falconesque asked for clarification:

Sorry if you didn't like the answer, but the answer is still correct. Disney Castle is not a playable world in KH. There's something else involved.

What else does it say about the saved game in question? Everything, please, and exactly as it appears on-screen.

Have you asked your father yet? Even if you're not supposed to be using his memory card, I'm guessing he'd rather have you ask than have you risk messing up his saved games.

gamerman1653 provided additional details:

I think he cheated using gameshark, he's got one in his house.

falconesque asked for clarification:

That's always a possibility. Off the top of my head I can't recall ever seeing a code that enabled the castle as a playable world, but that's not saying much. You can search all over for GameShark codes if you feel the need to confirm or disprove that, including at Two similar tools include CodeBreaker ( and Action Replay ( There are others.

Real geeks don't see it as cheating, but just as a means for exploring a game's dusty corners. If you've played a Ratchet & Clank game, it's on a par with visiting the Insomniac Museum you might find in those. Or cheering when Indy shot that guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Shrug.

Still recommend chatting with your father when you get the chance. Heh, you can always butter him up by asking what it was like to play Pong on a 19" TV. ;j

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falconesque answered:

Sorry, but Disney Castle remains inaccessible throughout KINGDOM HEARTS. The castle's events only appear in cutscenes and the like. And although the castle appears on the World Select screen, the gummi ship has no pathway to visit there.

Your father was probably playing KINGDOM HEARTS II, where Disney Castle is indeed a playable world. Asking him is your best bet.
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