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Where can I find ultima weapon, dream rod, dream shield, save the queen, and save the queen?

I'm now lv100, but i still don't have any of them

Carbuncle009 asked for clarification:

Also, are you playing the normal Kingdom Hearts or the Final Mix version?

Carbuncle009 asked for clarification:

Oops! ditto to you too, falconesque.

Accepted Answer

Carbuncle009 answered:

Ultima Weapon: Synthesize after synthesizing the other 24 items once. Requires: Lucid Gem x5 Power Gem x5 Thunder Gem x5 Mystery Goo x3 Gale x3.

Dream Rod: Get the third level of every spell: Firaga(after Hollow Bastion), Blizzaga(Beat Behemoth in the Hades Cup), Thundaga(Beat Cerberus in the Hades Cup), Curaga(Talk to Aerith), Graviga(Defeat Hades), Stopga(Complete Pooh's Swing mini game and defeat Phantom), and Aeroga(Rescue all 99 dalmatians). Talk to Merlin.

Dream Shield: Get the seven spell arts from the White Mushrooms(Gravity Arts: Deep Jungle Treehouse. Aero Arts: Halloween Town Graveyard. Stop Arts: Atlantica). Talk to Merlin.

Save the Queen: Beat the Hades Cup using only Sora.

Save the King: Beat the Hades Cup in Time Trial mode(10 minutes)

Info on the Spell Upgrades and Synthesis Items from the Magics/Summons FAQ by Varie and the Item Synthesis FAQ by WolfKnight respectively.
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falconesque answered:

First off, search wherever you found the names, because it should also describe the "how". Or download ElectroSpecter's walkthrough and search it for those exact names for step-by-step info, or for "[weps]" to skip to its Weapons tables.

Nutshell versions....

None of those five weapons are "found".

Three of the weapons are made in the Item Workshop, in Traverse Town's First District, up above the Accessory Shop. You need to synthesize (at least) one of every item listed to "unlock" the next set of items. The last sets unlocked include Save the Queen, Save the King, and (after those) Ultima Weapon.

The other two weapons require completing different tasks. Donald's Dream Rod requires upgrading ALL magic spells to their best ("-ga") levels. Goofy's Dream Shield requires collecting at least one of every "Arts" item from white mushroom heartless. As with Sora's Spellbinder, Merlin is the source of both these weapons.

Also: If you play KH's Final Mix release, be sure to consult Thorf's FM Changes guide for any variations. Item synthesis definitely changed to some extent and you'll find the particulars there.
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falconesque answered:

Thanks for the correction on the Save-the-monarch weapons. Good catch.

Per Thorf, the items needed to synth Ultima Weapon are indeed different in Final Mix.

Magic upgrades compound. They're not static per location, and not everyone gains them in the same order. Many have complained (raged even) because their magic upgraded to Cura from speaking with Aerith, not Curaga as they had been told to expect.

In Deep Jungle, white mushrooms never drop a Gravity Arts item. Agrabah's Treasure Room is where to look.
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