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Asked: 2 years ago

How can i fight Xemnas in Final Mix?

I'm stopping at "Final Rest" ,where can i battle him?

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I I I mean how can i fight him..

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From: falconesque 2 years ago

That name doesn't appear in KH, in any release. The series' development simply had not yet progressed that far and that name did not exist until KH2.

What you're looking for, rather, is to fight someone who in KH Final Mix is called "Unknown". Per Thorf's Final Mix Changes FAQ, Unknown is found in Hollow Bastion, via a portal found in Castle Chapel.

An in-depth guide on that optional boss is also posted on the FAQs page, linked above.

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You have to land on End of the World before the portal shows up in Hollow Bastion's top floor.

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