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Asked: 4 years ago

Sephiroth vs Cloud?

I was on youtube and saw a video with Sephiroth fighting cloud in a scene and was wondering how to get this scene to happen?

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From: falconesque 4 years ago

Contact the videographer if you have questions about some video. That's your best source of info for exact particulars. Thanks for describing what's confusing, though; always appreciated.

The scene in unlockable only in the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix release, and KH-FM was only released in Japan. No FM version has ever been released outside of Japan, so importing a copy (and making allowances for disc format and region coding) may be your only option.

Thorf's Final Mix Changes FAQ is a good source of info, if you wish to investigate further.

BTW, many have asked if it's worth importing. Be sure to use Search Topics at the bottom of the Board page, or Search Questions at the top of the Answers page to find those opinions.

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i think it was kingdom hearts 2, as for how you get it once you can or want to fight Sephiroth go a head try him. When you defeat him he will tell you tell Cloud where to him so they finsh what they started then,go back to Sephiroth then you such see the scene.

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An additional scene is included in KH's Final Mix release, the result of defeating that release's Platinum Match, as described in Thorf's guide in section "9. New Scenes".

What happens in KH2 is something else entirely. A description of the video, even so much as the overall color palette (reds/browns, KH; blues/grays, KH2), would help.

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