Question from freakykilla

Where can i find a power shard?

Please help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Accepted Answer

GenesisSaga answered:

Power Shards are dropped by:

- Bouncywild (Deep Jungle)
12% drop chance when defeated
24% drop chance if Bouncywild slips on a banana peel

- Powerwild (Deep Jungle)
8% drop chance when defeated
16% drop chance if Powerwild slips on a banana peel

- White Mushroom (various Worlds)
100% drop chance when Stop last spell cast on it successfully.

Note: For spells cast on White Mushroom to be considered "successful", you must play 3 rounds of Magic Charades with it within its time limit. Check out the Mushroom Hunting FAQ if you need any more details than that.

Mushroom Hunting FAQ link:
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