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Asked: 5 years ago

Swinging Vines?

In Tarzan's world, is there reall any reason to swing from the vines???

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From: falconesque 5 years ago

To progress the story, no, there's no need to swing through Vines. At the other end of Hippo's Lagoon is a vine you can climb (can be a tricky jump, though), at the top of which (in Vines2) you can turn around and climb up the tree right behind you to reach your next destination.

There are chests with goodies to obtain, and the journal (or memo) to complete if you're interested in bonus content and aren't playing on Expert (or Proud). But remember, you can always return later once you've learned Glide and complete the timed races then, gliding from platform to platform without swinging even once.

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not really, the place you need to get to through that map is by climbing up some vines on the side of a tree. There are however some chests you can get.

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Actually, there's a flower somewhere near the beggining of the vines that lets you be timed to swing across if you examin the flower.

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Yes, this is the best-hidden mini-game ever. I didn't find it until my 5th or 6th playthrough. It is necessary in order to complete Jiminy's Memo in Final Mix.

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The only real reason you would need to finish the vines thing is to complete Jiminy's journal since it's one of those mini-games you need to finish to complete the journal 100%. Hope this helps. :D

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