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Do i need to find all of the torn pages for 100 acre wood to progress in the story?

Please Help! I cant seem to go any farther.

falconesque asked for clarification:

What do you mean, that you "cant seem to go any farther." Any farther in the story...where exactly? You've asked about Hundred Acre Wood previously, so thanks.

falconesque asked for clarification:

["Your message contains no capital letters. Please type in normal case." Heh, that's funny.]

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GenesisSaga answered:

Note that the Hundred Acre Wood is a completely optional World, so you don't need to find any Pages at all to progress Sora's adventure. Now, if you are referring to Pooh's story, the answer is still no, but slightly different...

You only need to find one Torn Page to continue Pooh's adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, but the more you find, the more locations you unlock. There are five in all, so once you've found at least one just go back to Merlin's house and Examine the book lying on the desk to automatically restore the Torn Page and unlock the newest minigame and continue the story.
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GenesisSaga answered:

And here are the Torn Page locations in the order they naturally appear just in case you need them.

*******Note: The list may contain minor location SPOILERS*******

-Agrabah: Cave of Wonders: Dark Chamber
Located in a chest on an island.

-Monstro: Chamber 6
Note: You will either need the High Jump shared ability, or the help of a liftable barrel and some skill to reach it, as it's on a very high platform in this room.

-Atlantica: Ariel's Grotto
Located in a chest toward the top of the grotto.

-Halloween Town: Research Lab
This one is hidden in Finkelstien's bookcase

-Traverse Town: Dalmatian House (Second District entrance)
After finding a total of 51+ Dalmatian pups (17 or more Dalmatian chests), head over to the Piano Room of the Dalmatians' House and Pongo and Perdita will reward you with the final Torn Page.
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