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Asked: 4 years ago

Stuck Chest in Atlantica?

There is a large chest in Atlantica, right by Ariel's Grotto. When examined, Sora says "It's stuck in the hole. How can it be pulled out?" I would like to know, myself. Can anything be done with it?

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I've looked everywhere in Atlantica and I can't find any inactive bubble currents. Could you tell me where it is? (I'm already at Hollow Bastion, there will be no spoilers for me, lol)

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From: falconesque 4 years ago

In Atlantica, you first need to find your way to Sunken Ship. (It requires triggering other events and needs a porpoise's assistance; check ElectroSpecter's guide for exact how-to stuff.) Search around the seafloor and find a dark tunnel -- one at that "ground" level. This leads back to Undersea Gorge, but a chamber below the big chest. Examine the inactive "hole" when the prompt appears for what to do.

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Later, when you get to a certain place (trying to avoid potential spoilers), there will be one of those bubble currents that push you upward, but it will be inactive. You have to activate it, and then it will push the chest out of the hole and you can open it.

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These questions aren't just for you, they stick around for however long this place lasts. And those responding have no idea whether the "contains spoilers" option was clicked. That said...

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