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How do I get past Olympus Colliseum?

Do I have to defeat all the barrel challenges?

GenesisSaga asked for clarification:

I've no idea why falcon's first response was marked down (and twice, even), but it's 100% accurate. =/

falconesque asked for clarification:

Thanks, Gen. I'd say "Because I'm obnoxious and disliked?" but wouldn't presume a place anywhere near dear Mr. Adams' company. ;j

BTW, funny how everyone omits the Preliminaries, eh? Has nothing to do with the question, of course, but interesting even so.

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falconesque answered:

To complete Olympus Coliseum, yes, both barrel trials must first be overcome. Other events and challenges won't open up later until that happens.

To simply "get past" Olympus Coliseum, no. You can take the big gates outside to board the gummi ship and never return, leaving the barrels and everything else incomplete. The world's keyhole will remain open, however.
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beccafairy answered:

It is an optional world, however if you wish to complete it you do need to finish the barrel training. It might take a few tries but once you're done it's worth it for the tournaments and extra boss fights!
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falconesque answered:

Yes, both training runs must be completed to progress any further. (In fact, it's recommended as a first stop because of the great thing Phil gives you.) After you do, Hades gives you what's needed to unlock other stuff.

If they're giving you difficulty, use target-lock and take the extra steps needed so when you hit a barrel it breaks the ones behind them.

On the second run, you can knock barrels into the last one out on its platform (in several ways), or you can target the barrel and cast fire at it (twice).

BTW, the sequence of how and when things are unlocked can be confusing. Near the end of the Missable Guide, look for ": COLISEUM EVENTS :" (without the quotation marks) for a bare list of the events, how they're unlocked, and what all each is needed for, if anything.
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sorakairiruku answered:

You cant pass the barrels. Yes, you need to try them a few times. But! If you contine you on your merry way you will soon discover that chip and dale will tell you "there seems to be something going on in olimpus collosium!"
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liamiscool724 answered:

Its an optional world
first you will have to do the barrel training
(Later on in the game)
you will have the option of the phil trophy which is rather easy
then Hercules (yes you will have to fight him)
pegases then Hades (to get hades you have to seal hollow bastion and do the previous cups)
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gater228 answered:

Theres really no way to "pass" the olympus coliseum but first things first. finish the barrel training. after that you obtain the pass form hades to fight in the tournaments. there are 6 in all. phil cup, pegasus cup, hercules cup, hades cup, ?????? (gold match), and ?????? (platinum match). if all you want to do is find the keyhole and never come back then just beat the hercules cup and do the yellow trinity on the pedastal in the lobby.
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gater228 answered:

I just frickin love how my answer was marked down when its among the most accurate answers on here
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falconesque answered:

Well, the Entry Pass item obtained from Hades allows you to participate in the Preliminaries, and winning the Preliminaries is what opens up the Phil Cup later.

So all I can think of is that someone thought your answer could mislead another player into thinking having the pass is all that's needed. Does that make sense? (Or maybe the vote was a comment on your typing, there are those who vote petty stuff like that, sad to say)

Also, someone not concerned with completing anything at the coliseum is free to ignore everything, which is one way to "get past" Olympus Coliseum. Not recommended, but hey, it IS possible.

There's no karma in posting an answer, BTW, so if an answer already states what you'd say, then voting a thumbs up is enough to help those asking for assistance. Chime in if something's overlooked, though, definitely.

BTW, I link to my guide because even a barebones listing needed over 300 words to describe ALL the triggers involved with the coliseum, and that's easier to read than this ad-fiesta. And I've answered this and similar questions hundreds of times, it seems. Plus since the guide's text is copyrighted, copying the text here isn't proper.
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spongehunt answered:

Its easy you have to beat phil pegasus hercules and hades cup then use yellow trinity and seal the keyhole.
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ZachDaddy69 answered:

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