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Where can I find Aeroga?

The upgrade to the Aero spell.

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tiomasta answered:

You get one upgrade after beating Opposite Armor, one in the door that opens with the yellow trinity in Neverland and another by getting all 99 dalmatians.
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NumenorKing answered:

the two upgrades are:

All 99 dalmations.

When you get the yellow trinity go back to Neverland, and near the beginning there is a door that you can open with the yellow trininty. The spell is in a box high on a shelf in this room.
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smurfmurfet answered:

You can find it in the pirates ship in neverland. Its inside the room the red trinity is outside.
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xchunchenx answered:

You Have To Find All 99 Cute Doggy In All World
If You Found It All
Just Go To Traverse Town And Find The House Which Have A Lot Of Doggy One
You Will Receive The Aeroga
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