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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find coconuts?

Its in the beginning of the game >.< Where can I find them?

Accepted Answer

From: falconesque 4 years ago

The palm tree by the back way into Cove (now open) has a high drop rate, arguably the highest.

The palms outside the top exit from Seaside Shack have a poor drop rate, but will drop a yellow nut every so often. In Cove's palm grove, the drop rates fluctuate widely, so try another tree if needed.

BTW, only two nuts appear on the ground at one time, so look around before hitting the tree again. Trees stop dropping nuts after a number of hits, too. The skinny palms with smooth bark don't ever drop nuts.

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Simply strike the palm trees and coconuts will occasionally drop from them. The palm trees you need to hit are located on the tiny islet where Riku once stood (now Tidus should be standing there), or in the huge grove on the second half of the Island (near where Kairi is standing).

Note: You need the ripe (yellow) kind, not the brown ones.

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