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Asked: 5 years ago

About the Clock Tower in Neverland?!

I have already beat the game,can I still get the items from the clock tower?!

Additional details - 5 years ago

I have already beat the Phantom,sorry I didn't write that,I am a total goof!! :D ^^

Additional details - 5 years ago

Does it affect the hours that the items show up at!? :D

Additional details - 5 years ago

Well my game time is at 86:49!!! Can you give me an exact timing chart,please!! Thx ahead of time friends. :D XDDD

Accepted Answer

From: HylianAngel 5 years ago

This is copied from the Clock Tower FAQ by YSF.

Game Hour Clock Hour Conclusion
--------- ---------- ----------
24:00 12:00 A door will only open when the clock time
24:30 12:30 is ?:00 where ? is between 1 to 12.
25:00 1:00 There is no way you can make the time on the
26:45 2:45 clock to go faster than the game clock. That
30:15 06:15 means it is impossible to get all the 12 items
33:35 09:35 at one go. To obtain all the items, you need
38:00 02:00 to visit the clock tower at least 12 times.
40:00 04:00 To complete this quest, you need more than
41:20 05:20 12 hours of time.

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Submitted Answers


You won't be able to get the items from the Clock Tower until you defeat the Phantom.

In order to initiate the fight with the Phantom, go to Neverland, land in the pirate ship's cabin, switch Peter Pan into your party, and talk to Tinkerbell at the back of the cabin. Good luck, it's one of the hardest boss fights.

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Since the Phantom is gone, you should be able to get the items. Completing the game should not affect the Clock Tower.

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I believe the number of game hours you have played affects the time of the Clock Tower's clock.

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It has nothing to do with how long you've played. Her's how it works;

Every hour into your game play, like, 72:35(doesn't matter the #) or whatever, if you're at the clock tower when your 72:35 turns eventually to 73:00 You'll get an item. The item depends on what time it is at the clock tower. (1-12 'o clock) The later it is, (ex.11 'o clock) The better the item.

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