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How do i get off the " The end ' screen?

I beat the game and it went through all the credits and everything and now its just on the "the end" screen. And i have pushed every button on the controller and i don't want to restart the ps2 because i haven't saved in a while and i don't want to lose everything. So how do i get of the " The end ' screen?

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BFarmer1980 answered:

There's no way to get off of "The End" screen. The game does not progress beyond the final screen, or is there an option to save after beating the game. The final opportunity you have to save is right before entering the final door.
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TuxedoSnowman answered:

It really is the end...
You can only reset your PS2.
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Shinryu101 answered:

Once you reach that screen,games over,you cant continue doing anything,just reset and load up your file or start a new or play a different game.
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CornisNice84 answered:

Turn off or reset your system. That's it.
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