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Asked: 4 years ago

Which of the five boxes in Wonderland would i pick?

In the trial court which of the five boxes would i pick?

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From: falconesque 4 years ago

What tiomasta said, you have a one in five chance of getting it right. There's no improving those odds, but it can change from reload to reload.

If Donald, Goofy, or both of them get put in cages, you CAN attack the cages to break them free. A few whacks each and worth the effort. Then they can deal with the card soldiers while you focus on the tower or the Queen.

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It's random. Save and take a shot at it.

If you choose the wrong one, you'll still proceed normally, but Donald and/or Goofy won't help in the fight that comes right next.

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If you gather all 5, you have a better chance at picking a heartless box and less of a chance to pick Donald or Goofy. ( You still have to fight the cards, even if you pick a heartless box :)

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it honestly doesn't matter .... even if you pick the right peice of evidence that you have collected you still have to fight and get the same results lol. So honestly that part really is pointless.

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I'v found that the second one VERY rarely gets donald and goofy locked up, if ever.

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Eeny, meeny, miney, mo, it's full proof!

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It's Random

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honestly, i've never picked the wrong box... I actually didn't think it was possible until reading this question and responses. I've always picked the far right one... One of the cards says "pick the right one".... I took it literally :P

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