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Asked: 5 years ago

The beginning questions durring tutorial?

I heard if you answer the questions at the beginning in a certain way it affects how you level up anyone know the combination's?

Accepted Answer

From: tiomasta 5 years ago

This is when you choose the sword, staff or shield:


STAFF ----- SHIELD ----- 5 ---- 1 --- 3 - 3 -- +0

STAFF ----- SWORD ----- 3 ---- 3 --- 3 - 3 -- +0

SWORD --- STAFF ------- 6 ---- 2 --- 2 - 1 -- +1

SWORD --- SHIELD ----- 6 ---- 1 --- 2 - 3 -- +1

SHIELD ---- SWORD ---- 4 ---- 4 --- 2 - 3 -- +2

SHIELD ---- STAFF ------ 5 ---- 4 --- 2 - 1 -- +2

In when they ask you some things, then the voice says that you will leave at dawn/noon/night:
The first choices will help you level up early(1-50), but will slow your leveling at higher levels(50-100).
The second choices will make it even.
The third choices will make you level slower while in your first levels(1-50), but will help you level up in higher levels(50-100).

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Which ever one you choose first will be optimal yo the stat you want most. However the second one you choose will be a stat reduction. So pick your choice wisly, for it will be with you the rest of the game, no matter how many stat increses you give them, one will always be more powerful than other. So the sword would be the best choice by far. The one stat you want to get rid of depends on the gamer. If you like magic, get rid of the shield, if you don't like magic so much dispose of the stave. Word to the wise, if you rely on attack as your first choice pick, get rid of the shield. -May the Oz Man live forever.

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Thank you fellow KH/ Ozzy lover.

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