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Asked: 5 years ago

Where do I find Behemoth?

I am at the Final Rest and I need some Orichalcums. I realized that Behemoths have a better drop rate % than Invisibles. I can't find any Behemoths in End of the World. Where are they hiding?

Accepted Answer

From: SpyroCrashfan24 5 years ago

Well if you reached the Final Rest save point, that means you've already beaten all of the Behemoths. The only way you can fight another is in the Hades Cup, but obviously they do not drop anything there.

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Just go to the End of the World, I think that a Behemoth may appear instead of those other Heartless. You know, that room before that save point.

You could just kill Invisibles too.

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Well, you can't fight any more except for the Hades Cup. IIRC, the first was in the Hollow Bastion Keyhole, and there was another near the beginning of The End of the World.

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