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What world are the green requiems found towards the end of the game?

Im looking for bright shards but i cant find the green requiems so i need to know what world to find them at thx

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Ok for anyone else who looks, after about 15 hours of searching every world in every area possible i found the green requiems in the deep jungle (which with my luck was the last place i searched) this is where you can get bright shards if you didnt collect enough early on in the game

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falconesque answered:

Yeah, Deep Jungle has a ready supply, especially up on Cliff's narrow ledge where two chests were located. If you go hunting for Mystery Mold in Hollow Bastion's Dungeon, you're likely to run into a green requiem there, too; the alternative to a trio of black fungi is a full set of floaty magical heartless, but only one apiece.

For help finding other stuff you might be missing, WolfKnight's Item Synthesis FAQ is a good source of info.

ElectroSpecter's walkthrough includes a Synthesis Shop section, full of excellent recommendations for finding missing materials (search for: [snth]).

Both include before-and-after info on heartless locations.
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