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How do I beat Hercules?

Every time I go to the Hercules Cup, I defeat all the seeds easily, but when I get to Hercules, it only lets me throw the barrel at him once. The rest of the time I cannot throw the barrel. The option just does not show up at the bottom left bar...

Accepted Answer

SephirothWing answered:

One reason in which i had the same problem was that i was locked on to him when i was trying to pick up the barrel after i wailed on him til his shields were up again. so if that is the problem, every time his shields go back up, unlock target him and you should be able to pick up a barrel
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mnicole1989 answered:

Whenever Herc is glowing, you cannot cause him any harm. Pick up a barrel and throw it at him, and that will bring his shield down. Then attack him with your keyblade. When his shield comes back up, run away because he usually starts a spin attack. Then pick up another barrel (if he spun and broke all the barrels, new ones will appear) and repeat this process until he is defeated.
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